Samoa - an island located in the central Pacific Ocean, is one amazing and underrated destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. This island lies 1,800 miles northeast of New Zealand and is full of Polynesian culture, abundant natural attractions, and delicious food. For starters, here are the things to do on a visit to this unique island.

10 Take A Plunge At Piula Cave Pool

Getting wet is a great way to begin an exciting adventure on an island such as Samoa and the Piula Cave Pool is a good place to take the plunge. This natural freshwater pool located in Piula Theological College is popular among tourists who come for its crystal clear waters, the scenery, and the fish. If those are not flattering enough, then the garden toilets filled with flowers and beautiful plants will definitely leave you flattered.

9 Relax And Suck In The Scenery At Lalomanu Beach

The beauty and atmosphere of islands are best seen from their beaches and for Samoa, Lalomanu beach is unarguably the best beach where one can see the beauty of this island. The beach is characterized by soft sugar-white sand, crystal clear waters, and towering hills carpeted with lush forest. Lalomanu beach is great for swimming and snorkeling and one can also relax under the tall palm trees lined on the beach’s shore. Lalomanu beach also features accommodation to ensure tourists are always inches away from the waters.

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8 Explore Afu Aau Waterfall

Afu Aau is everything the words - “refreshing, lush, and peaceful” represent. This natural attraction located on Savaii Island is the most popular waterfall in Samoa. Besides the beautiful pool at the foot of the waterfall, the surrounding lush forest, the blue colors of the water, and the remoteness just makes this hidden waterfall seem like a paradise on earth where tourists can spend hours enjoying the shower.

7 Taste The Island’s Delicious Dishes

A trip to Samoa is not complete without the taste of the Island’s local dishes. Dishes in Samoa are fresh, natural, and filled with lots of unique flavors. The island is big on seafood which means meals that consist of crayfish, octopus, and fish are always available on the menu. Pork and chicken are also popular in Samoan dishes. A great way to start a food exploration in Samoa will be from the island’s restaurants and dishes to try out include;

  • Kale Moa - A Chicken curry made with chicken, coconut milk, flour, vegetables, and other seasonings
  • Sapasui - A Samoan version of the Chinese chop suey that consists of vermicelli noodles, sugar, soy sauce, pork/beef, and vegetables.
  • Oka l'a - A Samoan fish salad made with fresh fish, coconut milk, cucumber, lime juice, and green onions.

6 Watch The Sunset At Lefaga Beach

Watching the sunset is one of the experiences that makes an island vacation unforgettable and in Samoa, the sunsets are nothing short of amazing. It’s easy to see the sunset from many parts of the island but the views at Lefaga beach come with lots of amazing colors and impressive scenery that helps creates lasting memories.

5 Experience Samoan Culture At Fiafia Nights

The culture of this island can be experienced in many ways but Fiafia nights offer unarguably the best presentation of Samoan culture. This cultural event is usually organized by resorts and beach accommodations on the island. Fiafia night presents impressive performances some of which consist of local men performing captivating fire dances as the beautiful cultural music plays in the background.

4 Swim In To Sua Ocean Trench

Sua Ocean trench is a massive volcanic sinkhole in the ground filled with crystal clear turquoise waters and surrounded by lush forests. The pool has a depth of 30 m deep and tourists visiting can get to the water by climbing down a ladder positioned on a part of the hole. Those feeling brave can get into the water faster by jumping from the side of the ladder. Although there are many places to swim in Samoa, this trench offers a different type of experience.

3 Go Surfing

Samoa is endowed with some exciting all-year-round waves making it an amazing destination for surfing. The waves that can be found here are largely big and considered difficult so surfing here is best left for experienced surfers who will enjoy uncrowded waters. Some of the best places to catch exciting waves include - Lano beach, Aganoa Beach, and Fagamalo beach.

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2 Experience Falealupo Canopy Walk

The Falealupo canopy walk is a bridge positioned approximately 10 meters above the ground between two large trees in the Falealupo rainforest reserve. The thrilling 5 minutes walk will have travelers enjoying beautiful views of the lush rainforest as well as the surrounding landscape while trying to stay stable on the unstable bridge.

1 Check Out The Alofaaga Blowholes

Alofaaga Blowholes located in Savai’i present a unique natural phenomenon characterized by frequent water eruptions from lava tubes that were formed by lava flows above an ocean. This unique natural phenomenon occurs as a result of the constant bombardment of water waves which then pushes water through lava tubes up to 10 m into the air like a powerful eruption. To spice up the experience, the locals throw coconuts into the tubes and the fruits shoot into the air at the next eruption a few seconds later.

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