We don't want to eat everything at Disneyland and we know that we want to find some healthier choices amongst all of the junk food. Sure, it's fun to treat ourselves, but we want to feel good and have enough energy to spend several hours going on rides and seeing all of the sights.

Some parts of Disneyland will be gone by 2030 so we want to make the most of the experience on our next trip. Read on to find out the healthiest food at Disneyland.

Harbour Galley's Shrimp Salad Is Super Healthy

We want to know how to save money at Disneyland and we also want to know how to eat healthy. Ordering a salad is one way to do that, and thankfully, there is a popular one that looks really great.


Harbour Galley has a delicious and healthy shrimp salad. According to Lifehack.org, this is a great choice because it has avocado, which is a healthy fat, and shrimp is protein-rich. For $10.99, you also get hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, bacon, romaine lettuce, and feta cheese. This salad will be satisfying, allowing you to leave hunger behind and enjoy all that Disneyland has to offer.

Craving Tacos? Go For Cauliflower

Rancho del Zocalo has cauliflower tacos and this is going to be a healthier choice when you're spending the day at Disneyland. According to Popsugar, these have corn tortillas, roasted pineapple slaw, and avocado-pasilla cream. You also get corn chips, and it looks like a fairly reasonable portion, which will help you with that taco craving.

According to a story on Abc7.com from November 2019, Disney was starting to offer more vegan options, and this was one of the menu items mentioned. The plan was that as of the springtime in 2020, any vegan menu item would have a leaf next to it so it would be easy for customers to spot.

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Don't Skip A Cool Treat: Grab A Boysen Apple Freeze

Clean Eats And Treats recommended getting a Boysen Apple Freeze when you're at Disneyland and you want something sweet. Sure, you've heard of Dole Whip, seen the chocolate-covered bananas, and all of the other popular treats at the parks. But this is going to be a healthier menu option.

According to Disneyparks.disney.go.com, this can be found at Fantasy Faire. On top is passion fruit foam and the drink tastes like berries and apples. It also has an "icy" consistency, which sounds like it would definitely cool you down while walking through the Disneyland heat.

Bengal Barbecue Has Healthy Food On Skewers

According to Healthy Travel Mom, you want to go to Bengal Barbecue to enjoy some skewers. You'll find this restaurant near Indiana Jones which is in Adventureland.

Some of the menu items include the Outback Vegetable Skewer, Bengal Beef Skewer, Chieftain Chicken Skewer, and the Speciality Skewer which is described as "Shrimp, Spiced Ham and Pineapple Skewer with Piña Colada Sauce." This restaurant is also great as they have other healthy food, such as hummus and vegetables.

Wondering what healthy food to order on your next trip to Disneyland? These should give you some good ideas, from a cool Boysen Apple Freeze to delicious protein-rich skewers to cauliflower tacos. Then you'll be able to focus on the best part of Disneyland: all of the magical fun that reminds you of your childhood.

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