The sun is out, the weather is warm, and summer is here. For many people, that means taking their dream tropical vacation, and for many travelers, the number one spot on their tropical vacation list? Hawaii.

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If you're thinking about taking a trip to Hawaii and are wondering about the perfect time to go, we have your answer. Now is a perfect time! During Hawaii's summer months - June through August - the waves are calm, the beaches are full, and everyone on the islands is in search of the same summer getaway trip as you. Here are 10 reasons why this summer would be a great time to book your ticket to Hawaii.

10 Warm, Tropical Weather

Though Hawaii is known to have great tropical weather all year long, during its summer months, the weather is warm, breezy, and just as you would imagine typical island weather to be. Because of this climate, you'll be able to spend your time outside, taking in the beaches, the sky, and the islands like a local.

One of the specialties of Hawaii weather is its summer rain showers. For the romantics at heart, in Hawaii, you'll be able to experience a summer rain shower, sometimes even at night. Grab your friends and dance out in the rain!

9 Calm Waves

If you've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but are a little bit intimidated by the ocean, don't worry! The months of May to September are the quietest time for tides. The waves on beaches will be soft, calm, and gentle, which makes it a perfect place for easy swims.

Because Hawaii's beach waves are calm during this time of year, it's a popular time for families to visit, as the quiet sea allows for a comfortable, safer, and easier place for young children to play. On the flipside, if you are looking for the best time to surf, Hawaii during the months February to April is a great time for high tides.

8 Warm Waters = Undersea Activities

Sometimes a trip to the beach can be a letdown, especially when you pack up your towels and sunscreen only to find that the waters are freezing cold. However, during Hawaiian summers, the water tends to be warm, making it easy for tourists to enjoy underwater activities without having to brave the cold.

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Hawaii is one of the US's most visited states for travelers and they offer a huge variety of fun, thrilling, and exciting tourist activities. You'll be able to go snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, and waterfall jumping. Now would be the perfect time for all you adrenaline seekers to visit Hawaii.

7 Summer Nights Outdoors = Nighttime Fun

Hawaii's warm weather also allows for warm summer nights. On the islands, just because the sun sets doesn't mean the weather gets uncomfortably cold, and it definitely doesn't mean that the day is over.

With cultural celebrations, traditional dinners, live entertainment, and night time luaus, Hawaii's nightlife is one that is always alive. For the full Hawaiian experience, be sure to spend a night having dinner at a traditional luau. From eating fresh Hawaiian food to dancing with hula dancers, attending a luau is a fun time guaranteed. When the weather makes nights this enjoyable, you're bound to make great memories.

6 Ride The Waves - On Sailboats

Due to Hawaii's calm waves, it makes it easier for boats to travel. A favorite tourist activity is taking sailboat tours around the islands. Because the tides are low, visitors can feel just a little more comfortable riding the waves on a sailboat across the ocean.

Touring Hawaii by water is a unique and very special way to explore the islands and see its natural beauty. Some cities even allow tourists to sail their own boats. If you're a fan of the seas, sailing Hawaii during the summer is a can't-miss opportunity.

5 Local Culture At Its Finest

Something that tourists may not know is that summertime in Hawaii is peak season for many local cultural celebrations - one of the most famous being the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival.

Located on the island of Maui, the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival partners with Kapalua Resorts and local company vendors to bring the best of food and wine to the island. This festival only happens once a year during June, so make sure you have your tickets booked for early summer if you're planning to go. Many cultural celebrations and festivals are easy to find all across Hawaii - just ask a few locals.

4 The Perfect Time For A Family Vacation

School is finally out, and that means your kids are ready for summer vacation just as much as you are! For many families, Hawaii is the number one spot to go. With an endless variety of outdoor activities made especially for families, you'll have the opportunity to make your Hawaii trip memorable for everyone.

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Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu is a great place to take your kids. After a long flight, the warm waters of Waikiki are a nice place to introduce your kids to the sea for the first time. From paddling boating to beach sports, your children will have no problem having fun on the islands.

3 Hawaii's Most Picturesque Season

While a Hawaii summer usually consists of warm weather, on some days the heat can get a little extreme. Due to its location, Hawaii experiences a lot of humidity, and for those who don't enjoy the heat, summer might not be the time for you to go. For those in search of great vacation photos, however, it's a perfect time.

Hawaii's humidity feeds the island plant life with an endless supply of water and moisture which leads to beautiful natural landscapes. Not only does Hawaii have gorgeous beaches, but its mountains, forests, and volcanoes are also worth exploring.

2 Summertime Fishing

During the months of June, July, and August, fishing is a popular activity on the Hawaiian islands. Open to both locals and tourists, fishing is a skill that can be learned in almost any city in Hawaii.

Though fishing can be a little unpredictable, there have been many summer days where boat catches have been especially high. From taking your boat out to sea, catching fresh fish to eat, or simply learning the skill, fishing is a great thing to do while on your trip if you're really looking to immerse yourself into Hawaiian life.

1 The Best Time For Hawaiian Cruises

For travelers who would prefer a more luxurious Hawaiian stay, taking a Hawaiian cruise ship around the state is also a popular summertime trend. If you're too in love with the heat, humidity, and the sand in your toes, taking a cruise around the Hawaiian islands allows travelers to visit a city for a few hours and then journey to the next one.

Cruises can be a great experience for both families, couples, and groups of friends in search of a summertime getaway. From Oahu to Molokai, cruising around Hawaii is the best way to experience every Hawaiian island. Island hopping with your fellow vacationers can make for great memories.

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