The East Coast offers a wide range of attractions for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The region is endowed with beautiful parks such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, alluring freshwater lakes, and impressive art galleries. Tourists planning to visit the East Coast sometimes seek a unique attraction to escape the crowd or just to reflect on their life in a calm place. To enjoy the lesser-known magic of the region, here are ten hidden East Coast treasures to visit.

10 White Mountains

The white Mountains in New Hampshire is a must-visit spot for true nature lovers. Visitors are treated to breathtaking views of forests and dignified alpine peaks. Forest conservation enthusiasts learn how resources are managed through a series of balanced activities, including wildlife habitat conservation, maintaining clean water, and afforestation. Tourists who love hiking can take the cog, a historic railroad leading to the Northeast's highest peak. There are many accommodation options available in the White Mountains.

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9 Hood Museum Of Art

Hood Museum of Art in Hanover, New Hampshire, is a beautiful destination for history lovers. The museum features old collections of artifacts and art, including the ninth-century BCE Assyrian stone reliefs and the famous work of Jose Clemente Oronzo, The Epic of American Civilization. Hood Museum of Art has long been recognized as a teaching museum to help respond effectively to experimental questions. Additionally, the museum features contemporary art, such as the works of Rothko and Ed Ruscha. There are many charming hotels to book near the Hood Museum of Art.

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8 Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a unique-hidden gem on the East Coast, previously dominated by the rich and famous. Currently, the destination is open to everyone, especially family getaways. Visitors can embark on a lobster boat tour where they learn about the anatomy of the life of lobsters and how they are harvested. Tourists can also have a therapeutic self-guided tour at the shore path exploring the history of the Park. It's worth booking a stay at one of Bar Harbor's hotels.

7 Fallingwater

Fallingwater is an iconic house in Pennslyvania, designed by Architect Frank Wright in 1935. Tourists visit to explore the magnificent architectural structure, which seems to have an intriguing relationship with nature. The house anchored to a waterfall's boulder appears to have grown from the earth. Tourists will have a stunning view of wild landscapes, helping them reconnect with nature. However, they should arrange for personal transport since the house is in a rural area with minimal access to public transportation. It's also worth booking the night at Fallingwater.

6 Gettysburg National Battlefield

Gettysburg National Battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a unique destination for history buffs. While visiting, they get enlightened on the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg, which was a turning point in the civil war after ending the invasion of the north. Tourists can begin by visiting the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War and view a vast collection of Civil War relics and personalities who served in the war. Travelers love Cyclorama Painting, an iconic piece of art showcasing the story of the war. In addition, the David Wills House reminds visitors about the cleanup process after the war and President Lincoln's transformational speech. There are many hotels to book near Gettysburg National Battlefield.

5 Wilmington Riverwalk And Cape Fear River

The Riverwalk in Wilmington is a distinctive attraction offering tourists stunning views of the Cape Fear River. Visitors strolling along the route can enjoy some of Wilmington's staples, such as the Cotton Exchange, the USS North Carolina Battleship, and the 1914 Murchison Building. Moreover, visitors who want to enjoy the salty breeze can sit and relax at benches placed throughout the route. The riverwalk also provides simplified access to downtown shops where tourists can explore and buy souvenirs. On the other hand, travelers are offered an admirable view of the sprawling Cape Fear River. It's worth booking a stay at one of the unique hotels located near Wilmington Riverwalk and Cape Fear River.

4 Cumberland Island National Seashore

Cumberland Island is a hidden gem in Georgia, offering visitors a variety of attractions such as marshes, undeveloped beaches, and maritime forests. History buffs encounter the stories of natives, explorers, and wealthy industrialists, where they learn how business was conducted. Additionally, tourists enjoy watching marine wildlife, including sea turtles, wild turkeys, armadillos, wild horses, and shore birds. It's worth booking a stay near Cumberland Island National Seashore.

3 Yadkin Valley, North Carolina

Yadkin Valley in North Carolina is an underrated destination on the East Coast for lovers of outdoor activities. Tourists will enjoy hiking at Pilot Mountain State Park as they appreciate the panoramic views of Piedmont and Sauratown. Visitors who love water activities can also go kayaking at Yadkin River if the weather allows. After a long day of exhausting activities, tourists can go wine tasting at Yadkin Valley Wineries. They can also book the night at a unique hotel located in this iconic region.

2 Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Minnewaska State Park Preserve is a beautiful attraction in Ulster County, NY. Visitors are treated to the magnificent view of Shawangunk Mountain ridge, rising over 2,000 feet above sea level and encircled by rocky, rugged terrain. Additionally, tourists appreciate the stunning scenery of Rainbow Falls waterfall, hardwood forests, and crystalline lakes. What's more? Travelers can try boating and scuba diving at Minnewaska Lake. It's also worth booking a stay at one of the lodges or hotels available near Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

1 Cape Charles

Cape Charles is in Northampton County and offers tourists a wide range of attractions such as museums, beaches, sports fishing, harbor, and marinas. History enthusiasts can explore Cape Charles Historic District to learn about the history of the region, dating back to the 1880s. They can also get enlightened by visiting historical buildings such as Seafood Headquarters and A.L. Detwiler House. In addition, guests can relax at Kiptopeke State Park and enjoy the fantastic view of gathered migratory birds. It's also worth staying at one of the beautiful hotels located around Cape Charles.