There's A Very Tiny New Hawaiian Island

A new island has formed off the coast of Hawaii, but it's probably not one that you'll want to be visiting any time soon.

You don't need us to tell you that the world can be a scary place. We're not just talking about things that humans do to the Earth and one another either. Mother Nature can be quite the tyrant too. From hurricanes to earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, if you live on certain parts of this amazing planet then times can get pretty tough.


While nature can sometimes be terrifying, it can also be beautiful. That has been demonstrated off the coast of Hawaii very recently. As reported by Star Advertiser, some volcanic activity has caused a brand new island to form. It may be small, as you can see from the photo below, but it is most certainly there.

via wqad.com

During a flight early on Friday morning, the Hawaiian Volcan Observatory noticed the new land formation, complete with lava and smoke bubbling out the top of it. Apparently, that can mean one of two things. Either the island was formed by lava that continues to flow into the ocean via a fissure, or it could also be something known as a submarine tumulus. The latter occurs when slow-moving lava pushes the outer most layer of the Earth's crust above sea level.

While the new Hawaiian island is certainly pretty incredible, it isn't quite on the same level as another island that was formed by volcanic activity in the South Pacific three years ago. An underwater volcano called Hunga Tonga erupted and caused a brand new island to form. It's much larger than the one in Hawaii, however, coming in at 500 meters in length.

When it comes to visiting the island, tourists may want to steer clear even after the tiny land mass has stopped spewing molten lava all over the place. Islands that are formed in this way can naturally be pretty unstable to begin with so best to admire it from afar, at least for now. Some will naturally ignore the warnings though, of course, but hopefully, they will at least wait until it is fully formed and less dangerous.


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