Here Are 20 Hacks That'll Get You Into Disneyland For Cheaper

While vacations are definitely wonderful and people look forward to them for months, they can also seriously break the bank. And while Disneyland is considered a place full of magic, we know that paying for a few days or a week there can start adding up.

From booking a bunch of nights in a hotel to shelling out for every single meal, not to mention the price of the passes and tickets, it can seem like there's a very high price to pay for experiencing this magical environment.

Thankfully, there are a lot of Disney fans who have figured out the best ways to save money while planning a vacay at Disneyland.

Here are 20 hacks that will get you into Disneyland for cheaper.

20 Skip The Hotels And Book Nearby

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Undercover Tourist says that if you want to get into Disneyland for cheaper, you should skip the Disneyland hotels. These can really add up and aren't the best way to spend your money. Instead, book something that is nearby, so you still get to experience that classic Disney magic. This is a really helpful hack.

19 Take Advantage Of Things That Cost Zero Dollars

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According to Undercover Tourist, people should take advantage of the things at Disney that cost nothing. For example, as the blog says, "get free face painting at special times (such as Halloween Time or during Lunar New Year)." The blog also mentions that the Boudin Bakery Tour is a great place to get some bread without having to pay for it. Yum.

18 A Costco Booking Will Save You Some Money

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Someone shared a great penny-pinching hack on Reddit: "You can book through Costco and get a discount/money back."

We might not have known that we could actually plan our Disneyland vacation through Costco, so this is really awesome news to hear.

17 Don't Buy The "Park Hopper" (It'll Set You Back Over $200)

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Disney Tourist Blog says that the Disney Park Hopper is going to set you back at least $200, which is definitely no small amount of change.

If you're counting your money for this vacation, you don't really need to pay for this. Sure, people pay for it because it is a convenient way to get around between the parks but you can absolutely have fun without it.

16 Pack Snacks Instead Of Spending Tons Of Money All Day Long

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Someone posted on Reddit that packing snacks is the best way to cut costs when you're planning a magical Disneyland adventure. Otherwise, you'll be spending money all day long whenever you get hungry. And, of course, that could be a few times a day since you'll be running around a lot.

15 Go Anytime But The Summer (Which Is The Most Popular Time)

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Undercover Tourist notes that summer is the most popular time to go to Disneyland, so if you can go at another time of the year, that's definitely going to be your best bet.

Sure, this can be tricky if you can only get time off work in the summer months or maybe only your partner can. But if saving money is your mission, this is one good way to get there.

14 Take The Bus Or Get Ubers

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Disney Tourist Blog suggests that you don't rent a car because that's going to cost more money than you probably want to spend. Instead, take the bus or get some Ubers.

Renting a car can definitely cost a lot and sometimes, it can add some stress to your vacation too, so this is a great idea.

13 Use Disney Gift Cards When Grocery Shopping To Save Some Cash

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Disney Tourist Blog has a really good hack for saving money at Disneyland: buy Disney gift cards when you're grocery shopping. As the website explains, "You can save money at Kroger, Sam’s Club, and other stores just by making strategic Disney gift card purchases. These strategies undoubtedly work with other credit cards, too."

12 The Disneyland Vacation Package Will Be The Most Affordable Option

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When you start planning your vacay to Disneyland, it can be a bit stressful because there are so many options for how to book everything.

Disney Dose suggests that you can cut down on costs by getting a Disneyland Vacation Package: "Within the package you will not only save money on your hotel and Disneyland tickets, you will also get exclusive bonuses." Sounds awesome.

11 Ask Photographers To Snap Pics With Your Own Phone Or Camera

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Instead of getting a pass for photography, which will cost some cash, Traveling Well For Less says that you can ask the photographers to snap pics with your phone (or your camera if you have one).

This is a really clever idea and will ensure that you still have some magical memories.

10 Buying Disneyland Passports Help You Save Money On Meals

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Traveling Well For Less writes that if you get a Disneyland Passport, that can help you save some cash on meals. That is great news, right?

For example, the Disney Signature Passport is 15 percent off "select dining" and the Disney Southern California Select Passport is 10 percent off.

9 Get Tickets From Other Places To Get $20 Off

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What about buying tickets for Disneyland? This is the most crucial part of your vacation and it might seem like this is where you're going to drop the most dough.

Disney Dose has an amazing hack that is super helpful: make sure that you purchase tickets from other places (such as Get Away Today) so you can get $20 off the tickets.

8 Only Buy Souvenirs If They're Super Special (Or You Have Kids)

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My Frugal Adventures suggests that souvenir buying should be left for something special that you absolutely have to purchase. Of course, if you're a mom, then you do want to buy a few cool things for your little ones. Otherwise, you can save money here pretty easily and spend money on other things.

7 Shop For Tickets During Black Friday

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Fabulessley Frugal has a really good way to save some cash when you're interested in booking a Disney vacation: shop for tickets during Black Friday.

This is a day notorious for helping you save money, so take advantage and you'll have a much cheaper way of getting to Disneyland. Awesome, right?!

6 There Are Actually "Value Days" Which Are Cheaper

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Did you know that there are "value days" at Disneyland that allow you to save some cash?

This is really exciting news for Disney fans who can't wait to plan their next trip there. According to Market Watch, here's the difference in cost: "Disneyland: $97 on a value day vs. $135 on a peak day."

5 Skip Breakfast At Disney (Eat The Free One At The Hotel Or Go Elsewhere)

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It's Always Autumn notes that if you do the "Character Breakfasts" at Disney, those will be the priciest.

In order to save some cash at Disneyland, the best thing that you can do is eat the breakfast that your hotel offers (that will cost you nothing at all) or find another restaurant to eat your morning meal at.

4 Start Your Trip On A Wednesday Or Tuesday

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Fabulessley Frugal has an awesome money-saving hack: start your vacation on a Wednesday or a Tuesday. Summer is considered the most popular and favorite time to go to Disney and there are favorite days of the week, too.

As the blog explains, "The worst is Sunday due to the number of annual pass-holders who live around Disneyland – Sunday, even on the off-season, is VERY busy."

3 Bring Your Own Water Because Otherwise, You'll Spend A Fortune

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Disney Dose suggests that if you don't want to spend a fortune at Disney, bring your own water with you.

This is a really smart way of saving money anywhere that you go, actually, since the prices of water bottles can be really expensive in various places. And, of course, it's much better for the environment, too.

2 Pay With Cash, Not Cards, So You Don't Spend Like Crazy

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Do you spend less money when you have cash in your wallet and don't charge everything to your credit or debit cards?

This is a really clever way of saving money and this helpful money-saving hack comes from Marcie In Mommyland. Pay for everything at Disney with cash and then you won't spend wild amounts of money via your cards.

1 The Most Expensive Time To Go Is When There's An Anaheim Convention Center Event

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Marcie In Mommyland has a final helpful tip: the Anaheim Convention Center is super close to Disneyland, and the most expensive time to book your trip will be when there's an event there.

As long as you steer clear of those dates, you should be able to save some cash.

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