For people who love traveling, this can come in many ways and still give satisfaction. One can enjoy traveling while working or even schooling. The most important part is to find the right opportunity.

Studying abroad is one of the easiest ways one can travel while studying. In most cases, depending on a school one picks, they could travel halfway across the world to school. One gets a chance to visit a new country, live there, interact and learn a new way of life. Here are 10 schools best known to offer such a privilege:

10 University Of Granada – Spain

The University of Granada is located in Spain. It is found in the city of Granada, which is located close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is one of the most energetic cities in Spain, full of life, history, ancient architecture, lively streets, and many places to travel. As a result, the University of Granada is perfect for travel.

The university's location gives a person a chance to see and experience so much about Spain. The area is also surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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9 John Cabot University – Italy

Who wouldn't want to travel the world all the way to Italy for studies? Italy is one of the developed countries of Europe and one of the most visited. John Cabot University is located in Rome, making it strategically located for a travel enthusiast.

The fact that the university is located in the magnificent city of Rome gives a student endless opportunities to tour the city and experience its rich culture, art, history, and modern life at the same time. Rome has numerous art museums as well as monuments that serve as tourist destinations and for education purposes.

8 Colorado College

Colorado College is a university located in Colorado Spring, USA. It is one of the best universities in the country and popular for international students. Studying at Colorado College is a great opportunity for a student who would like to travel to the USA.

With the university located in one of the most popular countries in America, one will have a chance to travel to many places and experience many things. There is a lot of culture to experience and places to visit when studying here.

7 University Of Leeds – England

The University of Leeds is found in England in the city of Leeds. It is a reputable university, and many students from abroad like it. With the university being in a developed country in Europe, visiting students have an experience of a lifetime to see Europe and England in their true glory.

Although studying at the University of Leeds at first may pose a culture and adaptation shock for new students, it is the best way to experience a new life and explore new places. There is more than enough for a student to explore in Leeds and England as a whole.

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6 Maastricht University

For students who are interested in visiting the Netherlands, this is the best place to go. Maastricht University is located in Maastricht, Netherlands. The place is one of the most attractive regions with a lot of tourists visiting every year. There are many unique things about this region that students will experience and enjoy.

Top of the list is the history and architecture of the area, the weather is good, and there are many landscapes to tour. The university offers a multicultural environment for its students.

5 Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University is founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and it offers a variety of programs for international students. Sweden is a developed country with a good environment for students looking to travel. Additionally, the place has great places to visit and a lot of things to learn.

Studying at Stockholm University offers a student a chance to learn so much about the culture, visit numerous museums, enjoy great food, adventure, architecture, and so much more than Sweden offers.

4 National University Of Singapore

Singapore is a country that has developed quickly, and it is still a fast-developing economy. As a result, studying there will offer a student the best experience to explore economic growth, culture, technology, and people. The National University of Singapore is the oldest university in the country.

It is a well-performing institute that has attracted many foreign students from different countries. Singapore is a diverse country and as such, it is a good opportunity for a person who loves exploring.

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3 Technical University Of Munich – Germany

Germany is a country full of rich history. There are thousands of places to explore in Germany, countless museums, monuments, heritage sites, architecture, and natural landscape. As a result, the Technical University of Munich fits very well on this list for a person looking to travel far while studying.

The university is located in Munich, giving international students a large city to explore and live their lives. Being in Munich will offer a student a chance to explore what Germany has to offer and learn much about the area.

2 University Of Malta – Msida

Who wouldn't want to explore the ancient streets and narrow pathways of Malta? Malta is a country that offers great history in the Mediterranean. There is so much history to explore, the beaches, landscapes, adventure, and the people. The culture in Malta is worth visiting the country, and its people are friendly.

The University of Malta is the oldest in the country and offers many programs to international students.

1 Sophia University – Tokyo

Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, is a good university for students who would like to explore Asia and specifically Japan. It is one of the best universities in the country, and it is worth it. Studying at Sophia University offers a student the grand opportunity to explore modern life, the high-tech city, and the lifestyle of Japan.

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