Halloween is just around the corner and that means many of you are looking for a good scare. Haunted houses can be fun, but real ghost stories are even better. There are several places in Colorado that claim to be haunted by the spirits of the past, and it's definitely something that you have to see to believe.

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Many people choose not to believe in ghosts or the hype that they exist, but others will swear to it that these apparitions exist. These locations in Colorado give you the opportunity to decide for yourself if the reality lives up to the hype. Keep reading to learn about the 10 most haunted spots in Colorado!

10 10. Cheesman Park (Denver)

This is one park you don't want to stroll through in the dead of night because there have been several ghost sightings. It was originally the site of numerous cemeteries, as it changed hands between the city, federal government, and various religious groups on more than one occasion.

This changed in 1890 when Congress authorized the land to be made into a park, and families were given 90 days to move any remains of their deceased relatives. It is estimated that 2,000 bodies still remain and people claim to see and feel the sadness of these ghosts whose bodies are still buried beneath the park to this very day.

9 9. Museum of Colorado Prisons (Canon City)

This museum sits beside a prison that has been in operation since 1871 and the building itself was a former women's correctional facility, so you can be certain that more than one restless spirit lurks near this location.

Their goal is to show the historical heritage of prisons and do their best to discourage others from finding themselves in a cell of their own. It features past inmates who were notorious for their crimes, as well as ancient torture devices that are no longer in use. There have been reports of glowing orbs, unexplained noises, and the smell of tobacco.

8 8. Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel (Cripple Creek)

This building is still up and running, but it is not recommended that you book a stay in their hotel rooms unless you are looking for trouble. There have been claims that a ghost, named Maggie, has been seen enjoying the festivities beside the guests.

They say people have seen her taking her chance on the slots, but obviously she never wins. There are also rumors that a young girl hangs out on the street corner and will play with purple balloons, but all other colors are known to pop.

7 7. Brown Palace Hotel (Denver)

This hotel is luxurious, but it is also riddled with the ghosts of deceased guests. There is one instance where a tour told the story of a woman who lived in room 904 and suffered from heartbreak, and soon after calls were being received from the room even though all of the lines had been cut.

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Other sightings have been reported of entire string quartets, train conductors, waiters, and happy children. The reports are so numerous that it can be hard to ignore that this hotel is in fact completely haunted.

6 6. The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park)

If you have ever watched The Shining, then you might recognize this hotel. The movie was based on paranormal occurrences that happened at this century-old venue. There are often sightings of Stanley himself, the man who created the hotel, in the billiard room and lobby.

His wife has also been spotted playing the piano, as guests have heard music and seen the keys moving on their own. Several of the rooms are haunted, and children's voices seem to be the most plentiful, as indentations in mattresses and apparitions have been spotted roaming the halls.

5 5. Strater Hotel (Durango)

This enormous hotel in Durango, Colorado, was built on an old railroad line and is the perfect place for traveling guests to rest. However, this hotel is haunted by the ghosts of railroad conductors, as well as a man in a white shirt who hangs out on the tracks.

The hotel itself has ghost diaries in every room so people can record the freaky occurrences that happen to them during their stay. There have been sightings of little girls and men dressed in 1800s attire, so needless to say this place is haunted.

4 4. Hotel Jerome (Aspen)

This building is haunted by the ghost of a boy who drowned in the hotel pool back in 1936. They were staying in room 310 at the time, and guests have reported seeing a boy appear in their room who is wet and shivering.

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It's also said you can follow a path of wet footprints when he suddenly disappears, but he's not the only visitor. The third floor is where Katie Kerrigan and Henry O’Callister come out to play. You can see them wandering the halls, hear his sobs, or watch as Katie turns down the bedsheets.

3 3. Brook Forest Inn (Evergreen)

This inn might look cute from the outside, but upon closer inspection, you might find yourself face to face with a ghost. There are two children who are said to roam the third-floor hallway, as they died from influenza and a carriage accident.

There are also stories of the bartender and chambermaid who committed murder-suicide, as well as the old bartender who passed in 1997 that guests have claimed to have seen. It has also been reported that footsteps can be heard when no one else is around as well as other paranormal occurrences that can't be explained.

2 2. Boulder Theater (Boulder)

This theater is a beautiful blend of old and new that showcases live acts as well as reported hauntings. It is haunted by a man named George, whose death is still undetermined, but he loved working at the theater.

The workers and guests have claimed to see him dressed in his 1920s garb, as well as mess with the lightbulbs in the building. It is also said that potential thieves have been stopped by him as he appears in front of them before they can escape with any valuables.

1 1. Masonic Cemetery (Central City)

Cemeteries are destined to be haunted by the sheer number of bodies that lie beneath the Earth, and this one makes no exception. There has been a woman in a black dress who has been spotted on several occasions who routinely visits the tomb of John E. Cameron.

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People have tried their best to grab her as she approaches, but they claimed she was too quick and managed to make an escape. Maybe the next time you are in the area you can try your hand at catching this elusive ghost.

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