Most of us have only thought of a million dollar home in random daydreams, but many of us haven't thought of what that money could get out outside of our native country. If you're going to dream then dream big, am I right? Would one million get you an overly fancy house with more features than you could use in a lifetime and rooms that are the size of your high school gymnasium? Or would it get you something more akin to a studio apartment, with a really nice galley kitchen but not much space in the way of actual living? Every country has its own allure and with it, its own real estate that varies based on their economies. It's intriguing to find out what one million US dollars would get you in another country, and the facts might surprise you.

In an effort to hit 20 of some of the most well-known and well-traveled countries, here's a list of what that one million, whether it be imaginary or real, will get you. From dream villas to tiny one-bedroom apartments with barely a view, take a look inside what your investment could grant you in the future. If nothing else? It'll spark up some serious wanderlust for you and who knows, maybe it'll spark desire and inspire a new travel destination for you.

20 Copenhagen, Denmark - A True-To-Life Villa

This house just says, "Copenhagen beachside". It's modern and sweet but has a slightly avant-garde edge that truly makes it stand out. All you really need in this house is the terrace, which is massive and looks out on the oceanside that Denmark is so well-known for. For $837,403, though, the entire seaside villa can be yours. This is really what a true European beach house should embody but rather, you're getting an entire villa for just under a million. With three gorgeous bedrooms, a view that you could stare at forever, and striking interior architecture, that's worth 7,000,000 Swedish krona, right?

19 Toulouse, France - An Old Manorhouse With New Charm

Most of the time, France is known for one thing: Paris. However, you'd be surprised to learn that Toulouse is home to stunning operas, ballets, orchestras, and is overflowing with history. This 19th-century manor house is only 35 minutes away from the enchanting city and its old-world features are still quite evident in its architecture and style. It hasn't been changed much and though a 19th-century house might not be everyone's cup of tea, you can't deny that the history is nearly tangible through these walls. Did we mention it has a spiral staircase that goes from top to bottom? If that's not rustic enough for you, we don't know what is!

18 Hokkaido, Japan - An Apartment If You're Lucky

You won't get so lucky when it comes to Asia, Japan in particular. Hokkaido is more rugged than the rest of Japan and is known for its northern skiing and hot springs, signifying relaxation and sport to tourists who visit. "The Setsumon" as this apartment is referred to, is only 1,140 sq. ft. and will run you roughly $970, 816. For just under one million, you get wintery views, an adequate living space, and two bedrooms. For the frequent flyer, you know that this is about as good as it gets when it comes to visiting Hokkaido.

17 Western Cape, South Africa - In It For The Views

The Cape of South Africa is absolutely stunning, and Helderberg Estate was built in mind to let some of that natural beauty in. From the outside, this house seems like your typical home in the high hundred thousand; from the inside, however, you're met with wall-to-wall windows that showcase incredible cliffs and the oceanside. Off the living, you have a terrace that opens up into a full seating area, complete with a nearly 360-degree view of the waterscape. The entire house has been modernized, including the addition of a wooden sauna outside that flows perfectly with the multi-level staircase leading down to a tropical garden. Not bad for $980,200, right?

16 Vaud, Switzerland - You Can Have The Mountains And Live In Them too

For $900,221, you can go for a 1,237 sq. ft. chalet in Switzerland. If you're a mountain-lover, this will cause you some serious wanderlust. Boasting views of the Muveran and Dents du Midi mountains right from the front yard, we're thinking it might be easier to get to this house via ski lift. That shouldn't be an issue if you appreciate your privacy, though, as this home is located a well-enough distance away from the local cities and nightlife. It's an introvert's dream and when you can wake up to scenery like that every day, I can't figure out why you'd even want to go anywhere else.

15 Seoul, South Korea - It's Minimal, But It's Something

South Korea is notorious for being insanely expensive, so much so that it was voted one of the most expensive places to live. Surprisingly, this home comes in well-under some of the previous ones at $709,440. What's not surprising is the fact that it's in an apartment building. This space is minimal at best, featuring nothing but plain walls, ordinary flooring, and an industrial-style ceiling. There are plenty of windows at least, but if you're looking for something warm and cozy, this property definitely isn't the one. For South Korean natives, though, this is an example of urban life and what one million in US dollars will get you.

14 Tel Aviv, Israel - Dreaming Of The Sea

Israel is yet another country that's famously challenging to live in due to their high-priced homes, and finding a place in Tel Aviv that'll run you close to one million isn't that difficult. This penthouse is three bedrooms, two bathrooms and goes for 858,300 Euros -- that's roughly $975,953. This penthouse isn't anything crazy fabulous, but it does have a beautiful deck that overlooks the Mediterranean, giving you those serious coastal vibes. In addition, it's open and airy, making it a pretty sweet hangout spot for lazy days when you desire nothing else but to walk down to the beach. Suddenly, only 90 sq. meters of space doesn't sound too bad after all.

13 Queensland, Australia - Serious Island Vibes

Land of the kangaroos! Just kidding, Australia is known for so much more than just its wildlife, and Queensland is an awesome place to kick back and do some hefty sightseeing. It's a place I've only been to once and in my personal opinion, it's a place that's entirely worth spending $900,868 on, which is what this next home will cost you. Port Douglas is tropical and this Carribean-style house will get you in the mood to relax and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds you. Much of the house is open, so if inviting nature into your home is your thing, this will quickly make you feel at home. It has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, an unbelievable private outdoor space, and even a plunge pool... What more could you ask for?

12 Auckland, New Zealand - Live The Kiwi City Life

Auckland is a pretty busy city which you wouldn't imagine when you think of New Zealand. Heritage Towers is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum as far as living spaces go, but it's a pretty glorious apartment. Is it worth $982,325? With New Zealand's unique decorative style, we're not really sure. It is a stunning apartment, however, and definitely has enough living space to feel like your home away from home. Upon first glance, you probably wouldn't even think that this home is located in the middle of the city until you step out on the balcony. There are fun features like a larger-than-average pool that overlooks New Zealand's well-known scenery, but all in all, an apartment is an apartment unless you're down for that city life.

11 Fairbanks, Alaska - 75 Acres Of Chilly Beauty

This Alaskan oasis can be yours for just $899,900. In the United States, there's no shortage of houses that go for millions, but Alaska isn't one of the first places most people go looking for one. The state is understated but immensely beautiful, it holds spectacular mountain ranges, exquisite forest, and glacial landscapes, and is home to a wide array of wildlife. This home sits on 75 acres and has three bedrooms and three and a half baths, making it a fairly large living space. We're not sure what you'd do with a full 75 acres, but there's no question that if you can deal with the cold, somewhat unusual daylight hours, and the occasional moose or black bear in your backyard, this will be your personal paradise.

10 Koh Samui, Thailand - That's Rather Extravagant

Can you feel the warm ocean breeze and see the reflection from the infinity pool already? For $953,984, a four-bedroom villa is what you'll find on the coast of Thailand, right on the Plai Laem Bay. It seems somewhat isolated but surprisingly it's only ten minutes from the airport and is closer to civilization than you'd think. This spot is perfect for forgetting your thoughts (and forgetting the rest of the world exists, period) and becoming one with nature. With doors that span the entire length of the back end of this villa, it's quite challenging not to... We can only imagine what it would take to convince us to leave this three-story dream home.

9 Montreal, Canada - Award-Winning Architecture

Check out the curves on this home! Canada is home to some of the most interesting and intriguing architecture and this home is no exception. With such intricate angles, it's hard to imagine what the inside could possibly look like, but we assure you, it's not scary in the least. This house is on the market for $995,635 and boasts some colorful features that you wouldn't expect from its exterior. It's a vision in cool colors: Navy blues, black, and cobalt, and each room sports an open-floor concept with more than enough space for a large family -- Including a potential in-law suite. With a full rec room and gym, three garages, and a stellar backyard pool setup, this is what we love about Canada.

8 North Rhine Westphalia, Germany - How Many Windows Is too Many?

Often when you think of Germany, you think of awesome Oktoberfest food, but you also consider the architecture. Germany loves to push limits and is a country that's constantly on the verge of advancement, and their housing is no different. This home was designed with windows as its main theme, letting an unbelievable amount of light in and creating a stunning ambiance that's not seen anywhere else. In fact, much of this $935,586-house is glass. It features clean, white and solid designs with atrium ceilings that just echo serenity. It's a great house for entertaining, relaxing, and just plain living.

7 Chania, Greece - Mediterranean Living At Large

For exactly one million dollars, you could have access to a real-life Greek villa on the cliffside. Appropriately named "Powder Blue", this home is seriously what dreams are made of. The view can't be dismissed and encompasses nearly 360 degrees of breathtaking seaside vistas. The home encompasses three levels and was left in all its simplicity with a slightly beachy feel, but has all the modern amenities you'd expect from a million dollar home. Greece has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful places on earth, this home echoes that in every sense. There truly are no words to encapsulate all that this home could be except for one: Perfection.

6 Mahon, Spain - Iberico Ham Whenever You Want

This home is simplistic and delicate even though it's settled in the countryside of Mahon. The classic Spanish architecture can be seen plainly in every entryway, while the interior of the house conjures up several nods to the rustic land it's settled on. You can tell that every little detail has been well-thought-out to match the understated color scheme and quiet peace that is Mahon. Even the yard is simple and understated, with a pool as the main event and simple decor surrounding. It goes for $936, 011 and we're thinking it wouldn't be such a bad place to hang out, especially if you're a fan of solariums.

5 Arild, Sweden - Quiet, Understated, Enchanting

This cozy little villa in Sweden is the perfect beachside getaway. For $972,954, you won't just be purchasing a new home -- you'll be on your way to owning a little bit of Swedish history as well. The town of Arild is quiet and serene, and this little house was once the town's post office. There's a seaside view from nearly every room in the house, of which there are five rooms and a kitchen that's divided on the first floor and a half level. It's been remodeled and updated, but still holds all the charm you'd expect in a town such as this one.

4 San Jose, Costa Rica - Your Path To A Beach Paradise

Many can only dream of having a house in Costa Rica and it's a popular vacation spot for many people. From the food to the people and the flawless beaches, Costa Rica is also home to a diverse culture and plenty of tropical wildlife. At about $800,000, you could own this three-level, four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home. If the clean and sleek modern architecture doesn't get you, then perhaps the view out on the veranda of cliffs and ocean in the distance will. It's in a gated community and provides just enough privacy to be comfortable, but not enough to make you feel isolated.

3 Singapore - An Urban Shopping Lover's Dream

Singapore is known for great shopping and great fun. It's a neat place to explore and, while relatively expensive, is home to some pretty excellent apartments. This one goes for $936,139 and has two bedrooms with a patio for lounging. Interestingly enough, this layout and architecture were designed with creating in mind. The grounds are pretty and have just the right level of serenity while still providing that cool urban feel. It's within walking distance of some pretty great boutiques and you wouldn't have too difficult of a time finding your way around, and if you don't feel like leaving, you'd have full access to the gym, pool, and function hall. Location is everything!

2 Venice, Italy - One Bedroom, One Bathroom

Venice is beautiful, but we never promised it would be cheap to live here. For a piece of the Italian luxury, it comes with a price: $873,610, and that's only for a one-bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The tradeoff is a personal decision: Is nearly one million worth having access to the Italian waterways that people spend thousands to travel down every year, or is your money better spent on a bigger place that's not within the Italian borders? Regardless, you can't argue that this minimalist apartment in a classically constructed Venice building is awesome to look at, even if there are a lot of zeroes attached to the price tag.

1 20. Durrow, Ireland - An Ivy-Covered Irish Home

This Irish home is literally everything you would expect from the land of the shamrocks, (real) Guinness, and shepherd's pie. Ireland has an air of mystery, history, and enchantment, and the second you stroll up to this stone-covered house, you can feel it. Durrow is a beautiful town within close proximity to Dublin, so while you're surrounded by rolling green fields, you're also not too far from being in good company if you so desire it. There are five bedrooms, a total of three fireplaces, and the interior can only be described as a perfect country home. It's simple yet elegant in its Regency-style architecture and feels like home before you even walk through the door.