As we head well into June, the summer season is officially here and many of you will be daydreaming at your desk about booking that much-needed vacay. Normally, this is the time that most of us will be making plans for a late summer trip. But if you can afford to be flexible, why wait until the height of the tourism months to take yours? If you’re looking to drink in the sights and attractions at a quieter pace whilst also enjoying a delicious breeze or two before the scorching temperatures set in, then there really is no better time than now.

And don’t fret if a great June holiday seems out of your budget right now. You may be surprised by how many affordable last-minute deals you can grab to get away this month, so if you’re more of an impulsive traveler and the following locations take your fancy, we say go for it! Whatever your circumstances or travel plans though, hopefully, this info will serve you well for a future June holiday too. Perhaps you have that exciting round-the-world trip earmarked for 2019 or you’re just beginning to brainstorm locations for your beautiful summer wedding next year.

Whether you’ve made plans to visit these great locations in the coming weeks or you’re in need of some travel inspo for your next getaway, we hope that a closer look at these stunning destinations will get you pumped for a June holiday! Grab some fun in the sun in one of these 20 amazing places.

20 Copenhagen - Cycling, Anyone?

The Danish capital is a feast for the soul all year round, but in early summer, the vibe and buzz of energy in this gorgeous city is as alive with color as the bright rows of houses that have become so iconic of the region. Denmark has become synonymous with the term ‘Hygge’ in recent years, a concept that basically translates as a feeling of comfort, warmth, and well-being alone or with those closest to you. The Danish people may prefer to practice hygge in the winter months by cozying up to the fire with candles, a good book, and a mug of hot cocoa. But since hygge is all about well-being, we think you can definitely get your hygge on in the summer months too!

Copenhagen may be a relatively small city, but it is bustling with delights just itching to be explored by visitors.

A familiar sight on the streets of Copenhagen during June and most of midsummer are locals cycling through the park, couples enjoying an idyllic boat ride along the canals, and best of all, the warm and oh-so-inviting festivities brought out during Sankthansaften, Denmark's official Midsummer holiday on June 23rd. In celebrating the birthday of John the Baptist, Danes sing traditional folk songs around bonfires and sip coffee (not cocktails) by the beach. If that doesn’t sound like hygge for summer lovers, we’re not sure what does!

19 New York City - Is There Ever A Bad Time To Take A Trip To The Big Apple?

Let’s face it, there’s never going to be a bad time to take a trip to the Big Apple. But if you have your eyes set on an early summer vacation here, then you’re well and truly in for a treat. In June and most of the early summer weeks, before the city becomes too compacted by the August crowds, New York truly is a fab place to be. It’s during this time that the weather is pleasantly balmy and gearing up for endless sun-kissed days but before it gets so sweltering that you just want to seek out a subway grate breeze a la Marilyn Monroe!

June is the month when New Yorkers can be seen making the most of alfresco dining in cafes and apartment balconies, whilst enjoying a cocktail or two! For that amazing crisp evening that only New York can deliver, we’d recommend rooftop views with a drink in hand at The Viceroy hotel rooftop bar which overlooks Central Park. Amazing!

To compliment relaxing nights of watching the sunset over the NYC skyline, be sure to bask in all the happenings of the big city in the daylight too, as June is the month of activities and events.

From free concerts and Shakespearean performances to enjoy in the park to key events in the cultural calendar like the Governors Ball music fest and the Gay Pride march kicking off on June 24th. Escape the tourist crowds and high prices of July and August and don’t pass up a June excursion around the big city!

18 Moscow - off the beaten track (And Decent Flight Prices!)

It takes a gutsy and adventurous type of traveler to brave Russia’s harsh weather during any season other than summer. As magical as the capital may look all snow-capped and glistening in the winter months, the temperature rarely ever budges from below freezing, which is why the month of June is easily the best time to visit Moscow (not least because you still have enough feeling in your fingers to take a selfie while exploring the city sights!). Come June in Moscow and the average temperatures reach a gloriously inviting 70 degrees and above, making it ideal to soak in all the landmarks in a comfortable setting.

First-time visitors to Russia’s capital will no doubt love to take in the massively iconic sights such as the Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral. But if you’re looking to do more than just the postcard landmarks of the city, we’d recommend exploring parts of Moscow that are a little off the beaten track. If you find that the more inviting June weather brings out the true wanderer (or history buff) in you, be sure to check out the tours running that explore the Cold War-era bunkers deep below street level and the hidden gem museums in the capital dedicated to space exploration. Other than enticing you with a far more forgiving climate, traveling to Moscow in June and early summertime will save you a heap on flight prices, as mid to late July is when airfares tend to surge in price.

17 Bangkok, Thailand - Something To Experience

Whilst the term ‘off-peak’ might normally mean cooler and much milder weather conditions, this certainly doesn’t apply to the off-peak season in Thailand’s buzzing capital, which happens to be from March to October. Before heading to Bangkok on your summer travels, you should be aware that the climate is pretty much sweltering hot all year round. So, while a June trip may not offer the kind of delicious off-peak breeze you’re hoping for, it does mean that you get to enjoy all the best tourist hotspots without having to contend with the hustle and bustle of the November to February crowds.

With a little more breathing room in June, we’d recommend drinking in Bangkok’s normally buzzing quarters at your own pace, such as visiting the Grand Palace and the iconic Wat Pho Buddhist temple with its 150-foot-high reclining Buddha statue.

The city’s gorgeous paths and seemingly unending and quirky food markets are a welcome way to get lost for a few hours during the low season too.

While maintaining scorching hot temperatures in June, the early summer season in Bangkok is said to break things up with some pretty spectacular thunderstorms (a sight in fact that many Bangkok travelers on TripAdvisor have described as “something to experience”).

16 Anchorage, Alaska - 18 Hours Of Sunlight

Alaska attracts over a million tourists every year, and unsurprisingly, the majority coming during the colder months for a winter vacation like no other. An Alaskan winter may boast the Northern Lights over fireside lodges and more events and festivals than those that run in the summer months. But, like most locations, Alaska and Anchorage, in particular, has something different to offer every type of traveler, and come June, those who may not be such a fan of a vacay in teeth-chattering conditions are able to enjoy this gorgeous state in a whole new light.

As temperatures become much more bearable in the high 50’s and June welcomes more than 18 hours of sunlight, early summer days in Alaska’s largest city of Anchorage can be a very inviting place to be. Locals gear up to celebrate the longest day of the year with the much-loved Summer Solstice festival, held this year on June 23rd, 2018. As well as being able to enjoy Alaska’s stunning scenery and wildlife in more forgiving temperatures this time of year, the chance to take advantage of the free festivities on offer–from live music and entertainment, delicious local food, and a wealth of family activities–is a great excuse in itself to come and bask in the beauty of off-season Alaska.

15 Mexico City - Find Cheaper Flights In June

Mexico’s buzzing capital is never short on energy and good vibes, but if you’re the kind of traveler looking to enjoy a city break at a slower pace than normal, then now is the month for a exploring all the best Mexico City has to offer. Vice President of the Ritz Carlton in the city, Lisa Holladay attests that

“June is a wonderful time in Mexico City because it’s less crowded, but you can still enjoy the warmer weather.”

Perhaps the one slight downside to visiting the capital in June is that this can tend to be the season for increased rainfall. But even this has its own silver lining, since the downpours put many of Mexico’s tourist off visiting you may find you can score cheaper flights and hotel deals around this time.

So, what can travelers expect on their off-peak city excursion to the Mexican capital? For starters, you can take your pick of some of the awe-inspiring architecture the city has to offer without having to navigate through a swarm of tourists. Head to the Plaza de la Constitucion to be spoiled for choice with historic landmarks, including the 13th century Aztec Templo Mayor. Downtown boutique shopping quarters in La Roma and a hip restaurant scene will charm the more modern kind of holidaymakers to the capital too.

14 Amalfi Coast - Take Us There, Please!

If the only time you get to enjoy the sensations of Jasmine and Orange blossom in your life is in the form of a shower smoothie to start your day, then this is a sign that you seriously need a break to the Amalfi coast one of these days, if only for the fact that you can experience the real thing wafting through your nostrils here! In the idyllic cliff-side village of Positano in southern Italy, a little slice of heaven awaits you in the form of pebble beaches, ornate architecture, and that gorgeous lingering aroma of Orange blossom and Jasmine that sunny June days seem to be filled with across the entirety of the Amalfi coast. Take us there now, please!

This place may be a sight for sore eyes any time of year, but this was definitely made to be enjoyed at a slightly quieter and more subtle pace. Do yourself a favor and visit the glorious Positano and Amalfi villages during the off-peak season. Who can resist a honeycomb of pastel-colored houses and cafes, all looking out to the impossibly blue Mediterranean sea in a place where the wine flows like water and the air smells...well...of your shower gel, only a million times better! Can’t you just picture a 1940’s film heroine in a dramatic embrace with her lover on these cliffs (not too close to the cliff edge)?

13 Corsica - Pleasantly Warm

The Mediterranean is one of the top holiday regions on the planet, making pretty much every country an unbearably busy tourist magnet by the time high summer rolls around. However, there are fairly quiet parts of the Med where a relaxing sunny getaway can still be had without the bustling crowds if you know where to look. And for this, you can’t go wrong with the beautiful mountainous island of Corsica.

Whether you take a trip here to go hiking, touring the local vineyards, or simply lounging about on the beach, you can do all of the above in June without even breaking a sweat—average Corsica temperatures are in the high 70’s, making it pleasantly warm without suffering the unbearable stickiness that comes in towards the later months.

If that weren’t enough to convince you that June is the absolute best time to visit this idyllic coastal getaway, take it from the locals. Residents may speak of the famed ‘Scent of the Maquis’ that follows you on the island (and no, this isn’t some stubborn unwelcome stench), it refers to the delicious and heavenly breeze that routinely drifts in from the Med’s distant ocean waves. This isn’t just refreshing on a balmy summer’s day, it’s aromatic! Another delight about an early summer trip to Corsica on how equally delicious the water feels, an inviting 22 degrees (70F). Perfect for a mid-afternoon soak in nature’s hot tub!

12 The Cotswolds, UK - Take Your Trip While School Is Still In Session

This idyllic part of the UK is a firm vacationing favorite among Brits looking to get away from city life for another summer and relax in the country, but the Cotswolds can be a far more idyllic experience if you avoid visiting in the usual summer season. Many local British tourists and the families come to the Cotswolds region in their droves in late July and August (and normally, with their families too) since schools in the UK break up for the summer in late July. So our advice for peace and quiet on your countryside retreat? Plan your trip while school is still in session!

So, what are the Cotswolds and what do they have to offer? If you’re unfamiliar with this quaint slice of the British countryside, the Cotswolds are made up of 6 counties, including parts of Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Bath—considered some of the most beautiful romantic parts of the country. Visiting in early summer not only swerves the majority of city weary tourists and their offspring, but it lets you experience quintessential english countryside in full bloom, and whether you fancy a stroll through the handfuls of quaint villages and parks or a visit to the iconic Roman Baths or a tour of Blenheim Palace, there’s definitely something for everyone.

11 Andaman Islands - The closest thing to a castaway heaven

Proof that an early summer holiday doesn’t have to mean settling for a packed tourist resort and swarms of guests sharing your paradise. Enter the Andaman islands, a place that may well be one of the world’s best-kept secrets when it comes to well and truly getting away from it all, and there’s no better time to go than in this very month. So what are you waiting for? Just look at this place! The Andaman islands are a glorious cluster of white sandy beaches and mangroves all huddled together in the Indian Ocean and about 150km off the coast of Indonesia, and the result resembles the closest thing to a castaway heaven as possible.

Upon high season, this breathtaking corner of the world is known to attract a fair few tourists. Sorry, sadly, you can’t always have paradise to yourself, but planning your trip between May and early July will serve you best.

Just be wary that the heavy monsoon season hits around the tail end of June and early July (not that even a downpour could dampen the sheer natural beauty of this place!). Oh, and we meant it when we described these islands as a well-kept secret(ish)—the North Sentinel island within the south-west corner of the Andaman islands archipelago is known as the hardest place on Earth to visit and is unsurprisingly home to the most isolated tribe in the world. Want to book your trip? Get in line!

10 Machu Picchu, Peru - perfect weather for trekking

One of the great wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is adored and visited by throngs of tourists every year and has repeatedly been named as the best tourist destination in the world. (TripAdvisor users even awarded it with the ‘World’s Best Scenery’ back in 2015.) But in truth, the entirety of Peru, in general, is a beautiful sight in June and you’d be doing yourself a disservice on your travels if you didn’t allow yourself to see more than just the beauty of the ancient city of Incas.

In June and throughout midsummer, the days are mostly light and dry, making it perfect weather for trekking the Peruvian mountains in search of peace and serenity. But other than enjoying your own personal pilgrimage to the awe-inspiring Peruvian wonder, why not embrace the culture even more vividly by celebrating the ‘Festival of the Sun’ with the locals in the Inca capital of Cusco. In devotion to the ancient sun god Inti, locals gather on June 24th in dance, speeches, and a simulated llama sacrifice on a hilltop—not to be missed! Experienced hikers and those with a sense of adventure may be interested in another jaw-dropping natural wonder while they are in Peru—the breathtaking Rainbow Mountain. As its name suggests, a mixture of different minerals in the earth reacting with melted ice that used to cover the land has transformed the mountainside all shades of pinks, reds, and yellows.

9 Warsaw, Poland - a fascinating place to sight-see without having your tourists fill in a hurry

Until fairly recently, the southern city of Krakow has been the major pull for tourists flocking to Poland each year with its fairytale qualities and postcard perfect charm, but we’re glad to report that more and more travelers are waking up to just how incredible and unique the more raw and gritty industrial Polish capital can be. In contrast to Krakow’s almost picture perfect scenes of horse-drawn carriages and castles, Warsaw is a glorious mish-mash of culture–owing to its war-torn past–and this manifests itself in a hub of art and craft brewpubs and bars. A hipster’s paradise, in other words.

June provides the perfect time to tour the unique bar scene and explore the diverse architecture in balmy yet pleasantly warm weather. The arresting mix of modern and restored Gothic landmarks makes this a fascinating place to sight-see without having your tourists fill in a hurry. It’s also a haven for students and young backpackers looking for a party town with a unique atmosphere, as the city’s many backyard bars and clubs offer more than your typical vibe at lower rates than most places too. Head to the graffiti-covered Listopada Street where you can party with the locals before the late summer rush of tourists flocks in.

8 Dublin - If You Don't Care About Unpredictable Weather

Ireland isn't famed for its fabulous weather. But if you want to get the best out of this green and pleasant land, we’d urge you to visit in the summer months. Round-the-clock sunshine may not be a guarantee here, but the city of Dublin really does come into its own around this time of year, and with so many attractions on offer on the calendar, you won’t be disappointed by a summer vacation in Ireland’s capital. First off, no summer trip to Ireland can be complete without sampling the local tipple, and that means either a trip around the Guinness brewery, the Jameson whiskey distillery, or simply enjoying an authentic Irish drink in the tourist favorite Temple Bar.

As for great sights in the capital, Dublin and Drimnagh castles make great days out for the family and visiting in June means fewer queues, and high prices are the ones set later in July and August. Also, check out the gorgeous natural wonder that is the Cliffs of Moher (you might recognize the landscape from Game of Thrones, as parts of the show have been filmed near there!). If you’re planning on a visit to Dublin very soon, don’t miss out on a great event for foodies and fans of garden parties alike. The Taste of Dublin festival in the picturesque Iveagh Gardens runs from June 14th to the 17th which mixes great live entertainment with beer and wine tasting as well as the chance to hobnob with some of the best chefs in the industry. Dublin is also well-known for its annual LGBTQ Pride Parade, kicking off this year on Saturday, June 30th.

7 Nashville, Tennessee - so much more than the home of country music

The unofficial holy land for country music fans all over the world, Nashville, Tennessee is synonymous with the likes of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and gettin’ the blues, but rest assured that it’s quite impossible to experience the latter if you take a vacay here. The city of Nashville isn’t just beating with the heart and soul of country music legends from years gone by. It’s also buzzing with the modern vibe of festivals, eccentric bars, and fine art. It’s easy to forget that Nashville is so much more than the home of country music.

Those who come for the city’s country music appreciation will be delighted at every turn with the various concerts and themed restaurants and bars, but for those who are understandably looking to experience more in Nashville are definitely catered for in June. Visitors to the city in the early summer season can partake in artisan and beer festivals in late June, the Nashville Pride Parade on June 23rd. And for those wanting something a little quirkier from their bar scene, the Pinewood Social bar looks part bowling alley, part hipster eatery, and it also hosts a ‘Dive-in Movie’ club once a month for pool guests!

6 Portland, Oregon - For The Outdoorsy Type

Portland, Oregon is a gorgeous part of the country to visit at any time of the year, but prior to a June visit, Portland is known to get pretty wet—raining on average about 15 days out of the month. Not good. Luckily, the early summer weather here cuts down the rainfall to just 5 days out of the month, so if you come in June, you stand a better chance of seeing Portland and its glorious mountain surroundings at its very best.

June is the perfect time to get out the old hiking boots and brave the great outdoors, specifically by taking a picturesque trek up Mount Hood which overlooks the city.

If exploring on street level is more your speed, you can enjoy strolls (and the occasional free concert) in the city's beautiful Waterfront Park, go brewery hopping, and visit the French Renaissance Pittock Mansion in the Portland hills once belonging to Oregon publisher Henry Pittock and wife Georgiana. If you’re thinking of planning a last-minute June trip to Portland, we’d recommend a stay in the city’s newly-renovated and much-loved Dossier Hotel in downtown Alder Street. If a day-long hike has well and truly taken it out of you, the hotel’s own Knott Springs Spa can be your own little slice of heaven to come back to at night, thanks to their saunas, Swedish massage, and soaking tubs galore.

5 The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil - Don't Worry About The Mosquitos In June

The Amazon rainforest could be one of those destinations you always dreamed of visiting but never quite knew how or when to visit it. The sheer vastness of it all can make it hard to know where to start, and while we can’t advise you personally on the best way to plan a trip to or around the Amazon jungle, we can at least suggest the best time of year to go and that’s more or less right now. June through to the early weeks of July marks the start of the low-water season in the Amazon, making it an ideal time for some of the more intrepid backpackers and holidaymakers out there to get a rare peek at Jaguars, caimans, and pink river dolphins.

As well as an abundance of cool and impressive rainforest creatures like jaguars and dolphins, you’ll be pleased to know that June is the best season to go in the hopes of avoiding a certain pesky animal. Mosquitoes are nowhere near as prevalent around this low season as they are in June, which is a huge plus if you plan on spending many days and nights in the Amazon. Sites like Lonely Planet can offer up guides on how to plan a trip around the Amazon, but for a general idea of the kinds of activities you can enjoy on a June trip to the rainforest, this can include things like paddle boarding, swimming with the pink river dolphins, kayaking, and walking the canopy bridge.

4 Quebec - When The Cold Weather Is Officially Off the Radar, Quebec Knows How To Summer

Boasting an average snowfall of more than 400cm each year, Quebec is definitely thought of as the place to head to for a winter wonderland type of vacation, but it’s equally a place that comes into its own in the more forgiving summer months once the unbelievably harsh winter temperatures (minus 40 degrees, to be exact!) have long since departed. As the weather warms into the high 20’s, the Quebec locals–especially those in Montreal–are out in full force to make the most of the inviting warm temp and begin gearing up for the many great outdoor attractions.

Fans of modern art will adore the annual Mural Festival held in June in Montreal. Running between the June 7th to the 17th, the festival celebrates the best in street art from around the world. Elsewhere in downtown Montreal, summer visitors can enjoy plenty of fun festivities for all ages in the picturesque Parc Jean-Drapeau in the Saint Lawrence River. It’s here where families can come to enjoy rollercoaster rides and cool off in the giant outdoor pool or where older tourists and couples can let their hair down in the Sunday dance parties at the Electronik Picnic. When Quebec chillaxes for the summer, it really delivers!

3 London - Don't Let The (Possible) Rain Scare You Away

Britain may occasionally get a bad rep for its unpredictable weather and propensity to rain quite a lot (even in the height of summer), but if you're headed to the UK capital this month then we’d still advise packing some shorts and suntan lotion along with a raincoat, because it can get surprisingly sweltering on a typical June day in London. In fact, don't be surprised to see the locals dotted about the nearby parks and city streets flashing as much flesh as socially acceptable in order to keep cool. Foreign travelers may be used to far warmer weather this time of year, but sunshine is a big deal to us, and once it’s here, you bet we’re taking advantage of it!

Because June can bring about some of the hottest first days of the year, al fresco dining (and working) can be seen pretty much everywhere you go. Early summer in London is a great time to sample the best in the city’s street food stalls and refresh yourself in one of many quirky bars (or in a pub garden, if you want to be more traditional).

And if it rains at some point (inevitable), enjoy some afternoon tea while looking out upon the London skyline—even while riding the London Eye, if you wish to!

2 Mykonos, Greece - Not ONLY Known For Its Party Scene

The Greek island of Mykonos is known far and wide for its party atmosphere, especially in the summer months and has gained a reputation as Greece’s answer to Ibiza. In fact, it has even been dubbed as ‘the party animal of Cycladic islands’ by travel site Lonely Planet. No kidding. The beachside bars at Super Paradise are hijacked in the high summer season by some of the world’s best-known DJs, and it’s not uncommon to hear chest thumping club music playing long into the morning hours. If this is your idea of an ideal summer vacay destination, come around July and August time. If not, well, there is definitely still joy and relaxation to be had in this party animal island for the average traveler.

While taking an off-peak June trip to Mykonos is no guarantee of escaping the club tunes and party atmosphere, taking a trip earlier on in the summer will at least ensure that you don’t have to share too much of this paradise with packs of party-hard tourists. Nights spent gazing out upon the impossibly blue Aegean sea will give you all the relaxation and downtime you need. As for days when lounging by the beach could become a little monotonous (as if!), the island has plenty of water sports on offer, as well as historic sites to take in such as the ancient archaeological wonder in the nearby island of Delos.

1 The Berkshires, Massachusetts - bask in the beautiful surroundings and mountain scenery without the hassle

To do a quick search for the state of Massachusetts on Google or Pinterest and you might find yourself inundated with images featuring glorious hues of gold and maroon as seen in the fall season. But rest assured, the closing chapters of the year aren’t the only time that this part of the US looks and feels this gorgeous and inviting. Images of the warm fall foliage tend to dominate the Massachusetts tourist board, which is why the less popular June season can be just as good a time to visit, if only for the smaller crowds.

Come to visit The Berkshires in the western area of Massachusetts and you get to bask in the same beautiful surroundings and mountain scenery without the hassle. A relaxing off-peak getaway in The Berkshires can consist of peaceful hiking trails through Bear town state forest, a tour of various art museums and institutions (including the home of Moby Dick author, Herman Melville), and the best organic food markets in the state. Also, if you take a trip in June, it would be almost criminal not to experience the annual Tanglewood music festival that runs from the end of June into early July. Tuck into a delicious homegrown picnic on the lawn while enjoying a mix of contemporary artists and the Boston symphony orchestra. This year’s 2018 festival will see the likes of Roger Daltry, David Crosby, and Harry Connick Jr. among the main acts.