In the middle of summer does anything sound as good as a delicious hot dog? It's pretty hard to get a hot dog wrong. Whether you microwave it and eat it plain or squish it in a bun with your favorite toppings, it makes for a satisfying meal.

But we all know that some hot dogs are much better than others. It's amazing what the right ingredients, toppings, and breading can do to quench your craving for a good hot dog. Your barbecue is often made better with the right hot dog recipe.

There's no better way to explore the many kinds of hot dogs in the world than through travel. As you experience major cities across the planet, stop at a hot dog stand and see what you can find.

Some regions in the world are known for their exceptional meat preparation. That means their hot dogs are to die for. If you're a foodie or you just love travel, you must try these hot dogs from around the world. You'll probably find your new favorite in the mix, and a classic hot dog will no longer be enough!

20 20. Quebec – Steamed Dogs

Restaurants all over Montreal and its surrounding areas serve these incredible hot dogs, heavy with toppings and a delicious homemade bun.

Quebec's hot dogs are primarily characterized by the fact that they're steamed rather than roasted or grilled. They're called a "steamé," and they're usually topped with onions, mustard, coleslaw, fresh coleslaw, and sometimes melted cheese and relish.

While you're not stuffing your face with a delicious hot dog, take a few days to see the city. The shopping and sightseeing in Montreal are unrivaled. There's also a simple hike up Mount Royal or skiing in Mont-Tremblant.

19 19. Denmark – A Danish Spin on Hot Dogs

Denmark is home to this delightful treat, but Denmark-style hot dogs are popular all over Scandinavia. The dog is characterized by a sausage called rød pølse, a type of red-dyed sausage that's best served grilled. Common toppings include onions (both fried and fresh), remoulade, Danish mustard, and cucumber slices.

You can find these hot dogs all over the nation in hot dog wagons or pølsevogns in Danish. They're best when served piping hot!

While you eat your Danish dog, see all that Denmark has to offer, including walking along Nyhavn, the famous canal and harbor. Amalienborg, the Queen's winter residence, also offers tours. If you'd rather play up your thrill-seeking side, go to Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park designed in the 19th century.

18 18. New Orleans – Dat Dog Specialty

There's a hot dog joint in New Orleans, Louisiana that you have to try called Dat Dog. The restaurant originated here, but there's also one in Lafayette.

They serve the best quality hot dogs and sausages made from a variety of meats, including duck, crawfish, and alligator. The buns are always toasted to perfection, and you have your selection of addictive toppings to go with it, including blackberry preserves and bacon bits.

New Orleans is famous for more than just Mardis Gras. Check out the Garden District, Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, and the legendary Cafe Du Monde.

17 17. Colombia – Perros Calientes or Hot Canines

Hot dogs in Colombia are called perros calientes, which literally translates into "hot dogs." You'll find some interesting toppings to accompany these dogs, including a famous local sauce called golf sauce. It's a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, much like the fry sauce that's popular in Utah.

They'll also top your dog with all your favorites including mustard, relish, and cheese. You have your choice of interesting toppings as well, like pineapple sauce, potato chips, and other sweet and savory components.

Eat your hot dog while exploring the Tayrona National Natural Park, San Andres Beach, and the Gold Museum in Bogota.

16 16. Mexico – Sonoran Hot Dog

The Mexican hot dog is pretty unique. It's named after the state of Sonora in Northern Mexico because that's where it's expected to have originated. It's nestled into a fluffy bread roll that's not cut all the way through.

Before the hot dog is put into the hollowed-out roll, it's wrapped in smokey bacon. It's topped with all the makings for a great burrito like salsa, onions, rice, sour cream, beans, and mustard.

15 15. Sweden – Dogs Rolled in Thin Bread

There's a beautiful thin roll of bread that surrounds your hot dogs in Sweden called "tunsbröd." Add the meat in and it's called tunnbrödsrulle. The hot dog itself is wrapped in delicious mashed potatoes along with other popular toppings like relish, mustard, and ketchup.

These hot dogs aren't the only great things about Sweden. One of the most popular destinations is Stockholm Palace, a museum that's open to the public for tours.

There's also a huge celebration in June called a Midsummer Party, which takes place on midsummer's eve. It includes a variety of unique local traditions, including making a flower crown. It's almost as popular in Christmas and involves plenty of drinking, eating, and dancing.

14 14. South Africa – Boerewors or Farmer Sausage

When visiting South Africa, be sure to ask for a boerewors, which means "farmer sausage." The boerewors is pretty different than anything you'll have eaten in North America. The sausage is made from minced beef and spices like nutmeg, cloves, pepper, and coriander. It's rolled into a large pinwheel, which is cut up into hot dog-sized portions.

Place a portion of the sausage in a toasted bun with chutney, tomato relish, and mustard, and you have a scrumptious hot dog.

South Africa has plenty to see if you're a tourist, including the white sandy beaches of Cape of Good Hope. There's also hiking, a game reserve called Kruger National Park, and plenty of outdoor activities.

13 13. Chicago – Unpretentious Gourmet Franks

While wandering along the Magnificent Mile, taking in shopping centers and the incredible artwork of Grant Park, stop for a hot dog at the many stands that litter the city.

Chicago is a great place to try gourmet hot dogs without visiting a gourmet establishment. There are a variety of stands that sell the best hot dogs.

Chicago-style dogs are made from all-beef dogs with mustard, green relish, fresh tomatoes, dill pickles, mustard, sport peppers, onions, and celery salt. You can also ask for nacho cheese sauce to tie all the flavors together for a delicious meal.

12 12. Australia – Dagwood Dogs A.K.A. Corn Dogs

There's something familiar about the famous Australian hot dogs: They look exactly like the USA's corn dogs, but they're called Dagwood dogs.

These corn dogs are made with a homemade cornmeal batter deep fried in peanut oil. Australia was the original birthplace of corn dogs as we know them, but the US changed the name to represent the cornmeal batter.

While crunching on a delicious Dagwood dog and fries, explore all the Aussie outback has to offer. Tour the Sydney Opera House or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. If you're a surfer, Australia has some of the best waves in the world.

11 11. Czech Republic – Parek v Rohliku or A Large Pig in a Blanket

The Czech Republic hotdog isn't so much different than what you'd find in hot dog stands all over New York City except for one key difference: the bun.

Rather than being stuffed into an open bun, the hot dog is put into a hollowed-out roll with the top cut off. It's kind of like a giant pig in a blanket with the hot dog sticking out of one end.

Inside the roll, you'll find mustard, relish, mustard, and other classic toppings.

Get your local hot dogs when visiting Prague, where you can visit Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Old Town, which includes the Astronomical Clock. Plenty of sightseeing with a delicious dog in hand!

10 10. New Jersey – Deep-Fried Cheese and Beef in a Bun

New Jersey and New York City have a lot of similarities, including their taste in delicious hot dogs. However, the New Jersey hot dogs tend to have a unique spin on the treat.

New Jersey is famous for its Italian-style hot dog with onions, peppers, and a delicious bread called pizza bread. Many of the toppings are also deep fried before going into the bun.

You can also find more traditional-style hot dogs all over the cities in New Jersey, but with specialized toppings like pineapple and jalapeños.

After stopping at the hot dog stands, go to the beaches at Jersey Shore or walk around Liberty State Park, which has stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline.

9 9. Washington D.C. – Half-Smoke Dogs

As a US favorite, hot dogs can be found in a variety of stands and restaurants. One of the most famous Washington D.C. hot dogs is found at Ben's Chili Bowl. The favorite in this restaurant is the half-smoke, a smoked dog with chili, cheese, and onions as toppings.

You can also find traditional hot dogs at stands all over the touristy areas of the city. You can enjoy the many free, historical attractions of the U.S. capital city like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and U.S. Capitol.

You can also take a tour of the famous Smithsonian Institution and the White House. You'll never run out of things to see in the city.

8 8. Argentina – A Breakfast Dog Made from Sausage and Waffle

Here's a unique hot dog that you'll want to try. The Argentinian hot dog is called a panchuker, and it's a popular street food in cities all over the country. It's so popular, that there are entire restaurants called panchukeras, which only have panchukers on the menu.

It's kind of like a breakfast version of a corn dog. Baked sausage is skewered on a stick and fried in oil or lard inside a waffle batter. The result is a delicious hot dog treat, unlike anything you've ever tasted.

When you're not hanging out at the panchukera, explore the natural beauty of the country. There are glaciers you can climb as well as Iguazu National Park, a rainforest with gorgeous waterfalls and rainforest wildlife.

7 7. Chile – Completo or the Complete Works

Completos are one of the most popular treats you can find in restaurants and on the street throughout Chile. It literally means complete because of all the toppings. When you order a completo, you'll enjoy a beef hot dog covered in tomato, cheese, chili, sauerkraut, mayonnaise, avocado, cheese, and a special green sauce.

You can also order a couple of different kinds of completos, including the Italiano which has just avocado, tomato, and mayo. There's also the A lo Pobre, which features toppings like fried onion, fried egg, and French fries.

You'll probably spend a lot of time eating completos, but don't let that keep you away from the Strait of Magellan, Marble Caves of Chile Chico, Hand of the Desert, and the Elevators of Valparaiso.

6 6. Thailand – A Sweet Tokyo Cake Dog

The name of Thailand's signature hot dog is khanom Tokiao, which means "Tokyo cake." It's a fitting name, considering the fact that the hot dog is wrapped in a special Thai-style crepe. The crepe is fried on a skillet with the hot dog in the center. It's wrapped around the dog and smothered in sweet chili sauce.

Some Thai hot dog lovers like to take a sweet and savory approach to this hot dog with jalapeños and sauerkraut in addition to the sweet chili sauce.

Don't let the delicious taste of this sweet hot dog distract you from the glorious beauty of Thailand. The islands, snorkeling, grand palace, and beach resorts are unrivaled.

5 5. Norway – Lefse Flatbread Dog

Norway's hot dogs are wrapped in a special, soft flatbread called lefse. It could be compared to a tortilla, but it's a little fluffier, made from potatoes.

The hot dog itself is usually made from beef and topped with the traditional toppings of mustard, ketchup, raw onions, and cheese. You can also request bacon and a shrimp salad, which puts an exciting spin on this favorite food.

Pack up one of these delicious hot dogs to take with you on your trip to the Norwegian Fjords, which are some of the most beautiful water and rock formations in the world. You can hike along the cliffs and peer down into the blue water or take a canoe or kayak trip through some of the calmer areas.

4 4. United Kingdom – Saveloy or Deep-Fried Dog

The fish and chips shops all over the United Kingdom also feature a delicious hot dog treat called saveloy. It's a special pork sausage that's usually broiled and served in a bun and your favorite toppings. You can also request that the saveloy is served in a deep-fried batter to make a corn dog.

Usually, it's served with a huge serving of chips (French fries) or pease pudding. This is a special local treat made with boiled legumes and ham.

Take these hot dogs with you on your trip to see Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards. It also makes a perfect treat for a ride on a double-decker bus to Big Ben or a countryside trip to see the many castles and mansions that dot the U.K. country.

3 3. Frankfurt – German Sausages

German sausages encompass a variety of options like bratwurst, knackwurst, leberwurst, nurnberger, blutwurst (blood sausage), bregenwurst, etc. Most varieties are made from a combination of minced pork and beef.

When served, they'll be put into a hard roll or a slice of bread. Toppings include sweet mustard and a special ketchup-curry sauce called currywurst. The toppings tend to be pretty plain so that the sausage can really shine.

Frankfurt is one of the birthplaces of Germany's famous sausages, so it's a great place to purchase this treat. Check out the Goethe House, the iconic town hall Romer, and the botanical garden Palmengarten on your trip!

2 2. New York City – A Classic USA Treat

When visiting the United States, there's no better place to find a classic USA hot dog than in New York City. There are hot dog stands all over the city where you can get a bite for just a few dollars.

Hot dogs are served with mustard, ketchup, and dill or sweet relish. Most hot dog carts have a variety of toppings you can ask for as well, like chopped onions, jalapeños, sauerkraut, and tomato paste.

You won't have a hard time finding hot dog stands among the towering buildings in New York City like the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Rockefeller Center. They're also all over Times Square and Central Park, so you can do plenty of sightseeing while enjoying your hot dog lunch.

1 1. Iceland – Classic Street Dogs

If you travel much, you've probably heard that Iceland has some pretty incredible hot dogs. It's a country-wide favorite, and all the locals will tell you to try one.

The hot dogs in Iceland have a natural casing so they kind of snap when you bite into them. They're topped with raw white onions, fried onions, sweet brown mustard, remoulade, a special mayo sauce, ketchup, capers, and herbs. Order "one with everything" to get the full, local hot dog experience.

Munch on this delicious hot dog while you check out the icebergs at Jokulsarlon and the waterfalls of Gullfoss. You'll also want to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, one of the world's largest geothermal spas.

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