Baxter State Park is an immense playground for hikers while showing off the unbeatable scenery of Maine. Lying in the North Maine Woods region of the state, visitors can immerse themselves in nature with numerous ponds, waterfalls, spruce trees, and amazing summit views. Mount Katahdin is the centerpiece of this park which is not only the tallest mountain in Maine but is also the northernmost point of the famous Appalachian Trail.

The list of trails in this park is long, so here is a list of recommended routes for expert hikers looking to experience the best of Baxter State Park. Dog owners have to leave the pup at home for this one, as they are not allowed to enter any area of the park. It should also be noted that parking reservations are necessary for major trailheads at Baxter State Park, so check the website ahead of time to ensure a smooth visit.

10 Saddle Trail To Baxter Peak

Saddle Trail is a 10.4-mile hike to the summit of Baxter Peak. The entrance to this route is found after the end of the beginner trail Chimney Pond, where hikers can take a relaxing moment by the water before the real challenge begins.

This rugged upward trail takes approximately seven hours to complete.

9 Mount Katahdin And Hamlin Peak Loop

This loop trail is for advanced hikers who want to fully experience the mountains of Baxter State Park.

The path traverses through three different mountains in the park at a final distance of 12.8 miles. This guide will help you prepare for it.

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8 Abol Trail

Abol Trail is a challenging hike that begins in the fantasy-like forest of Baxter State Park and turns into a rocky hike over large boulders before passing the tree line.

After this point, hikers get to take in the breathtaking views from Mount Katahdin. The total distance in and out of this trail is 8.1 miles.

7 The Traveler Loop

The Traveler Loop is a 9.5-mile trail that offers impressive views of the area as hikers pass through three different summits in the park.

This is a good option for visitors who seek solitude in the wilderness of Maine since this trail receives less traffic, but hikers should be aware that the path is only marked by paint on rocks and trees and may become difficult to find.

6 Helon Taylor Trail To Pamola Peak

The Helon Taylor Trail leading to Pamola Peak is an intensive six-mile hike to the summit and back. It begins in the forest before transforming into a demanding climb over rocks and boulders until the summit is reached.

The payoff at the peak comes with marvelous views of the lakes and mountains of Baxter State Park; this is definitely one of Maine's most beautiful hiking spots.

5 Freezeout Trail

The Freezeout Trail is an expansive 28.8 mile trek that passes near Lakes Matagamon and Webster.

This trail is popular for backpacking and camping with plenty of tent sites. It is also home to a variety of wildlife, so beware of bears.

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4 North Traveler Mountain

The trail up to North Traveler Mountain is yet another impressively scenic one, with multiple 360-degree views of the area on the way up to the summit. The 8.2-mile journey is reported to be difficult on the way back down and trekking poles are highly recommended among all the loose rocks.

This trail, like many areas of Baxter State Park, provides summer visitors an opportunity to collect wild blueberries.

3 Wassataquoik Lake Trail

The Wassataquoik Lake trail spans 26.3 miles through the forest and passes by a multitude of the park's beautiful lakes.

This trail is especially great for backpacking and camping. It starts next to a dedicated campground and has many tent sites throughout the path.

2 Northwest Basin Trail Loop

The Northwest Basin Trail Loop is a 20.6-mile loop that winds through the park's forests, lakes, and ponds as it ascends to Hamlin Peak.

The trail conveniently accommodates travelers overnight with a stop at the scenic Russell Pond campground, which is the most secluded camping area in the entire park.

1 Doubletop Mountain Trail

This 8.2-mile trail ascends to the summit of Doubletop Mountain where hikers are awarded staggering views of Mount Katahdin and the park's lake-laden landscape.

This challenging yet fun hike crosses two streams before beginning its rocky ascent up the mountainside.