Technology is evolving at an exponential rate and industries are doing everything they can to keep up—including the hotel industry. Who needs card keys anymore when techy hotels provide you with swanky, encrypted wristbands and personalized codes to access your room? Or maybe the temperature is a bit too warm for your liking—no need to have an actual conversation with a real human via telephone, just ask your robot to crank up the AC.

These 10 hotels make the list for being the most hi-tech in the industry. You’ll be so engrossed by all of the accessible gadgets that you’ll forget you’re still on earth. For an out-of-this-world vacation experience, choose to stay at one of these futuristic, hi-tech hotels.

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10 The W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Upon entrance at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove, you’ll feel like a celebrity from the future as a sensor from the interactive kaleidoscope wall takes your photo. The hotel upped its pool experience by adding underwater speakers so you don’t miss a beat—even as you swim! You can rent the poolside private cabana where you’ll find a loaner iPad to control the music you want to hear. If you’re feeling extra VIP, try out the WOW suite which boasts its own DJ booth, private bar, and mood lighting. LED enhances the hotel’s futuristic vibe and style.

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9 Kameha Grand, Switzerland

This hotel features various themes, but the most futuristic is, of course, its space-themed suite. It was designed to make guests feel as though they are living in a space station. The space suite includes a live feed of NASA’s mission control center via a big screen. The ceiling and floors emulate the marbled appearance of the moon, while the bed seems to float in midair. Art pieces displaying astronauts cover the walls, spaceship models hang from the ceiling, and the hand of a space suit juts from the wall, adding details the average space junkie would appreciate.

8 Yotel New York

The Mission control center at Yotel is your contact for any and everything you’ll need during your stay. But don’t expect to use them too much. Automated check-in kiosks allow you to smartly check yourself in and retrieve your key to a hi-tech stay. The clean, minimalist rooms boast motorized beds that convert into a sofa when needed and motion sensors control the air conditioning. Multiple USB and international charging ports can be found in your cabin and around the common hotel facilities. If you choose to dine at the hotel’s restaurant, you’ll be pleased to find a switch that allows you to adjust your table height, as needed. And don’t worry about storing your luggage if you have a late flight—the robotic luggage concierge, or Yobot, is happy to store your bags in one of the 150 cabins. It’s also the perfect backdrop for a robotic selfie.

7 The Hotel Silken Puerta América, Spain

This hotel features the work of 19 of the most popular architects in the world. Together, they designed each floor with a unique theme. One such theme seems brings an all white hall and rooms that provoke a sense of being abducted by extraterrestrial beings. It gets even more trippy when you come across the geometric, mirrored hallways. The room doors resemble that of the entrance to a spaceship. Your TV drops down from the ceiling when needed, and a control panel is used to control the lights, temperature and window blinds.

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6 Blow Up Hall 5050, Poland

Luxury hotel meets digital art to create this one of a kind tech-inspired stay. You might not realize you’re entering as a number of artworks and an impressive lighting installation are featured. There are no check-in desks that confirms you’re in the right place, just a concierge who verifies your booking and provides you with an iPhone that doubles as your room key. Stepping into the lobby means entering the first digital art installation that displays a pixelated image of you on a large screen. Then, enter an elevator that takes you to your floor. Once in the dark hallway, you’ll start the room finder app on the provided iPhone. Pixelated image upon pixelated image on the screens of the doors appear until you finally reach one with a welcome sign that means you’ve made it to your room. Click “door open” on the app to let yourself in. The rooms vary, but you can find hidden minibars and closets behind headboards, concealed bathrooms, and toilets behind what you might confuse as wardrobe doors, and unique furniture pieces.

5 The NH Collection Berlin Mitte Friedrichstrasse, Berlin

Hi-tech business travelers will be enamored with the NH Hotel chains in Berlin. This location, along with establishments in Milan and Barcelona, boasts holographic technology that makes it a high selling point for business leaders. The futuristic technology allows presenters to project 3D images of themselves and their presentations into conference rooms. Having your work in the palm of your hand is both impressive and persuasive. The smart room technology also allows for up to 250 people to conference call-in from their remote locations. If that doesn’t describe a universal connection, what does?

4 City Hub, Amsterdam

City Hub allows travelers to enjoy advanced amenities at affordable prices. An alternative to the traditional hostel, City Hub offers private pods that accommodate a double bed and wardrobe space. Enjoy a self-check-in kiosk where you receive a techy wristband that allows access to your hub and draft beers. Your room features Wi-fi, an audio streaming service, and mood lighting that can be controlled via an app. You also have access to a city host, an app that gives you suggestions on things to do, where to go, and places to eat, and you even get a portable Wi-fi device.

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3 Eccleston Square Hotel, London

London’s smartest boutique hotel comes packed with techy gadgets, innovative amenities, and sophisticated style. Each room is equipped with an iPad that doubles as your digital concierge. You’re provided a complimentary smartphone during your stay that comes with unlimited data for your use. You can also experience 3D television while relaxing in your massage bed. Smartglass shower doors turn glass from transparent to opaque with the click of a button and touch sensors control lighting, temperature, and floor to ceiling curtains. You can even avoid the interruption from hotel maintenance with a single touch that activates a “Do Not Disturb” signal outside of your room.

2 The Weird Hotel, Japan

The future is robotic, and no hotel does it better than Japan’s The Weird Hotel. When you walk up to the reception desk, you’ll be greeted by a robotic dinosaur agent donning a tiny bellboy hat. The dinosaur will instruct you on how to use the touchpad to check in. An automated trolley then finds its way to you and assists in taking your luggage up to your room. Facial recognition technology allows you access to your room, and once inside you’ll realize there are no switches on the walls to turn on the lights. Instead, your in-room robot named Tuly—a pink tulip the size of a table lamp—can help you with such tasks. It will also answer any questions you’d normally ask your Google home. Hopefully, all functions well because it’s rare to see any human staff at this well-machined hotel.

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1 Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, China

This space-themed hotel employs an entire staff of robots for your every beck and call. The decor is nothing short of futuristic with neon lights, shiny metals and way-out-there furnishings. Your space capsule is only big enough for you to sit or lay in and comes fully equipped with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a pair of headphones, a universal outlet, a private locker, and a bed lamp. Bathrooms are communal and your meals are delivered by a robot. Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel is the perfect accommodation for beings who care little for human interaction.

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