Boston has a reputation for being a large city with a lot to offer in the form of modern activities. It was founded in 1693, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. So naturally, like most old things old, Boston is also heavily associated with all things grim and ghostly. Even before it's official awakening, the city of Boston lost hundreds of its inhabitants to a deadly disease, killing off more than two-thirds of its native civilians. This left the city to be remembered as a chilling and an inherently haunted destination.

Boston's haunted buildings and destinations have peaked the interests of more than your everyday horror fanatic. Famous paranormal investigators and shows like Ghost Hunters are all too familiar with the city's legendary scares. If you're looking to seek a little supernatural activity while visiting Boston, check out these 10 haunted places to visit.

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10 The Liberty

This hotel may look appealing from the outside, but its walls hold a deadly secret. The Liberty, despite now being a luxurious commodity, used to be the Charles Street Jail. More than one vicious act occurred here, namely the German U-boat captain that committed suicide in his cell in 1945. The jail became so decrepit that it became inhumane to keep the prisoners there any longer. Many guests recite that they can hear whispers in the walls and have an unyielding chill when staying at the premium resort.

9 Union Oyster House

The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the United States. Opening in 1826, this building has seen its fair share of horrors. It has been around to witness historic events such as the Boston Tea Party and has dined elite guests like the Kennedy family. In fact, people swear that the ghost of John F. Kennedy haunts the establishment, particularly the upstairs dining room where he would frequently feast. Whether or not this is true, visitors can still take a peek at "The Kennedy Booth" which has been commissioned in his honor.

8 The Omni Parker House Hotel

Named as Boston's Most Haunted Hotel, this site has been intact for centuries. The elevator has been known to stop on the third floor, with no one's assistance. Once the doors have slid open, there is never anyone on the other side. The previous owner has also been said to haunt the tenth floor and various rooms throughout the hotel. Patrons can describe the man perfectly, some noting they have seen him in a rocking chair, despite the fact that there are no longer any of these chairs left in The Omni Parker House Hotel.

7 USS Salem

Back in the 1950s, the USS Salem acted as a medical ship and morgue for victims of World War II. It has been a primary monument in Boston's Harbor for many years, but it is most known for its supernatural tendencies. Thanks in particular to Ghost Hunters, this ship has explicit mentions of apparitions, footsteps, and voices being heard that are thought to be those of the former crew workers.

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6 Emerson's Cutler Majestic Theater

The stories told of this decade's old theater will send chills up your spine. Emerson's Cutler Majestic Theater has been used as a base for students to practice the arts since the 1980s. These students will frequently claim that they have seen the former city Mayor sitting in the seat that he died in during a performance. Those watching the shows that take place from time to time, also frequently see the ghosts of a mother, father, and their small child in one of the elevated balcony seating areas.

5 The Pilot House

The Pilot House was built in 1989 and as resting space for passing pilots and ship captains. Today it is known to hold an eerie essence, and people are quick to point out the building strange occurrences. There are been many tales of hearing disembodied voices and doors slamming despite no one being around. The infamous Lady in White has also been spotted in the Pilot House's kitchen, giving ample reason as to why most locals stay away from this building.

4 Lizzie Borden’s Home

Lizzie Borden was the only young suspect in the murder of her parents. The ax assassination took place in 1872, but Lizzy, nor anyone else for that matter, was convicted of the crimes. The house has a frightening chill over it, despite its typical outward appearance. Lizzie's stepmother was beheaded in the living room, and travelers can opt to stay in that very room...if they dare.

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3 Granary Park Burying Grounds

Most cemeteries have the tendency to freak people out, but the Granary Park Burying Grounds feels more sinister. Built in 1660, the old graveyard is the final resting place for historical figures such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. The design on these grounds is something out of a horror film with its wrought iron gates and dangling tree limbs. More than one apparition sighting has been reported here, along with a bevy of unexplained noises.

2 Fort Warren

This entrance to Boston's Harbor was built in 1840. It was used as a prison cell for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Even back then, the soldiers couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched, and the somber atmosphere proceeds this memorable time in history.

The most daunting tale, however, comes from the story of the Lady in Black. The woman is the former wife of a soldier who had been held captive at Fort Warren. In her attempt to save him, she snuck her way into the fortress and became reunited with her husband. however, upon their escape, her gun misfired while fleeing from a guard and subsequently killed her husband. She later hung for her crime and people swear they see her wearing the same black robes to this day.

1 Boston Common

The Salem Witch Trials mark a grave point in our nation's past. The women found guilty of practicing witchcraft during this era were transported from Salem to Boston. They Salem witch hangings took place front and center in the Boston Commons. Unsurprisingly, there have been unsurmountable tales of ghost sightings, not to mention the creepy feeling that arises once you are near it. Many people have sighted two Victorian sisters who supposedly wander these grounds arm and arm.

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