Here's Where Travelers Will Find The 25 Most Unhealthy Fast Foods In The World

America may get a bad rep for its abundance of fast food chains and fast food lovers, but they certainly aren’t the only culprits. When it comes to deep-fried snacks and super-sized portions, the US has some stiff competition across the globe, with international junk food giants combining flavors and food options together you never thought possible (or necessary) until now.

We all love to indulge in a bit of junk food sometimes, but these bizarre menu options go to extremes in making the foods as calorific and fatty as possible. Believe us when we say that these meals make your average drive-thru snack seem like a superfood. Have you ever been in the mood for a pizza-sized burger? Doubtful. How about a pizza with mini cheeseburgers baked into the crust? Scarily, these do exist and can be purchased around the world – and in all seriousness, they should probably come with a health warning.

Guilty pleasures are all well and good, but if you plan on munching down too many of these grease-filled monstrosities, you better hope you have your will in order first! You might begin the list with your mouth watering, but we’re not gonna lie – you’re probably going to feel a little green around the gills by the end and be craving a fruit salad like never before. Here are the reigning champions of unhealthy fast foods and where to find them...

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25 McCurryWurst (Germany)

via sunnysidecircus.com

An oh-so-comforting fast food choice that your heart won’t thank you for in a hurry. This is the Mccurrywurst specialty served up in the German chains of McDonald’s. Chunks of spicy pork bratwurst swimming in tangy tomato sauce and to top it all off – a generous dusting of curry powder. Yum.

So what’s the damage from this overly indulgent spicy meat feast? A whopping 450 calories. Yikes. That’s double the calories of an average candy bar (although much more filling). Swings and roundabouts.

24 Beefy Cheddar Cheetos Wrap (Canada)

via time.com

Remember a time when a double or triple cheddar fast food item simply meant extra slices of grilled cheese or helpings of cheese sauce? Well, some chains like to think outside the box where this is concerned.

Short of shoving actual sticks of cheese into the mix, Taco Bell went with the next best thing in their Canadian stores – loading their beefy cheese wraps with an often overlooked member of the cheese family – Cheetos. Actual cheesy crisps shoed into meaty cheesy wraps. What next, a Pringle pizza?

23 Pizza With Hot Dog Running Through Its Crust (Korea/UK/Philippines)

via eatingisthehardpart.com

Pizza Hut is known for their thick, stuffed crusts but this is usually stuffed with cheese. In certain chains around the world though, a cheese-stuffed crust is so last decade. A recent innovation is pizzas with a hot dog baked right into the crust. Um, what?

Presumably, these particular Pizza Hut establishments had mistakenly ordered a barrel load of hot dogs and weren’t sure what to do with them. Whatever their reasoning, we’re not going to argue. This is what you call a 2 for 1 meal. Genius!

22 Taco Bell “Chocoladilla” Wrap (US/Spain/UK)

via fresnobee.com

Who says fast food has to be savory? If you only ever order the regular quesadilla cheese wraps when you walk into Taco Bell, then you simply haven't lived. Spanish outlets of the tortilla company began selling chocolate filled wraps – affectionately labeled the ‘Chocoladilla’ - and the love for this teeth-rotting treat has spread...like melted choc.

Some of the ridiculously gooey options in Taco Bells around the world have included the humble melted choc chip option in the UK and Nutella-filled wraps in the Philippines. US Chocoladillas, on the other hand, went for texture – Kit Kat Cholodillas!

21 KFC Zinger Double Down (South Korea)

via vkeong.com

KFC’s double-breasted ‘Zinger’ fillets have long been a staple of the franchise, but over in South Korea, the classic Zinger has been traded in for a new greasier model with twice the calories. Say hello to the Zinger double down – as you can see, the ‘double’ also refers to the fact that there are no buns, only a chicken fillet sandwich...sandwich.

That’s beef patty, bacon, BBQ sauce, white pepper sauce, cheese and two fried chicken patties masquerading as ‘buns’. We still wouldn’t feel rid of this if we ran a marathon.

20 Pizza With A Cheeseburger Crust (Middle East)

via inquisitr.com

Ssh, do you hear that? It’s the sound of your arteries closing up just looking at this monstrosity. For those of you who are a little indecisive when it comes to making dinner plans, this outrageously fatty meal decides it for you – the pizza with mini cheeseburgers thoughtfully baked into the crust.

From hot dog-stuffed crusts to burgers, Pizza Hut truly knows no bounds when it comes to creative food storage solutions. This Middle-eastern pizza creation looks like a kid’s drawing of the best pizza ever come to life.

19 Beef And Poached Egg ‘Kiwi’ Burger (New Zealand)

via angsarap.net

Don’t be fooled by the healthy sounding name of this burger – there isn’t a slice of kiwi fruit in sight in this heart attack on a plate. New Zealand’s own ‘Kiwi’ burger is made up of four ounces of beef, beets, cheese, fried onions, lashings of mustard and a poached egg.

Considering New Zealand’s big fishing industry, you’d think a Kiwi burger might keep things authentic and interesting with some seafood ingredients instead. Nope. This offering is over-stuffed with all the usual fast food suspects with disgusting beets added in for good measure.

18 Frankfurter BBQ Pizza (Indonesia)

via eatinguntildiee.blogspot.com

Classic pepperoni and salami covered pizzas may be slightly similar to this bizarre creation in the sense that they’re both sausage toppings, but in another sense – this is just ridiculous. Greasy pepperoni slices are admittedly no health food, but there’s a whopping gap between a few slices and 6 whole frankfurters on your pizza bread (that’s an entire sausage per slice!).

Oddly, this calorie-filled Frankfurter BBQ Pizza hails from Indonesia instead of say, Germany or the US. We blame the Hawaiin pizza for this – just because something fits on a pizza, doesn’t make it right.

17 Pizza-Sized Burger (Japan)


Are you ready for this? A burger the size of a pizza. Yup. This surreal feat of Japanese engineering is nearly 9 inches across and contains four over-lapping whopper patties (of course, because one huge burger patty would be crazy).

We sincerely hope this is ordered with the intention of being shared with others. Anyone buying this as a meal for one is surely signing up to some kind of food-eating contest (and we don't want to be standing too close to the competitor's table when that happens).

16 Burger King Kuro ‘Pearl Burger’ (Japan)

via mic.com

The unsettling color of this burger is probably foreshadowing what your arteries will look like after chomping down one of these. This bizarre Burger King concoction from Japan is the Kuro Pearl Burger and while it's not as rotten as it may look, one too many will certainly rot your teeth.

So why the off-putting black coloring? You’re looking at a chargrilled burger patty topped with bamboo charcoal-dyed cheese and onion garlic sauce powdered with squid ink inside charcoal-dyed buns. Stop already, our mouths are watering!

15 Double Big Mac (Canada/Australia)

via twitter.com

Remember the days when the original Big Mac seemed unfathomably huge and impossible to get your mouth around? Well, some of our friends across the way certainly don’t, because they’ve recently doubled up on the traditional McDonalds Big Mac for this monster burger – the Double Big Mac.

The Double Mac or ‘Mega Mac’ as its known is likely breaking the jaws of Aussie and Canadian diners as its comprised of not 2, not 3, but 4 beef patties stacked on top of another (separated by an extra layer of bun and melted cheese). Unreal.

14 Fried Chicken And Spaghetti (Philippines)

via yeswereeatingagain.com

Fried chicken tastes great and pasta smothered in tangy marinara sauce is hard to resist, but who decided these two very different foods would be a winning combo? Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, but try telling that to the Maccy D chains in the Philippines.

As part of their McDo range, Italian cuisine meets southern fried style and the result is this strange and unappetizing mish-mash of flavors. Perhaps they serve a wine and beer milkshake combo too?

13 Red Bean Green Tea Frappe (China)

via yoyochinese.com

This may technically be a fast beverage instead of a food, but this ridiculously rich Frappucino from Starbucks easily does more harm than your average candy bar. No frappe variety is exactly top of the health food chain, but this is in another league where sugary drinks are concerned.

It's ironic that a drink that takes its inspiration from something as cleansing and beneficial as green tea could be transformed into something so cholesterol-gumming. This Green Tea Frappe - topped with sweetened red beans – comes in at over 300 calories and contains as much sugar as a liter of coke!

12 Beef Burger With Pizza Toppings (Czech Republic)

via pinterest.co.uk

Maccy D houses in the Czech Republic have written a greasy love letter to New York with this offering. The ‘Soho Grande’ burger at McDonald's was supposedly made with an NYC theme in mind, since its essentially a burger with endless pizza toppings. Huh?

Yes, New York is known for its great pizza, but then again, so is Italy. Perhaps a Lady Liberty skewer might have signaled the NY theme a bit better. Still, if you prefer your pizzas pint-sized with burger meat, cheese slices, cheese sauce, pepperonis and salsa, then this is your dream come true.

11 Poutine AKA Gravy And Cheese Curd-Smothered Fries (Canada)

via chowhound.com

The favorite dish of Canadians may not be the worst offender of junk food on the list, but when you really, really stop to think about what you're eating, man is this packed with heart-stopping calories (almost 800 of them to be exact!).

All there is to poutine is fries dripping in gravy and cheese curds, but this is still a dish close to the heart of Canada (along with about 40 grams of fat). Served at McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, Canadians can’t get enough of this simple yet satisfying junk food (but the more you think about it, the less satisfying it becomes).

10 Pork And Spicy Beef “Floss” Donuts (China)

via bostonmagazine.com

When a foodstuff contains something in ‘floss’ form, you know its probably not top of the superfoods list. Forget candyfloss, China has brought a savory floss flavor to market and sprinkled it all over...a donut.

We don't know about you, but we’re pretty bored of sugar-glazed donuts dipped in sprinkles, so China’s Dunkin’ Donuts range of Pork and spicy beef floss donuts are definitely what’s been missing from our lives. Meat shavings and sweet fried dough – how did we ever live without this combination?

9 Lobster Meat Sandwich With Lashings Of Mayo (Canada)

via eatingwithkirby.com

Since not everyone can afford five-star restaurant lobster, Canadian chains of McDonald’s had the bright idea to bring this delicacy to the masses. The McLobster sandwich comes with a generous helping of mayo and tartar sauce all held together in a hot dog bun.

Canada’s pawn crustacean filled snack was sold as a limited edition meal and came in at just under $8 – pretty pricey for a sandwich, but a bargain compared to what the real thing will cost you!

8 Surf And Turf Burger (Austria)

via mangence.briomotor.co

Surf and turf is pretty standard fare in most restaurants and cafes – and is even enjoyable sometimes. But the idea of combining the two in such close quarters as they are between burger buns seems a little too much.

At least steak and seafood in a restaurant can be enjoyed separately and at your own pace, but Austria’s surf and turf burger certainly push the all or nothing boat out here. Beef patty on a bed of deep fried shrimp? No thanks.

7 Meat Monster Burger (Japan)

via japantoday.com

Forget the usual adjectives for meaty junk foods such as ‘meat supreme’, Japan wants to make it loud and clear what kind of meal they’re selling you. Presumably ‘Monster’ was their plan B name after deciding that ‘This May end You’ could be a bit too much.

So what is it about Japan’s Meat Monster burger that’s so terrifying? Where to begin… Take a regular Burger King Whopper and add in greasy slabs of chargrilled chicken and bacon layers like you’re playing an edible version of Jenga. Horrific.

6 Burger “Buns” Made Entirely Of Toasted Rice (Asia)

via asianinspirations.com.au

Because traditional bread buns get a little samey after a while, Asian McDonald's outlets had a brainwave to make them out of something else altogether – toasted white rice. Brown rice might have been a healthier option of bread ‘bun’, but we’re talking about a Maccy D beef burger here.

Why go for the usual sesame seed bun when you can have literal whole grains of rice packed and prodded into a bread bun shape? You can find the ‘McRice’ Beef or Chicken Supreme burger in various outlets across Asia.

5 Mashed Potato Burger (China)

via onegreenplanet.org

When it comes to using potato, most fast food chains typically prefer them fried or in wedge form, and even then, they’re not normally part of the main meal itself. That is until this creation stepped in. At the McDonald's outlets throughout China, fans of mashed potato will be pleased to know that burgers are served with a large dollop of the stuff – directly on to the burger patty.

You could say mashed taters are a little healthier compared with fries and spicy wedges, but not when the mash is sprinkled with bacon fixings and other imitation stuff we’ll pretend isn't there.

4 Extra Long Sub-Length Burger (Austria/Netherlands)

via lolwot.com

There’s only so much you can pile into a standard burger before it inevitably collapses, so what’s the solution to this? Go wider. Burger King outlets in Austria and the Netherlands have overcome the standard burger bun hurdle to create this – the extra long sub style burgers (watch out, Subway, these guys are on your tail!).

Enjoy three overlapping burger patties in one of two sub-varieties – ‘Chilli Cheese’ style with jalapenos or ‘Rodeo BBQ’ smothered in BBQ sauce and onion rings. On to the emergency room - Yee-haw!

3 Foie Gras Burger (Japan)

via pinterest.co.uk

Once upon a time, foie gras was a rare delicacy served only in the finest eateries on silver platters. Now, you can sample the stuff (goose liver pate) in between two sesame seed buns at Wendy’s.

Make no mistake, this is still a burger topped with foie gras, so it doesn't come cheap. Japan’s premium burger at the popular fast food chain will set you back $16, so if a rich, high-calorie burger with a cruel filling is your idea of a tasty meal, go nuts.

2 Tikka Masala Burrito (India)

via twitter.com

Chicken Tikka Masala is a much-loved, comforting curry dish, but did you ever get the feeling it was missing something? Like wrapping the entire mixture in a flour tortilla dripping in cilantro sauce? Unlikely. Still, Taco Bell has satisfied someone’s curiosity with this fattening snack - their Tikka Masala Burrito.

Taco Bell India have given the traditional curry dish an even unhealthier twist by swapping out marinated chicken for chargrilled and introducing Mexican rice, onions, and lashings of Tandoori mayo sauce. What’s wrong with the old classics?

1 Lasagne Sandwich (UK)


We all love a lasagna, but admittedly, they are a bit of a hassle to make from scratch. That’s why this delightful offering from the UK should please all the lazy lasagna lovers out there. This is technically more of a supermarket snack than a fast food item, but it's too ludicrous not to include!

Proper lasagne takes time for the cheese to bubble and the tomato sauce to simmer, so there’s nothing trustworthy about a pre-packaged ‘sandwich’ of cold cheesy pasta layers. Ew. Garfield is about the only person who’d be interested in scoffing this.

Sources: culinary-training.info, wideopeneats.com, foxnews.com

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