Let’s be real for a second. The Kardashians are more than just a family. They’re a social status, a pop cultural phenomenon, and their last name is an adjective all on its own. Whether you love them or hate them, there is absolutely no denying that these queens are all at the top of their game. We all rush to keep up with the trends they set and to learn about their latest ultra-original baby names. It’s hard NOT to know what the Kardashian-Jenner crew is getting up to, especially when they take their famous selves out of Calabasas and into the mainstream world’s most exciting vacation destinations.

If there’s one thing this family loves, it’s taking fab vacations together. All five sisters, Kris and Caitlyn, and the occasional guy (Rob, Kanye, Scott, etc.) take dozens of trips per year, spending their hard-earned TV and social media money on experiences that the whole family can remember for a lifetime. Kim herself has said, “I love holidays. I couldn’t imagine being from a small family.”

If you’re a true Doll, you probably remember them visiting each and every one of the following hot destinations. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of KUWTK, we’re certain that the trips the Kardashians have shared over the years will inspire you to step up your vacay game, from trendy resorts to foreign hideaways to tropical islands and beyond.

Here are 21 Kardashian-Jenner vacations that we literally cannot get enough of. Find your personal favorite below and share it with your own sister-friends!

21 Canyon Point, Utah (More Affordable Than You Think)

We can pretty much guarantee that Utah is not at the top of your own personal must-visit list. It’s not at the top of ours either, but this desert destination did make the list, thanks to the stunning and oh-so-photogenic time that Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and mom Kris had there last February.

Part of Utah has a vast desert landscape, and that’s where this fam headed for a little secluded R&R. They checked into Amangiri, a luxury resort that loads of celebrities love.

A month before the family’s trip there, Kim had celebrated her 37th birthday at Amangiri. She called it her “most relaxing birthday yet” and clearly couldn’t wait to get back to the zen.

You don’t need a momager to land your own spot at this exclusive resort—anyone who can afford it is welcome to rent a serene suite alongside the resort’s frequent celebrity guests. If the price tag is still a bit too high, check into a hotel down the road and still enjoy access to spectacular local attractions like Antelope Canyon.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kourtney posting a shot of the sisters (and Kris) sitting cross-legged in the resort’s massive meditation room with a great view of the desert wildlife. She captioned it with one word that would make any actual office employee jealous: “Meetings.”

20 London, UK

Who could forget the time when the men of the family (which at that point included Scott Disick, Kanye West, Rob Kardashian, and Kim’s BFF, Jonathan Cheban) visited England’s capital city? Scott got ‘knighted,’ became a lord, and the world was never the same.

“Whether it’s Sir Disick, Lord Disick, Count Disick — becoming royal is going to get me the respect I deserve,” Scott said just before his knighting ceremony. “I don’t have to be walking around like some peasant. I’m royalty!”

Take cues from Lord Disick and visit London for a truly royal adventure. The Kardashians and Jenners have visited this vibrant city many times since the boys’ trip in 2012, and they’ve seen almost all of London’s major sites. Kourtney and Scott have gone up the London eye with a toddler-sized Mason getting panoramic views of this historic city. Kim and Kendall have caught lunch at some of the best bistros in town. The prestigious Saatchi Art Gallery has even showcased an entire Kardashian exhibit in recent months. This city is one of the few places big enough to be the backdrop for so many different Kardashian memories.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kendall’s post of her iconic profile overlooking downtown London. With hair blowing in the chilly UK wind and Big Ben shining in the background, it doesn’t get more London luxe than this.

19 Vegas, Baby!

The Kardashian sisters know that there’s no better place in the world to get snatched, get fierce, and get your life than in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can’t even count the amount of birthdays they’ve celebrated in Vegas nightclubs among pole dancers, trap DJs, and a whole lot of relationship drama. Las Vegas has it all!

Unfortunately for this fam, what happens in Vegas never stays there.

Paparazzi and their own KUWTK cameras have captured everything from Scott’s crazy outburst at Kim’s 29th birthday dinner to the time Kim performed an awful and embarrassing "dance" with the Pussycat Dolls. It’s no surprise, though, considering Vegas’ reputation as the ultimate party city.

The next time you’re in Las Vegas, hit up some of the family’s favorite places. Tao Nightclub at the Venetian hotel is a must.

Also, be sure to try Stack Restaurant & Bar at the Mirage hotel for chicken and waffles done right. You can even take in world-class performances that put Kim’s Pussycat Doll burlesque act to shame, like Britney Spears and Cher concerts. If you end up acting like what Kourtney calls a drunk slob-kabob, don’t worry. The paps probably didn’t catch it.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Definitely Kim’s "steamy" moment. She performed the whole thing in a bathtub on the stage, and her sisters will never let her live it down.

18 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We’re throwing it all the way back to 1994 for this Kardashian trip! 25 years ago, a babely Kris, Robert Kardashian, Sr., teenage Kourtney and Kim, 10-year-old Khloe, and 7-year-old Rob joined family friends the Simpsons for an Easter vacation. The kids enjoyed egg hunts in the sand and hangouts with ‘Uncle Juice,’ the family’s nickname for O.J. Simpson. That’s right, that O.J. Simpson.

Cabo San Lucas is a celebrity favorite because it’s not too far from the coast of California. It makes for an easy weekend trip if you have a private jet! Considering vacationing here for the white sand on Lover’s Beach, the variety of restaurants and bars on Playa El Madano, and the iconic archway rock formation, El Arco. The weather in Cabo San Lucas is also undeniably a plus. As we write this, its beaches are clocking in at a tight 35 degrees Celsius.

The young Kardashian’s trip to Cabo San Lucas happened just two months before Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder and several short years before Robert Kardashian Senior’s untimely death. The family’s memories in Cabo San Lucas remind us to be grateful for the time we have together and to live every moment to the fullest with the ones we love the most.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Little Khloe sporting that haircut and oversize t-shirt on the beach! #90skidthings

17 Big Sky, Montana

In Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ tenth season, the Kardashian-Jenner kids took themselves on their own little getaway to Montana. What were they getting away from exactly, though? Well, Caitlyn and Kris were dealing with the fallout of their decades-long marriage, and the girls felt like they really needed to take some time away.

A big departure from the sunny skies of Southern California, they headed to the snowy mountaintops of Big Sky, Montana for a sisterly ski trip. Kim even brought a teeny North West along for the fun. They all stayed together at the amazing Belz Chateau, a 17,000-square-foot private mansion resort. Belz Chateau gives us serious music video vibes.

It’s got a hot tub overlooking the ski slopes, avantgarde art adorning its interiors, and a giant spiral staircase with two outdoor fireplaces and all the space a family could need help to make this resort an elite American accommodation. It also has a “ski in, ski out” option where guests can literally pop on a pair of skis (or snowboard, in Kylie’s case) and slide from their doorstep to their ideal snowy ski path.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kim helping North get suited up for the slopes. Paparazzi shots of the moment showed that even though she looked the part as a total snow bunny, little North was NOT loving the cold.

16 Cannes, France

Cannes is the epitome of class, style, and culture. It’s home to the iconic film festival that stars flock to every May. Among them have been a few Kardashians and Jenners over the years, and we’re particularly inspired by Kendall. Her trips to Cannes have shown the best that the seaside city has to offer and left us drooling over the high-fashion found on everyone within, including Kendall herself.

Most of her time in Cannes has been spent in designer gowns at red carpet engagements, but there has also been a fair amount of hours spent in a bikini soaking up the French Riviera’s sun. Last year, she took Kourtney and Kim along and the three sisters posed on yachts and sunny patios galore. That’s what Cannes is made of—restaurants that open onto the shoreline and boats in the harbors full of celebs and their entourages.

If you ever get a chance to visit Cannes, give it the full Kendall treatment. Spend your mornings nibbling French patisserie in a sunlight cafe, then meet up with your glam squad (or girl gang) in the early afternoon to get all dolled up for a star-studded evening event. Be sure to go during film screening season for the most celebrity sightings.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kendall and Kourtney showing off those famous Kardashian/Jenner booties while lounging by a private pool on the deck of a yacht. Yes, a pool (of water) on a yacht (on water). #Luxury

15 Vail, Colorado

The Kardashian-Jenners love their ski trips! I mean, what wealthy American family doesn’t? Los Angeles has no sweater weather season, so ski trips offer people like the Kardashians to show off actual layered looks and fun faux-fur fashions. Kim has even been known to sport a fur bikini on her family’s trips to (private) ski resorts.

But it’s not all about the fashion. Visit Vail for snowy days and cozy nights in your own private resort lodge. The luxe lifestyle is in full swing at the penthouse where they stayed right within Vail Valley. The valley is nestled right at the base of Vail mountain, part of Colorado’s famous Rocky Mountain range.

There are also attractions midway up the mountain including Kardashian family favorites like Root & Flower (a chic wine bar) and The 10th (a hip late night restaurant). There’s even a restaurant run by the people who own Nobu, which you’ll recognize as one of the clan’s top local food hangs in Hollywood.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kris surprised Khloe and Kylie with a trip to Vail ona KUWTK episode entitled “Snow You Didn’t!” The moment when the girls were greeted by Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, and all of their kids was completely adorable and made all the sweeter by the cozy hugs they shared on the chilly mountainside.

14 Reykjavik, Iceland

Vail had major icy vibes, but the fam one-upped themselves with a trip to the actual country of Iceland in 2017. It was Kourtney’s birthday and Kanye West was shooting a video in Iceland, so Kim and pal Jonathan decided to come along and give Kourtney an epic once-in-a-lifetime Icelandic b-day.

The group spent a lot of their time in Reykjavik’s Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermic (heated) lake that now serves as a spa for elite travelers and locals. Kim, Kourtney, Jonathan, and friends put on their bathing suits and fought the sub-zero weather to finally get submerged in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon spa, phones in hands the entire time. Thankfully, none of their phones were damaged by the steaming blue waters because this adventure resulted in some amazing photographs. They even donned white clay masks and purified their pores all while relaxing in the Icelandic bliss.

If you’ve never been to Iceland, Reykjavik is the perfect place to start. It’s the country’s capital, and as seen on the KUWTK episode, it has the absolute best Icelandic natural and cultural experiences to offer.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Bikinis in the Blue Lagoon, of course! Those shots of Kim and Kourtney steaming in the waters with icy hills in the background are completely iconic. Actually, so are the behind-the-scenes shots of them struggling not to get their phones wet while taking them! Classic Kardashian.

13 Long Bay Beach, Turks And Caicos (Thanks To AirBnB)

Kylie’s 19th birthday was a total bash on a $50 million resort on Long Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos. Named The Pearls of Long Bay, this resort was loaned out to the Jenner sisters and their star-studded party crew by AirBnB. It features an amazing array of villas, nicknamed ‘pearls,’ set on the beaches of Long Bay. The villas have uninterrupted views of the spectacular turquoise waters of the Caribbean, which the girls took advantage of in their designer swimsuits and boxer braids.

Kendall and her closest friends stayed in the ‘pearl’ named Lidija House, with 10 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and two private pools. Kylie and her ride-or-dies opted to stay in the more intimate Pearl East villa. It has all-white furniture and decor matching the white sand beaches of the Caicos Bank at its doorstep. Crystal chandeliers add a touch of glam to the beachy vibes within both villas.

It wouldn’t be a Jenner getaway without the full luxury accommodations that also included an on-site butler and security guard and a huge range of fun and sporty outdoor activities. The resort has a 1,000-square-foot gym (helping those bikini bods stay tight for the paparazzi), a tennis court, and a Turkish steam room to help guests unwind after their workouts. You and your girl gang could spend hours in the massage room or under the therapeutic waterfall. After getting energized, guests can go kite surfing and snorkeling or just lay out on the private beach. No wonder Kylie chose to splurge on her friends and fly everyone out to The Pearls of Long Bay. Spend that LipKit money, honey!

Most Instagrammable Moment: Infinity pools in front of the pearl villas always make for a stunning shot.

12 Iniala Beach, Thailand

In season nine of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the clan jetted off to Phuket, Thailand for an exotic stay at the gorgeous Iniala Beach Resort. To stay here costs $150,000 per week, and every dime is worth it for luxe interiors, beachfront views, and amenities galore. The exterior is designed in the traditional Thai teak style, featuring gardens of coconut palm trees and tropical floral arrangements. Paps caught the Kardashians admiring the outside of their villa when they visited in 2014.

Of course, the deck features an infinity pool that made for some insanely hot pictures during their stay. There’s also a glass-panoramic shower and waterfall wall where Kim had a photoshoot in a completely sheer dress. This moment is forever captured in history by KUWTK cameras who caught brother Brody Jenner accidentally walking in on this racy shoot and embarrassing everyone involved. Yikes! We personally wouldn’t mind him catching us in this amazing water feature, though.

Most Instagrammable Moment: When the sisters went ziplining, Kim had a total meltdown and needed all the support of her family to get harnessed up at the top of a high point in the jungle. Her faces were a super-photographable high point of the vacation as she sailed down the line through the trees below.

11 Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of Khloe’s favorite vacation spots, as she told reporters after the family’s latest visit.

“It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to or seen, and definitely a place that I would go back to,” she explained.

While there, she and Kourtney made a YOLO pact to jump off the side of a yacht. “It’s so fun to do stuff that we wouldn’t do every day,” said Kourtney. “That’s why we’re on vacation. That’s what it’s all about.”

The sisters and their kids/nieces/nephews/significant others have been known to escape to Mykonos from time to time, and it’s easy to see why.

This Grecian capital is home to some of the most stunning sparkling waters and enchanting islands out there. Hills and hills of whitewashed little villas make for perfect day trips among local villagers and fashionable travelers.

The fam enjoyed time swimming in the lagoons, shopping on the shoreline, and soaking up the sun from the deck of their own private yacht. One of the best parts about this part of Greece is that it’s right on the edge of the water, so yacht-friendly harbors abound. Drop anchor here and you know you’re in for a classy time.

Most Instagrammable Moment: After the Jenner boys shopped for floppy hats at a tiny Mykonos boutique, they posed out in the cobblestone streets with locals looking on. So fierce.

10 Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic

The Kardashians took Casa de Campo Resort by storm on their unforgettable 2012 trip to the Dominican Republic. Who could forget when Kris woke up with a huge swollen top lip in their chic hotel? She had to ask for the on-demand masseuse to help her relax in her private suite while she waited for the (hilariously massive) swelling to go down.

Thankfully, the Casa de Campo is the ultimate in luxury accommodations within the Dominican Republic. A country known for exotic wildlife, vibrant culture, friendly locals, and a whole lot of heat, the Dominican welcomed the Kardashians (and their TV cameras) with open arms. If you love the hot weather as much as this famous family does, the Dominican is sure to welcome you too.

Check into this resort for access to a private beach, an internationally-respected golf course, and much more. The outdoor options are obviously amazing, but if you do choose to spend anytime out of the sun in your own private suite, you’ll be greeted by famously attentive hospitality staff. They’ll serve your every need, especially if you get any allergic reactions and swollen lips like Kris.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Any time the family spent on the resort’s sunny patio overlooking the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

9 Punta De Mita, Mexico

The days of Lord Disick are long behind us, and the free and single Kourtney Kardashian was recently seen spending a romantic holiday with 24-year-old Younes Bendjima in Punta de Mita, Mexico. Get it, girl!

They stayed at the super-luxe Imanta Resort. This resort is totally in line with Kourtney’s green goddess vibes. It calls itself an “eco-resort” because of how well it treats the surrounding Mexican environment. It’s set into 100 hectares of jungle property that looks as wild as the ocean it leads to.

Kourtney and her special guest stayed in a villa with a private terrace, outdoor daybeds, and a private pool where she got some photos of herself in a bikini that almost broke the internet. Everything is part of a chilled out jungle paradise aesthetic, including the holistic spa and the relaxed attitude toward guests bringing pets (it’s totally allowed). If you visit this elite travel destination, be sure to venture a little bit of the property to see the Medita meditation garden, one of the world’s most beautiful oceanfront gardens that’s accessible to the public.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kourtney ordering drinks at the Imanta Resort’s rooftop bar, looking over her shoulder with love at her new man.

8 Villa Manzu, Costa Rica (Costs Over $23,000 Per Night)

The whole KarJenner fam flew to Costa Rica in January of 2017 and rented out a HUGE luxury vacation property called the Villa Manzu. It’s a 30,000-square-floor villa with 15 beds, two swimming pools, eight full suites, and costs over $23,000 per night. We know price is not an issue for the family, so they settled into Villa Manzu and stayed for a full week’s vacation.

The family enjoyed the villa’s own private spa, movie theater, and access to the beach. Of course, none of them would choose to wait on each other, so the villa comes with a full staff including an executive chef, butlers, and drivers. Why drivers, you ask? That’s because the villa comes with it’s own fully-stocked garage. Whenever the villa’s guests want to head out and explore the local region of Costa Rica, they have their choice of Range Rover, Ford Explorer SUV, and Jeep Wrangler all at their disposal. Talk about luxury living.

There are few places that can hold every member of this giant family, especially since the family seems to be growing by the day (hey, Stormi and True!) but Villa Manzu is one of them. If you ever make it out to Costa Rica with your entire family in tow, this is absolutely the accommodation to shoot for.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Sweet mama-daughter pool time with Kourtney, Kim, North, and Penelope. Nothing better than #twinning in paradise.

7 La Banane, St. Barth’s

The Kardashian sisters (plus Tyga) had a huge variety of luxury hotels to stay in at Saint Barths, but nothing compares to renting out the entire La Banane villa. It’s decorated in a 1950’s tropical-chic style, with vintage furniture, plenty of hammocks, poolside dining tables, and hand-painted wall murals. As Kim put it when the family walked in, “You guys, how cool is this house?”

The girls saw turtles and wild iguanas on the property and much more when they ventured out on a quick hike in the surrounding tropical hills. St. Barth’s is famous for its crystalline waters, which the sisters enjoyed on jetskis and paddleboards. And who could forget Khloe taking a water aerobics class and flashing that #RevengeBody? Damn, Gina.

The nightlife in St. Barth’s is also amazing, but if you’re a mom like most of the Kardashian girls, you’ll appreciate the secluded aspect of La Banane. High walls separate the exclusive guests from the surrounding locals, and the resort provides plenty of in-house entertainment.

Most Instagrammable Moment: The Mermaid Show at La Banane, where a ‘real’ mermaid posed with Penelope Disick and North West, who wore their own adorable mermaid-tail skirts.

6 Paris, France

Kim and Kanye invited the KarJenners to spend time with them in Paris in the weeks leading up to their wedding. The family rehearsed for the wedding at Kanye’s apartment, so we got a glimpse inside the place where all the Kanye magic happens. If Paris isn’t on your to-do list, that’s insane. Aside from the cultural attractions like the Louvre art gallery and range of museums, every street in Paris is iconic in its own right.

The people are chic, the food is to die for, and the vibes of the city are always artsy and on-trend. It’s probably one of the only places in the world where the locals are almost as fashionable as the fam themselves. There are a million photo ops around every corner. In Kim’s words: “Selfies. The purpose of life.”

To take Paris like the Kardashians did, visit during Paris Fashion Week and get yourself a seat at some of the hottest shows. Then live it up under the stars and the light of the Eiffel Tower and stroll down the Champs Elysees. C’est la vie!

Most Instagrammable Moment: When Kim first tried on her wedding dress in the same Givenchy dressing room that Audrey Hepburn once used. It doesn’t get more glamorous than that.

5 Tokyo, Japan

Kim, Kourtney, and a newly pregnant Khloe recently took an amazingly inspirational girls trip to about as far as you can get from Hollywood, California: Tokyo, Japan. They were in the Japanese capital to film a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians which, at the time this article was posted, hadn’t aired yet. We can tell from the sisters’ social media posts and the paparazzi coverage of their trip that they had an amazing time. Kim even dyed her hair pink for the occasion!

Tokyo is a crazy colorful city with a lot of fun culture to explore. The girls touched down in Haneda International Airport, a world-class destination all its own. From there, travelers have easy access to Tokyo’s city center. Think neon, skyscrapers, and high-fashion boutiques that stay open 24 hours a day. The trip is worth it for the food alone! Five-star restaurants are one thing, but Tokyo’s local vendors are famous for their fun flavors and unique Japanese dishes. Foodies NEED to go.

Most Instagrammable Moment: The entire city is basically a social media paradise. From poses with Harajuku girls to shots of adorable anime character-shaped food, everything in Tokyo is super kawaii.

4 Florence, Italy

The fam took Italy by storm when they flew to Florence for Kim and Kanye’s wedding ceremony. Florence is one of Kanye West’s favorite places and has a certain sentimentality for him and Kim.

“I adore Florence,” Kanye explained to Vogue.

“I love Italy and the Italian lifestyle. To tell you the truth, I already came to the banks of the Arno [river] with Kim last year, just the two of us, incognito.”

He also shared a little bit of TMI with a comment about North West being “conceived here among the Renaissance masterpieces.” Nonetheless, the Kardashians found Florence to be a family-friendly holiday spot, fit for everyone from baby North to mama Kris. It’s a total cosmopolitan capital city, with museums, cathedrals, and galleries galore.

You don’t even need to pay a fortune or wait in line at the museums to experience Florence’s historic art scene. Statues like David by Leonardo DaVinci are located in open-air piazzas that anyone is welcome to experience for free.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kim and Kanye exchanging vows, of course. Their wedding showcased the best of Italian Florentine aesthetics, with a romantic white rose wall and lush garden reception. You’ve seen the pictures! #RelationshipGoals

3 Dubai, UAE

Dubai holds a whole lot of holiday memories for the Kardashian clan. Some of them are fabulous, like the gourmet dinners they’ve shared at restaurants like Yuan. Some memories are a little more tense, like the time when Kim found someone in Scott’s room after hours. The cameras were rolling, and that night in Dubai spawned dozens of unflattering gifs.

Since that fateful Dubai trip that was recorded for KUWTK, several of the Kardashians have taken solo trips to this amazing Arabian destination. Both Kim and Khloe have spent time in Dubai over the years, coming back time and time again to meet up with international high-flying friends like Michelle Rodriguez and Maria Cabello.

Kim has even stayed at Atlantis the Palm, our number one choice for underwater destinations in the world. Dubai is totally dominating the luxury accommodation scene, and Atlantis the Palm is proof, with underwater suites and a Michelin Star restaurant on site. The entire city has some of the world’s tallest buildings, the ultimate luxury retail shops, and access to white sandy beaches. Another bonus to traveling in Dubai is the chance of bumping into Kardashian-level celebs! Everyone from Justin Bieber to Celine Dion loves living the high life in Dubai.

Most Instagrammable Moment: Kim and Kris riding camels just has to take the cake.

2 Gyumri, Armenia

The Kardashians’ ancestors survived the Armenian genocide, so this country holds a special significance to the family. In 2015, Kim, Kanye, North, and Khloe all visited Armenia for the first time to showcase the country through their show and to reconnect with Armenian relatives whose names also happened to start with K (Kourtni, Kara, and Krista).

The trip was so meaningful to the Kardashians that it struck a chord with their fans too. The country even saw a boost in tourism after the Kardashians’ Dubai KUWTK episodes aired.

We got inspired by the stunning city views, beautifully historic monuments, and lovely cultural customs the family experienced here. Even though it has sunny weather all its own, Armenia offers a slightly different tone to its holiday experiences. The country has a certain kind of depth to it that comes from being steeped in centuries and centuries of tradition and history.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Armenia, do it Kardashian-style. Be sure to wear stylishly conservative loose-fitting outfits that respect the cultural traditions of local Armenians, especially when entering a spiritually significant building. Take some selfies with the statues you find in public spaces, especially if they feature Armenia’s legendary woman leaders. As Kim puts it, “I love how powerful women are respected so much in our culture!”

Most Instagrammable Moment: When the Kardashians met Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan. A selfie with a world leader is pretty darn cool.