What does it mean for a hotel room to be "breathtaking" or "spectacular?" For everyone, those two descriptions mean something different when it comes to places that they have stayed or want to stay in. Around the world, there are hundreds of unique hotel rooms that live up to just about everyone's expectations for a breathtaking or spectacular hotel room.

This list of 30 hotel rooms from around the world provides a glimpse of what it would be like to stay in one of these unique, stellar accommodation options. The pictures of the rooms and suites speak for themselves, but the descriptions of the rooms and the hotels will give you a sense of what a stay in one or all of those rooms would be like.

The experience of staying in a room that's fit for a king, or one that gives you an unobstructed view of the night sky is something that many people would love the opportunity to enjoy. These hotel rooms vary in style, but each of them have something in common: they will all take your breath away.

Take a gander at these 30 spectacular hotel rooms from around the world. Then start packing your bags, for one or more that you most connect with is waiting for you!

30 Attrap' Rêves In France - Spend The Night In A Bubble

The Attrap' Rêves in France is probably one of the most unique hotels in the world. At this hotel, you get to sleep in a bubble. Imagine, sleeping under the stars while still being inside the comfort and safety of a hotel room.

Attrap' Rêves has been open since 2010 and is a family-run business that caters to those looking for a special stay in the French countryside. The bubbles themselves are eco-friendly and artistic in their design. Their mission is to minimize the impact on the environment while still providing an experience like no other for their guests.

Imagine a romantic night under the stars with a unique proposal. Or what about the rain - not just hearing the calming rain fall, but actually seeing it as it lulls you to sleep at night? The possibilities for getting back to nature while still being able to enjoy the comforts of a classy hotel room are virtually endless at Attrap' Rêves.

With only six bubbles available and the popularity of this special hotel beginning to soar, you will need to book your reservation quickly if you are looking to get in on this anytime soon. Attrap' Rêves really has something special to show off; Their hotel rooms and the experience that comes with spending a night in a bubble will create memories, guaranteed hard to forget.

29 Sala Silvermine In Sweden - Sleep 155 Meters Underground

The Sala Silvermine, in Sweden, is home to the deepest suite in the world. This silver mine has been converted into dining and suites for visitors to enjoy.

The World's Deepest Suite is located 155 meters below the surface of the Earth in a converted corner of the old silver mine. Could you imagine staying in a small cave underground surrounded by the history of the silver mine? That is all possible at the Sala Silvermine.

The darkness in the suite would be complete, were it not for the lights. It is not like a regular hotel room where you can just pull back the blinds or open a window. This suite is far under the ground and provides for a very unique experience when it comes to places to stay.

It would be difficult to find a "hole in the ground" more suitable to spending the night in than this particular suite. It can get cold down there, and the proprietors recommend that you dress warmly in layers. And if you have a problem, remember that the staff is back up at ground level, so it will take them some time to reach you.

The Sala Silvermine, home to the World's Deepest Suite, is unquestionably a very interesting place to spend a night or two, especially for those brave enough to sleep in an abandoned mine.

28 V8 Hotel In Germany - For The Auto-Enthusiasts

At the V8 Hotel, you are living out your car-related fantasies. The muscle car-themed hotel provides visitors an opportunity to spend the night in one of a number of unique suites with different car themes.

The Nostalgia suite pays homage to scrap yards all over the world where cars go to die, but also to find a new life as some other car rebuilt by a new owner. For anyone who has ever worked on cars or visited a scrap yard, the Nostalgia suite will instill in you a sense of just that: nostalgia.

The V8 Hotel provides for a different approach to hotel decor. It is more than just nice pillows and fluffy robes. Instead, the V8 Hotel really aims to make an impression, just like that made by a roaring V8 engine.

The Nostalgia suite seeks to further ingrain that impression, especially on guests that have worked with cars as a big part of their lives.

You can get a hotel room just about anywhere, but where will you find a room that is dominated by scrap metal and old car parts? The Nostalgia suite really steps up and delivers for the V8 Hotel in terms of giving guests a unique place to spend the night in.

27 Luxury Safari In South Africa - Wake Up With An Elephant

Imagine waking up in South Africa and finding an elephant walking through your hotel room. While that may seem a little far-fetched, Luxury Safari aims to make that experience as close to reality as possible, for anyone looking for that kind of experience.

The suites at the Luxury Safari get guests up close and personal with the wildlife of South Africa. This is accomplished by placing the suites right in the middle of a game preserve and then "opening" them up with windows on all sides. That way, you are giving the chance to experience a safari unlike any other, by sleeping among the animals in their native habitat.

It may seem a little strange going to sleep with big cats and bigger elephants surrounding you, and the calls of the nocturnal animals may keep you awake at night. But really, you could not hope for a better safari experience. If a close close experience with the animals of South Africa if what you're seeking, look no further.

Luxury Safari really wants its guests to experience a safari like no other, and that is why they have built their luxury suites to put guests right in the middle of the African tundra to get up close and personal with the animals.

26 Hotel Seven In France - The James Bond Experience

Who has not dreamed of spending the night in a hotel suite dedicated to Britain's most famous spy, 007 himself? The aptly named Hotel Seven, in Paris, now gives visitors that special opportunity.

The James Bond Suite is just that, a suite for James Bond fans. Designed to mimic the life of Ian Fleming's famous agent with a license to kill, this suite will get you as close to Bond as you can get without being in the next film. For some people, that is an experience worth paying for.

James Bond leads a unique life, both as a spy and a lover, and the James Bond Suite will put you right there as though you are 007 himself. Regardless of which actor you thought played the best Bond or which villain or girl was the best, you will surely really appreciate what Hotel Seven has done to build a Bond-themed hotel suite.

James Bond is an icon, both in the literary sense and on the silver screen, and the James Bond Suite is no less an icon when it comes to unique and spectacular places to spend the night. So go on, grab a vodka martini from the bar and settle in for a night in a suite as unique as James Bond.

25 Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland - Sleep Under The Northern Lights

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stay the night with the Northern Lights flashing overhead? At Hotel Kakslauttanen, in Finland, you can stay in a glass igloo that will give you that exact opportunity.

The glass igloo "rooms" at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort are exactly what they sound like—igloos made of glass that give guests a complete panoramic view of the sky above. If the season is right, you can experience the illustrious Northern Lights dancing across the sky as you fall asleep.

You may think that it would be cold, staying in a glass igloo in the middle of a Finland winter, but the accommodations are superbly thought-out and provide for everything that the guests need for their stay. It's like staying in a twenty-first century igloo with the sky open above you.

If you have ever considered a trip to Finland and your style of hotel room is different from the standard, then considering a visit to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, where they have more than just glass igloos, should be in order. The full service resort offers a number of rooms and cabins for a variety of tastes.

But the glass igloo should be high up on the booking priority list, as it gives stunning and unmatched views of the incredible Finnish night sky year-round.

24 Ladera Resort In St. Lucia - Wake Up To Unbelievable Views

The Ladera Resort in St. Lucia gives visitors the opportunity to experience panoramic views of the Caribbean unlike anything they have enjoyed before. The resort was originally a plantation and is now on a UNESCO World Heritage site set aside for its remarkable natural beauty.

The suites and rooms at the Ladera Resort put you right in the middle of all that natural beauty. With rooms that open up to the wonders of the Caribbean Sea, visitors are surrounded on all sides by crystal waters and blue skies. Many of the suites themselves open up directly to these views, with nothing separating guests and the paradise-like world outside.

A stay at the Ladera Resort gives guests the chance to experience the fullness of the Caribbean atmosphere firsthand. When you are in the suites at Paradise Ridge, you are given easy access to the heaven-on-earth that so many people seek on their vacations to St. Lucia.

Peace and tranquility with a view to instill a sense of calm, that is what is delivered to each guest at the Ladera Resort at St. Lucia. The stunning nature of the rooms is second to none in the area. What more could you ask for than the arguably the premier viewing experience in the Caribbean?

23 The Yeatman Hotel In Portugal - Move Over Presidential Suite, This One's God-Like

The Bacchus Suite at the Yeatman Hotel in Portugal is named after the Bacchus, Roman god of wine. It is the pinnacle of a stay at the Yeatman Hotel, which is one of the most luxurious hotels on the Iberian Peninsula. This is what Presidential suites are meant to be like.

The open layout of the suite may seem a little odd at first, but it actually contributes nicely to making this a stunning hotel room for anyone to stay in. You need not be a president or a rock star to book this room. But, you will need to be able to pay for it.

Every detail of the Bacchus Suite has been carefully thought out to provide guests with the ultimate experience. No part of the luxurious design was left to chance, and it all works seamlessly to create an amazing night or weekend.

If you want to feel like you are sleeping in a bed chamber with Bacchus himself, then this particular suite at the Yeatman Hotel is for you. Bacchus was the god of a grand time in ancient Rome, and staying in his suite will probably give you an idea of what it was like to be worshiped as a god for centuries.

22 Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel In China - A Suite Bigger Than Most Homes

The Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, in Shanghai China, delivers inspirational oriental luxury to its guests. And nowhere is that quite so clear as the Chairman Suite, which is a two-floor suite that is more home than hotel room.

Once you check into the Chairman Suite, you will literally feel like the boss of any company, board or group you can picture yourself leading into the next decade. This suite is not for those that are just looking for a place to crash for the night on a trip to Shanghai, but rather, it exists for the simple pleasure of offering pure extravagance to those that stay there.

The Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel is an icon of pure unadulterated luxury in Shanghai, and all of its rooms speak to the goal of providing guests with an experience more than just a bed to sleep in. But it is rooms like the Chairman Suite which provide just a little more for guests that turn that simple experience into a piece of their life.

If you are looking for a stunning and breathtaking experience in the same hotel suite, then look no further than the Chairman Suite at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel. This is over-the-top done so artfully that it hardly feels like you have left your own home to travel.

21 The Firefly Ski Chalet In Switzerland - Uncompromising Luxury For Slope-Lovers

The Swiss are known for fine and luxurious things. With the Firefly Ski Chalet, the Swiss deliver luxury for skiers and then some. What may seem like a simple enough concept–a place for people to go after skiing all day–is magnified into something that is so breathtaking and remarkable, it may be difficult to leave to go back to the ski runs.

The Firefly Ski Chalet exemplifies luxury and Swiss craftsmanship in one place. From beautifully-ornate decor to grandiose furnishings, this is no ordinary ski lodge. With high-end skiers in mind (people with discerning tastes not just about where they ski but how), this chalet aims to provide an extension of the very lifestyle of the guests who stay here.

The next time you plan to go to Switzerland for a ski trip, you should make some plans to explore the Firefly Ski Chalet even if you just stop to take a look. The idea that something so stunning could exist for people to use on a temporary basis while they ski is almost mind-boggling. But as with all truly remarkable rooms, those at this ski chalet are up for grabs to whomever can book the room the quickest.

20 Zur Weinsteige In Germany - A Room Fit For A King

Would you like to spend the night in what is considered the most beautiful room in all of Stuttgart, Germany? According to the Zur Weinsteige Hotel, the Louis XVI Suite in the Petite Castle is just that. But, you be the judge of whether or not this room deserves that enormous distinction.

The focal point of the room is a round whirlpool bathtub surrounded by columns. The decor of this spacious suite is literally designed to mimic that of King Louis XVI, and the furniture is actually from the nineteenth century. How more authentic can you get than that? The style simply speaks to the royal in each of us.

The Louis XVI Suite at Zur Weinsteige is so stunning that you will hardly believe that it is real. But this is a room fit for a king, and that idea goes far in the way the room is appropriated to seem as though the guests themselves are royalty. In a world where kings are not as common as they used to be, this hotel room gives visitors an idea of what it would have been like to live in that bygone era.

A stay in the Louis XVI Suite at Zur Weinsteige will give even the most ambitious traveler a taste of what life as a royal is like.

19 Burj Al Arab In Dubai - Say Goodbye To Your Life Savings!

The Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is a two-bedroom behemoth of a suite that costs up to twenty thousand dollars a night to stay in. For that kind of money, you could spend a year in a more modest hotel room. But why would you want to do that?

If you could stay in a room that is appropriated with the finest luxury that money can buy, would you turn down that opportunity? This room has everything your heart desires and so much more that you did not even know you desired, all in a single two-room package that is so opulent it would make a sheikh second-guess if he could afford the stay.

The Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab is by far one of the most visually-stunning hotel rooms in the world. With its rich furnishings to the luxury dripping from every wall, this is a remarkable example of what is possible to buy if you have the money and the desire to stay in a place like that.

This is what it is like to live in the lap of luxury. If you could afford just one night in this room, you should probably leap at the chance to stay the night.

18 Royal Olympic In Greece - Stay In Athens Overlooking Temples To The Gods

The Athenian Panorama room at the Royal Olympic in Greece looks out across Athens at the Temple of Zeus. Think of it. As you drift off to sleep, the last thing you will see will be the temple to the king of the Greek gods. And it will be the first thing you see the next morning when you wake up. If you're a history buff, what could be more spectacular than that?

The Royal Olympic is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Athens, Greece, and the Athenian Panorama room demonstrates that luxury to the guests who stay. Although the lovely room is worth writing home about, with its fine linens, luxurious furnishings, and beautiful decor, it is the view of Zeus' Temple that really makes this room truly special.

Imagine staying in a room where you can practically feel the presence of the ancient gods and the history surrounding them that seeps through Athens. With a breathtaking room like the Athenian Panorama, you can experience that. Each night of your stay will bring something special as you experience all that the Royal Olympic has to offer its guests and all that the room itself provides to those that are staying the night surrounded by luxury.

17 Jade Mountain In St. Lucia - You'll Never Want To Leave

The Sanctuaries at Jade Mountain, St. Lucia, are each specifically designed for the ultimate in both relaxation and panoramic views. The Moon Sanctuary, for example, features a stunning view of the beauty surrounding the resort. Each room speaks in its own way to visitors.

At Jade Mountain, guests are treated to a remarkable experience that surpasses their wildest expectations. Do you look for a calm, relaxing atmosphere when you travel? If so, the private sanctum of Jade Mountain were created specifically with your needs and wants in mind.

There are a number of private retreats throughout Jade Mountain, each with a theme that sets it apart from other rooms. The Moon Sanctuary has an infinity pool and looks out over the Caribbean Sea. The decor of each suite is such that the guests are lulled into a sense of relaxation and rest shortly after setting foot inside.

Are you the kind of traveler that has to have every detail of your itinerary planned? If so, one visit to Jade Mountain will change that attitude. The stunning rooms are so remarkable that you will want to throw out the itinerary and just stay in the room the entire vacation, swimming in the infinity pool and looking out over the ocean and landscape in the distance.

16 Null Stern Hotel In Switzerland - No Walls, No Problem

At Null Stern in the Swiss Alps, they believe that you really don't need walls or a roof. That said, they created the hotel room that is not really a room, but is simply a bed with linen. This creates the ultimate experience for anyone looking for an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. If you think about it, you really cannot get more "outdoorsy" than spending the night in a bed that is situated 100% outdoors.

Null Stern may seem like an interesting idea for a hotel "room," but staying in the middle of the Swiss Alps with nothing more than a bed and sheets separating you from the rest of nature really is something that would (or would not) appeal to a lot of people. That said, there is only the single "room" at Null Stern, and it is not open year round, as would be expected for a bed sitting in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

If you are looking for a unique stay experience and something with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, then staying at Null Stern may be perfect for you. If you like the idea of sleeping in the mountains but do not relish a tent and a sleeping bag, then a stay in a bed in the middle of Switzerland could be your best bet.

15 Madonna Inn In The United States - This One Blue Us Away

If you could stay in a hotel room that was all one color, which color would you choose? It can be amazing how stunning a single color in different shades can look, and the Vous room at Madonna Inn takes advantage of that fact with a room that is (almost) entirely blue.

It would be interesting to stay in a monochrome room, especially if that room was of a color that you appreciated. Or, it could dredge up feelings of angst and disgust, if that room was colored in a tint that you loathed. Hopefully, the people that stay in the Vous room can appreciate the color blue.

Breathtaking and stunning? Possible, depending on one's appreciation of the color blue. However you look at it, though, the Vous room is definitely unique in the world of hotels. The Madonna Inn caters to the quirky visitors at its California location, so it makes sense for a quirky thing like an all-blue hotel room.

Whether you think you would like a room that is all one color or not, or if you think you could appreciate a room that is entirely blue, the thought of staying in the Vous room at the Madonna Inn should at least provoke thoughts about color and art and an understanding of how they work together.

14 Cayo Espanto In Belize - Can't Tell If Private Island Or Hotel Room

Quite possibly the most unique hotel room in the world, Cayo Espanto is actually an entire island in Belize with a hotel room taking up much of the island. How does that sound for spectacular?

Imagine, an open room that looks out on all sides at the Caribbean Sea, all from an island that is sparse of guests and visitors clamoring for a little beach and sun. If that sounds like something that would interest you, then consider Cayo Espanto for your next trip to Belize.

This breathtaking island is not completely isolated, but separated enough from the rest of Belize that anyone staying in this "Island room" will feel as though they are free from all the worries of life. Guests to the room are free to explore the small island and enjoy all that island living has to offer, then retire for the night to the open room.

Cayo Espanto is a special island experience that no other hotel is able to offer. As a guest, you are treated to the private island lifestyle that so many dream of yet cannot afford. The room is well-apportioned to provide the ultimate in luxurious living, and besides, the surrounding views are so spectacular that you probably wouldn't even realize how amazing the room itself is.

13 Executive Fantasy Hotel In The United States -  No Need To Leave The City For This Hidden Jungle Experience 

Want to take a walk on the wild side when it comes to your next hotel stay? Then consider the Jungle Suite at the Executive Fantasy Hotel in the United States. While each of the suites in the hotel is aimed at a different romantic fantasy, the Jungle Suite provides one of the most unique experiences for travelers.

The decor and furnishings of the Jungle Suite take visitors to Africa. From elephants on the walls to jungle-themed furnishings, you will be able to visit the African grasslands without ever crossing the ocean. And the idea behind a romantic getaway to the wilds of Africa has a lot of people packing their bags for the Jungle Suite in Miami, Florida.

The unique suites at the Executive Fantasy Hotel are all designed for different ideas of what makes for a romantic getaway. Whether you are the type of person that wants to travel the world and experience new places or the kind of couple that likes to stay close to home, rooms like the Jungle Suite can help fulfill your desires.

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the breathtaking decor of a hotel room? Then you should definitely consider something like the Jungle Suite at the Executive Fantasy Hotel.

12 W Hotel In Singapore - A Truly Wonderful Room

The W Hotels pride themselves on being both unique and wonderful. In Singapore, those two things combine to create the Wonderful Room, a special suite that is available to guests looking for something a little more in their stay at the hotel. And while the Wonderful Room may not seem like anything special, it really does deliver to guests a slightly more upscale experience.

The Wonderful Room combines art and fashion in a whirlwind combination that is unique in the hotel industry. Where other hotel brands and names will be satisfied with providing a nice-looking room, the W Hotel Singapore gives guests the chance to stay in a room that not only looks nice but feels splendid as well.

What is it like staying in the Wonderful Room? Well, wonderful, of course. The room is more spacious than a traditional room. The art and fashion that go into the design of the decor and furnishings create a space that speaks to the guests in a way that a traditional room just cannot do.

Does that make it wonderful? Well, that all depends on your point of view of what is wonderful. For many guests, a stay in this room is more than enough to reset their perspective and establish a broader view of life and travel.

11 Le Méridien In Bora Bora - Step Out Of Bed, Step Into The Ocean

Le Méridien Bora Bora is a taste of paradise with its overwater bungalows that provide guests with easy access to the water, right from their room. These rooms are individual hotel suites built over the water, connected to the rest of the island and hotel by walkways. This provides a unique stay experience for anyone looking to enjoy Bora Bora in the best way imaginable.

The overwater bungalows at Le Méridien are perfectly designed to provide the ultimate in luxury for the guests. Whether you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere or an intimate one, you are going to find it in these special bungalows, all of which have unobstructed access directly to the South Pacific water.

A visit to Bora Bora can be a special experience for anyone. The idea of staying on an island in the middle of the crystal blue waters appeals to many. With a unique chance to sleep in an overwater bungalow that provides not only a calming place to rest and a great ocean view, but also direct access to that water below, the experience is guaranteed to be exceptional and memorable.

Le Méridien provides the ultimate bungalow experience for anyone visiting Bora Bora and looking for a stunning hotel room.