Hiking comes with numerous benefits such as improved mood and lowered stress levels which helps one feel more positive overall. For instance, it is rare for people that love hiking to develop heart issues because the activity regulates blood circulation.

People that like visiting different places should consider hiking as a hobby while in other parts because it provides chances to see rare views and have extra-ordinary fun.

In this article, there are numerous spots that people should hike before they age to avoid less activity. As one creates a bucket list, one should consider the following areas for hiking soon.

10 Black Elk Peak, South Dakota

Many hikers believe that one of the best places to challenge oneself is in Black Elk Peak, which is in South Dakota’s Custer State Park. It gives people an adventurous feeling as they hike through the 7 miles of amazing views. Although it is termed as a hard hike, the solution is getting ready for it through physical exercise and psychological preparation. One should be unhesitant in putting this hiking spot in their bucket list. Otherwise, one cannot miss out on seeing the tower at the rocky top, which looks like a castle.

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9 Delicate Arch, Utah

Utah is a state with great places to visit, including the famous Arches National Park which accounts for over two thousand arches. The most significant arch for hiking is the Delicate Arch in this park, which could turn out to be the best hiking spot for one. It is iconic due to its amazing views and thus worth going to in the near or far future. However, it is best to visit it soon because tomorrow is never promised.

8 Fire Wave, Nevada

A family-oriented person deserves to have fun with the entire family in locations that are different from the usual. Tourists that love traveling and hiking with family members have attested that the Fire Wave in Nevada is worth putting on one’s bucket list. Basically, it is best for people that are just learning how to hike. It is suitable for kids as well as persons with disabilities due to its walk-friendly structures. It has sandstone rocks that appear in fire-red color, which transform the appearance of the paths. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone seeking to create memorable moments with family.

7 Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

Many people identify Hawaii as the best place to enjoy amazing beaches. However, experienced visitors attest that one can also have great fun through hiking, especially on the Kalalau Trail, which leads people to the Kauai’s Nā Pali Coast. The trail is about eleven miles long and provides entry to Kalalau Beach which is situated between two ridges. Although it can be challenging especially have rainfall, tourists really value the camping site where they can rest for a few nights. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for 3 to 4 days.

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6 Mount Rogers, Virginia

If one would like to view wild ponies as they graze in their natural habitat, then one should consider hiking at Mount Rogers in Virginia. The four-and-a-half-mile hike partially uses the Appalachian trail, it begins at Massie Gap and contains rough pastures as well as dense forest. The hike takes about one day and is rated as moderate. It should be on their bucket list because the mountain top also provides great unique views, aside from the ponies.

5 Nankoweap Trail, Arizona

If one desires to take a challenging hike, then one should definitely consider the Nankoweap Trail in Arizona. From the north rim, it utilizes an old Native American route that is about fourteen miles and with six thousand feet, which ends in the Colorado River. It is considered a hard hike because hikers must go through Redwall limestone that is quite steep, sloppy yellow shale, and cliffs made of sandstone. Consequently, it requires about 3 to 4 days. The best reward after such hardship is the campsite that has made tourists quite happy.

4 Penobscot And Sargent Mountains, Maine

It is very possible to spare one day to enjoy Maine’s mountains, Penobscot and Sargent. It is a spectacular hike with numerous features that visitors love such as clear ponds, summits, and scrambles with many rocks. It is a loop of 5.4 miles that allows one to view the Sargent pond, after scaling Penobscot, as one climbs towards the mountain. One passes through a region with water flowing on three sides, which provides a view of the Down East Coast.

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3 Tamanawas Fall, Oregon

Oregon is home to Mount Hood, which is known to hide an interesting hiking spot that should definitely fall on their bucket list. Tamanawas Fall is a great hiking trail for morning hikes to catch the sun rising. Therefore, visitors that dislike such activities in the morning turn into morning persons just to enjoy it. The trail has numerous good-looking trees and so the environment is basically green. The most interesting part is the sound of water as it forces its way through. Due to the trees and water, the temperature could feel low and so one must have some warm clothing

2 Tillamook Head Trail, Oregon

The Tillamook Head Trail is a half-day hike that begins at the Seaside town and ends at a park known as Ecola State. Experienced visitors rate it as a moderate 6.3-mile trail that requires hikers to climb more than one thousand feet. One passes through a forest that has old growth as well as mountain ridges. One should be aware of the eagles flying around the place, as well as gray whales that are most common during spring and winter.

1 West Maroon Creek Trail, Colorado

Within one day, one can explore the West Maroon Creek Trail and see the best of Colorado. This trek is the connection between two areas known as Crested Butte and Aspen. According to experienced tourists, it is best to visit the region in July because it is the best period to fully enjoy the wildflowers as they bloom. The most observed wildflowers are as white thimbleberries and violets that shed their leaves and flowers and thus decorate the route, which is about ten miles long. As one explores this trail, one will also see the Maroon Lake and Bells with two peaks.

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