Millions of visitors head to Oregon’s hiking trails every year to enjoy the state’s magnificent hot springs, waterfalls, historic mansions, and beautiful calderas. Additionally, the trails feature glaciated peaks and a rugged coastline that one would only see in their most serene dreams. Moreover, Oregon’s trails are suitable for all types of hikers, including family hikes, overnight adventures, and strenuous day hikes.

Additionally, people hiking in Oregon will also enjoy an endless number of cultural attractions in the towns where they’re practicing their favorite sport. What matters is that those who wish to hike to scenic Oregon trails must be equipped with the proper gear and have a basic understanding of the environment so that they can freely enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the state’s trails.


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This Is The Most Beautiful Hiking Trail In Oregon

Driving for 30 minutes away from the State Capitol in Salem, one can reach a unique waterfall-rich state park and one of the most popular parks in Oregon. This state park is Silver Falls, and it’s been branded as the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the state park system because of its mesmerizing and unique beauty. This park is home to the most amazing hiking trail in Oregon, the Trail of Ten Falls. The latter is a representation of magical waterfalls and boasts a large number of family attractions.

Treks on the trail begin at the South Falls day-use area. This is where the trail passes behind the 177-foot South Falls. The trail is moderate grade and has some steep climbs. The trail got its name because it’s home to ten waterfalls, with 5 of them having a length greater than 100 feet. The total distance of the Trail of Ten Falls is 7.9 miles, and it has an elevation change of 600 feet. It can be hiked in around 3 hours and 45 minutes. Those who wish to take shorter trips can see only 8 waterfalls instead of 10 and take a round-trip of 6.8 miles only. To do that, hikers will have to remove the Spurs to Upper North Falls and Winter Falls.

The Detailed Guide For Hiking The South Falls on the Trail of Ten Falls

People who want to start their Trail of Ten Falls hike must begin by leaving the South Falls Trailhead. Next, they will have to hike to the Stone Circle Junction and turn left on Canyon Trail. They can then turn left past the top of Maple Ridge Trail. Later, they will reach the Trail behind South Falls and descend the stairs to walk behind Lower South Falls. After that, they will cross Lower North Fork Silver Creek Bridge and pass Lower North Falls. This is where they will stand beneath Double Falls. Next, they will return to Canyon Trail and turn left to continue the trip. Turning right down the path going behind Middle North Falls, one can admire the mesmerizing view there.

Returning to the Canyon Trail, one can pass a junction with Winter Trail that crosses North Fork Silver Creek on a bridge to the right. One can then proceed to enter the large overhang behind North Falls. Reaching Upper North Falls, people can admire the scenic views from the end of the trail. Next on the loop is the Winter Falls Trailhead, where one can stand at the base of Winter Falls. Then, one should proceed onto Rim Trail and cross a bike path on a parallel route to that trail. This is where visitors can come back to the Stone Circle Junction, where they begin their trip and turn left. To end the loop, one should return to the parking area by South Falls Lodge.

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  • Parking fee: To park at the trailhead, one must pay $5 per vehicle per day, or they can get a $30 annual Oregon State Parks pass.
  • Location: Silver Falls State Park is located in Marion County, Oregon. The park is 25 miles away from Salem.

How to get to the trailhead: Taking Interstate 5 to exit 253 for Route 22 & 99E and following Detroit Lake & Bend signs. Next, one should head east from the end of the offramp on Route 22. After that, they should drive for 5 miles and take exit 7. Next is turning left onto Route 214. Going on that route for 16 miles and then turning left, one would reach South Falls after following its signs. Another left is needed to reach the trailhead parking area.

  • Trailhead Address: 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385.

Things to know: Pets and bikes on Oregon’s Trail of Ten Falls. Moreover, the trail is almost the only hike in America that is overflowed with so many waterfalls.

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