Hawaii is the Paradise of the Pacific.

Most of the time, the media portrays Hawaii as just a singular island with the same things to offer. That's not the case. Hawaii, in total, has 8 islands with different personalities and even countless islets that can easily be reached.

Take for example Oahu, which is the most budget-friendly option out of the 8. The island is diverse and has loads of fun activities but it can get too busy, and even a small percentage think Oahu is "overrated".

What works for most may not work for some. Maui has the best beaches, while Honolulu in Oahu is like Las Vegas. Like they say "to each his own".

For this list, we will explore the best options for a perfect Hawaiian vacation and take a look at the unique offerings of every island.

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10 Lanai - Shipwreck Beach, Cat Sanctuary & Whale Watching

Lanai, the smallest public island of Hawaii, used to be a pineapple plantation hence it is sometimes called the "Pineapple Island". Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, now owns 98% of the island and the remaining 2% owned by the state. Lanai feels like a private island compared to the other commercially-dominated regions and the 3,000+ inhabitants know everyone around the block. It's no surprise that this is one of Hollywood celebs' favorite Hawaiian islands.

Kaiolohia, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is the main reason why tourists flock the island. It's a serene spot, perfect for sunbathing with the added perk of seeing wrecks on the shore and sea turtles if you are lucky.

Also located on the island is the Cat Sanctuary, a rescue facility that's populated with over 500 felines. Lanai's whale watching tours are also the best in Hawaii. Get up close and personal with these gentle giants during whale season.

9 Popoia - Best Place For Canoeing & Surfing In Hawaii

Popoia was once a holy shrine where locals offer fish meat for good luck. Popoia literally means "fish rot" in Hawaiian. The 4-acre island is about a mile away from Kailua Beach and is currently a wildlife reserve.

The beach in the South end of Popoia is an awesome picnic spot while the Lanikai Point is a favorite amongst snorkelers.

There are many different ways to reach the island: by paddle boarding, a swim, or the easiest way which is kayaking.

8 Kauai - Scenic Landscapes (Double Waterfall, Canyons & Parks)

Hawaii's 4th biggest island, Kauai, is also known as the "Garden Island" because of the rainforest that covers the whole region. It is also the oldest island of Hawaii and is well endowed in terms of natural heritage.

The main highlights of the island are the Wailua River (a favorite amongst Kayakers and home to the picturesque double waterfalls), Poipu Beach (a good dive spot), and Kokee State Park (a fine hiking trail 4,000+ meters above sea level).

7 Molokai - Lush Hiking Trails

If you want 300 square miles of inner peace, Molokai is the perfect island for you. Situated in the middle portion of the Hawaiian chain, the island is home to the highest cliffs and the longest reefs in the world. The native population is quite strict and therefore, the island is a lot less commercialized.

The island is rich in cultural heritage and veteran hikers will feel right at home. Take a guided hike along the cliffs through the Kalaupapa Reserve or visit the Phallic rock to get blessed by the gods of fertility and love. If there is a perfect place to describe peace, Molokai is the one.

6 Na Mokolua - Pristine Beaches

The twin islets or "the mokes", as residents call them, are just a paddle away from Kailua. If you're more of an adventurer and Lanikai is not enough, paddle your way across for a more rewarding experience. Keep in mind that only the northern islet is accessible so you can't try to trespass the other.

The islet is a bird sanctuary and it's a self-guided tour with plenty of restricted areas. However, the beach is like no other. If you're lucky enough, you can get a suntan beside a seal according to some forums.

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5 Maui - Hawaii's Coolest Island

Looking for a family-friendly Hawaiian island? Maui's got you covered. It has solidified its status as the Honeymoon Capital of the World (sorry Niagara Falls and Las Vegas) and a legendary paradise for kids. Also nicknamed, "the Wonderland of Hawaii".

The Luau shows are a must-see for families, with the colorful Hula dancers and fire breathers. If you love to trek, be sure to visit Haleakala national park (free for kids). The Maui Ocean Center is also a top attraction, an impressive aquarium where you can get up close with tropical marine species. If you're a thrillseeker, parasailing over the Maui coast would be a blast.

4 Coconut Island (Mokuola) - The Miracle Island

Situated in Hilo Bay off the coast of the Big Island and is connected by a footbridge, Hilo Bay is more of a picnic spot and the perfect place to meditate. An ancient temple once stood in the area and gave the island magical healing properties. Anyone who steps on the island is reportedly cured of any disease.

One popular activity is jumping off from the tower ruins into Hilo Bay. There are minimal facilities on the island, with only a few restrooms. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a pilgrimage in Hawaii, Mokuola would be the winner.

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3 Molokini - Volcano Diving

Molokini is a partially submerged, uninhabited volcanic crater off the coast of Maui. The island is home to 200 species of fish, which divers can see for themselves.

There are only two things the crescent-shaped island is known for: One being a popular diving spot as snorkel boats frequent the island, and two, for being probably the most instagrammable Hawaiian islet in the whole chain. There is a diving tour made solely for this island.

2 Moku'auia - Goat Island (Most Peaceful Hawaiian Islet)

Although not having goats or any kind of cattle, Moku'auia is a favorite retreat among families and couples. The lithified island is actually a seabird sanctuary and is home to different species of ants.

Of all the three beaches of the island, the western one is preferred because it's easier to access and safe for a swim. The island is only a few miles away from the mainland beach although it's not advisable to wade through since you don't want to disturb the reefs or even injure yourself.

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1 The Big Island - Everyone's Dream Vacation

The Big Island is the US' largest island, and also most action-packed and most volcanically-active of the whole Hawaiian chain, the #1 being the Kilauea Volcano.

The island offers endless possibilities. The beaches are superb, whether it'd be white, green or black sands. This is also a haven for water sports enthusiasts with the Manta Ray night dives and reef snorkeling. And don't miss out on the farmer's market and the world-famous Kona coffee.

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