It's not the fault of those in the accommodation industry who promise their guests a chance to get away from it all.

A lot of guests out of habit tend to bring with them a little bit of what they want to leave behind for a little while. So a few resorts and hotels have taken it upon themselves to remove from their customers that remaining element, which is almost always their cell phones.

Digital Detox

It's called digital detox, meaning that customers are denied access to their mobile phones while booked on a few holiday premises worldwide. It's supposed to provide guests with an opportunity to truly unwind without the distractions that electronic devices can bring. It also adds a bit more of a laid-back atmosphere in the resorts, as people hunched over their phones don't provide the serene optics that a hospitality establishment would hope to facilitate.


In the U.S. five resorts under the Wyndham Grand umbrella offered a cell phone-free environment by providing its customers with such incentives as free munchies, choice poolside spots and an opportunity to win free repeat visits. The package reception has been so positive the chain wants to expand the idea to its other operations.

Alternative Options

The QT hotel in Sydney has already become popular for its cell phone withdrawal program. At check-in, patrons' devices are immediately locked in a small box for 12-hour periods. The hotel rewards those patrons with free bath products and alcoholic beverages.

In two Grand Velas Riviera resorts in Mexico, visitors trade their cell phones for free options like electronic chess games or outdoor activities like snorkelling. Others like African-based Wilderness Resorts and Egypt's Siwa Oasis allows guests to keep their devices since they've avoided the temptation to provide Wi-Fi service.

Brisk Business

Some hotels are offering digital detox experiences without so much as lifting a finger. Inns scattered in the rural Scottish Highlands have been handicapped by the rugged terrain that impedes cellular transmission and their bookings suffered accordingly. These days, however, they're reporting brisk business from guests who truly want to get away from it all.