Going to the theater can be a fun night out. It's a great way to see a live performance of a play or even a band or musician put on a live performance. If you're looking to see a talented group of people put on a fun performance, you're in luck, because there are theaters located all over the world where you can do just that.

But, if you visit some of these theaters, you're going to be experiencing more than just a play or a concert. Some of these theaters have guests that come from beyond the world of the living, and their presence can't be explained. Read on for a paranormal journey through ten of the world's most infamous haunted theaters!

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11 St. James Theatre - Wellington, New Zealand

The St. James Theatre in Wellington, New Zealand was built in 1912 and is an important historic building in Wellington. Eerily enough, this theater has one guest that was allegedly a performer here before losing her life in the historic theater.

According to stories about the theater, there was once a Russian performer named Yuri who was part of a show that was being put on here. After a fellow performer named Pasha pushed her off the stage, Yuri lost her life, but that doesn't mean she left the theater. People working here have reported seeing or hearing her backstage and having her turn the lights off and on mysteriously.

10 Palace Theatre - Los Angeles, California

The Palace Theatre is located in Los Angeles, California and was built in 1911. If you're a fan of music, then you'll likely recognize the marquee in front of this venue as the one that appeared in the video for Michael Jackson's spooky song Thriller.

But MJ's video wasn't the only creepy thing that has happened here. According to stories about the Palace Theatre, the remains of three people were found underneath the location. Many people that have visited or worked here have reported seeing an unexplained figure standing on the third-floor balcony, even when no one is in the venue.

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9 The Hollywood Pacific Theater - Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood Pacific Theater had a long and troubled start. Money problems and issues with investors plagued the construction and original plans to open this Los Angeles venue, but it was finally opened for the first time in 1928, just in time for the premiere of Glorious Betty to take place there.

It was closed in 1994, but rumor has it that not everyone has chosen to leave The Hollywood Pacific Theater behind. According to stories about this location, original owner Sam Warner of Warner Bros. can be spotted wandering through the halls of his theater still.

8 Roseland Theater  - Portland, Oregon

Portland's Roseland Theater was originally constructed as a church back in 1922, but it was converted into a theater in the 1980s. Since then, it's undergone a few changes but has become a really popular venue in Portland—partially because of the fact that it's allegedly super haunted.

According to stories about this venue, the theater's publicity agent had their life taken from them in the halls of the theater in the 1990s. Larry Hurwitz, the man that purchased the venue in the 80s and converted it from a church, was convicted for the crime a decade later. Even though this crime was solved, people say that the ghost still walks the halls of this theater.

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7 The New Amsterdam Theatre - New York, New York

The New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City was opened in 1903, but it wasn't open two decades before tragedy struck the venue and it became well-known for its haunting. According to stories about the location, this venue is haunted by the ghost of Olive Thomas, an actress who was part of the Ziegfeld Follies before she died of mercury poisoning after she supposedly mistook her husband's prescription for a bottle of water.

Even though Olive died in Paris on a second honeymoon with her husband, it's said that her ghost returned to The New Amsterdam Theatre where she had once been a performer. Many employees have reported seeing her ghost backstage in her Follies costume.

6 Huguan Huiguan Opera House - Beijing, China

Built in 1807, the Huguan Huiguan Opera House is an important historic site in China and is one of the main places that the world-famous Beijing Opera performs. Considering the fact that this venue is so old, it's no surprise that there's apparently some kind of paranormal activity attached to the venue.

According to stories about this theater, houses were built nearby during World War II. Unfortunately, the legend also states that these homes were built directly on burial grounds and that the bodies of the people laid to rest there were disturbed in order to lay the foundation. Today, people have reported hearing paranormal voices coming from all over the theater.

5 Opera House Theatre - Philipsburg, Montana


The Opera House Theatre in Philipsburg, Montana was built in 1891, making it the oldest theater in Montana. Along with being the oldest theater located in this state, it's also known for being the most haunted.

According to many employees and visitors, people have experienced the feeling of someone pulling their hair, even when no one is around them. Along with the hair-pulling, people have reported being able to smell cigar smoke when the theater was completely empty.

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3 Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - London, England

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane is located in London, England and is known for being among the most haunted theaters in the world. The current building opened in 1812, and the first theater on this ground opened back in 1663. Considering there have been theaters on this ground for so long, who's surprised that it's haunted?

According to many employees, performers, and visitors, there's one ghost that is truly pervasive and appears at almost every performance in this theater. He's known as The Man in Grey and he can often be seen standing in the upper box. Seeing him before a performance is said to be good luck!

2 Palace Theatre - New York, New York

The Palace Theatre in New York City was opened back in 1913 and has seen a lot of famous performers over the years. In fact, there are a lot of them that have apparently never left the historic location.

Judy Garland performed here in the 1950s, and many people have reported seeing her spirit near the orchestra pit. Louis Bossalina was an acrobat who was injured terribly—and according to some conflicting reports, lost his life in this theater—during a dangerous stunt in the theater. Some employees have reported seeing him attempt the stunt again when the theater is empty.

1 Orpheum Theatre - Memphis, Tennessee

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the Orpheum Theatre was built in 1890 and was originally called the Grand Opera House. It burnt down in 1923, but a theater double its size was built on the same grounds and is the Orpheum Theatre we know today.

There are a lot of great seats here if you're looking to watch any of the variety of live performances that the Orpheum Theatre hosts. But, if you're looking to have a good night and not share your evening with a spirit, avoid the seat C-5. According to many visitors, this seat belongs to a spirit named Mary who is often spotted watching rehearsals and performances.

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