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For those who think Niagara is all about waterfalls and landscapes, there is a lot more in the store. With plenty of interesting places to explore, travelers can also find the best hiking trails around Niagara Falls and make adventurous memories for a lifetime.Niagara is one of the most popular places in Canada that welcomes a large number of tourists every year. With the gushing waterfalls, scenic vistas, intriguing landscapes, and spectacular places, the Niagara region is something one cannot afford to miss. The entire region is a nature's wonder that can mesmerize anyone with all the great things Mother Nature has blessed us with.Travelers who are more into hiking can find the best hiking trails in Niagara along with the oldest and longest hiking Bruce trail.


Oldest And Longest Marked Footpath In Canada

Bruce Trail, around 900 km from Niagara, all the way up to Tobermory, is one of the longest hiking trails in Canada, which is a wonder in itself. Getting on the trail connects hikers to the Niagara Escarpment (UNESCO world biosphere reserve) and helps them witness some of the most splendid sceneries along the way.

Bruce trail runs through different conservation areas and national parks, giving visitors more than enough to explore. Although hikers can find some flat spots, most of the sections are rugged and non-paved. So, be prepared to get sore legs with great adventure and infinite memories.

Novice hikers may believe that hiking is just putting one step before the other, but Bruce Trail is a bit different. wondering what to know when choosing a hiking pack to Bruce Trail and other related things? Check out the Bruce Trail users' code

  • Avoid shortcuts; take only marked routes.
  • Do not climb over fences.
  • Do not pollute the trail; carry your litter.
  • Open fires are prohibited.
  • Do not disturb flora and fauna.
  • Respect other hikers' privacy along the trail.
  • When hiking with a dog, make sure it is on a leash and under control.
  • Take nothing but photographs.
  • Follow every rule and obey all signage.

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Make The Most Out Of Bruce Trail

Keep the following tips handy to ensure a successful trek to Bruce Trail.

Coat the exposed skin with enough sunscreen before starting the hike. Reapply after every 4 hours to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

Some sections of the Bruce trail are heavily wooded; therefore, encountering mosquitoes and ticks should not come as a surprise. Hikers must have bug sprays and creams to avoid them.

Water and Eatables- Keeping the body well-hydrated and well-fed is crucial for completing the hike. Therefore, bring lots of water and plenty of instant energy giving food like protein bars to keep up with the long trail.

Also, keep an eye on the blazes to ensure following the right direction of the trail. Missing one could keep you walking in circles or, even worse- getting lost in the woods.

And most importantly, having access to either paper or digital maps will ensure that hikers will not lose the way and find out the exact location. Installing The Bruce Trail Conservancy app will help.

Poison Ivy

This notorious plant is found in the main and side trails of Bruce Hike. Keep your distance from it. Many plants have signboards; however, if you don't find one around, check the plant with the saying, 'hairy vine, no friend of mine' or berries white, run in fright' made specifically for Poison Ivy plant.

Sturdy shoes

Until the shoes are not sturdy and comfortable; completing the trek will get harder and more difficult. Get high-quality hiking or trekking shoes from a branded company and save the feet and ankles from unnecessary sprain and pain.

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Common FAQs

How long does it take to complete Bruce Hiking Trail?

It completely depends upon the experience, zeal, and interest of the hiker. While some people complete the 900 km long trail within 15 days, some take more than 30 days. Since the trail covers many national parks and conservation areas, hikers will find plenty of spots to take a breather and relax for a few days.

Is it Possible to Access the Bruce Trail Year-Round?

Yes, Bruce Trail can be accessed year-round, and winters are considered one of the most suitable times for hiking. However, proper planning and accustoming with every essential, like choosing the right hiking boots and gears, will help make the hike a success.

Are Washrooms Readily Accessible?

Hikes may take one to unknown and odd places where finding a washroom can get difficult. Therefore, prepare ahead and follow the 'leave no trace' principle when planning a long hike like Bruce Trail.

Is Bruce Trail Safe for Solo Hikers?

Generally, the trail is safe but taking precautions is better than being sorry. So, try to be in populated areas more often. Female solo hikers should take extra precautions to avoid experiencing physical or sexual assault or theft. Apart from humans, one has to stay safe from wild animals too.

Bruce Trail is the longest, but there are people who have covered them from end to end in less than ten days. A man did it in 12 days, and that is undoubtedly incredible. However, doing it in leisure ways is also an option for relaxed hikers. Plan ahead, prep right, and keep an eye on the official website to know the updates about the trail for a successful Bruce Trail hiking experience.