It doesn't have to be Halloween for people to be curious about haunted whereabouts. Despite Chicago's reputation for city life (and pizza), it's one of the most haunted places in the United States. There are more than a few of these haunted spots throughout the town (definitely more than could fit on this list).

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However, this fact doesn't seem to deter people from coming here. There are over 10 million people residing in Chicago, not to mention the mass amounts of people who stop by to indulge in its cultural appeal. If you're looking to seek some new thrills (besides jumping on sightseeing tours), check out these 1o haunted places to visit in Chicago.

10 10. Chicago Water Tower 

The Chicago Water Tower has been a mainstay of the city's skyline since the 1800s. When there was the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, this landmark remained standing.

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There is a legend about it: the water tower's pumps had to be released manually back then, and it is said that one worker stayed behind to do the job. When he realized that he wouldn't be able to escape the fire, he climbed up to the top of the tower and hung himself. People frequently call the police and say that they see a man standing on top of the tower. However, there is never anyone there when they arrive.

9 9. Profiles Theatre

This theatre used to be the home to an exclusive speakeasy back in the Prohibition era. Today, people claim to hear the whispers of the bar's former patrons, who are still happily dancing and singing behind its closed doors. The theatre is now used as a haunted house to play up the idea, but people still recall seeing lights flicker and theatre props being moved around.

8 8. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park itself is home to a couple of haunted sites in Chicago. The first of which is the Couch Mausoleum, which is the only monument left of the old cemetery after the infamous fire. That's right: you'd never guess it now, but Lincoln Park used to be the city's primary cemetery. There were over 12,000 corpses buried beneath the soil. City park officials and tradesmen have even dug up a few!

The second location is the most haunted bar in Chicago: Red Lions Pub. This place had a morbid atmosphere even before it was renovated. It holds the history of the original 1800 building and there are many tales about a female ghost who likes pulling tricks. You'll know if she's still there if you stop in for a pint.

7 7. Museum of Science and Industry

This unlikely site is the home of two renowned ghosts. One is a World War II commander who committed suicide aboard the German U-505 submarine, which now resides inside the museum. The other is of Chicago's famous lawyer, Clarence Darrow. Darrow defended Leopold and Loeb who murdered a teenage boy in what was known as the crime of the century.

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Darrow delivered a plea for two murderers and after Darrow passed away, his ashes were scattered in the nearby Jackson Park lagoon. Apparently, his ghost likes to hang out on the museum's back steps.

6 6. Robinson Woods

These woods used to be home to Chicago's earliest settlers, namely Alexander Robinson. Robinson and his clan were buried within these woods. Robinson's headstone actually went missing not too long ago (it has since been returned), but that's not what keeps locals away from these parts. Hikers have been known to hear whispers and see lights flicker while in the middle of the forest.

5 5. Hancock Center

A strange amount of people have died at the Hancock Center, making some people believe in its paranormal activity. The most well-known occurrence happened in 1997 when Chris Farley overdosed on the 60th floor. A few other people were killed when some of the building's scaffoldings suddenly came loose, and there have been reports of people falling out of its windows since the 1970s. There has never been an explanation.

4 4. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs, is notoriously haunted by the ghosts of former Cubs associates. The first is Charlie Grimm, who was a player and manager of the Cubs.

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Others include broadcast announcer Harry Caray, who is seen still sitting in the press box, and folk singer Steve Goodman who had an affection for the Cubs. Goodman even had his ashes spread in the Cubs stadium, so people report seeing him in the stands from time to time.

3 3. The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is perhaps the most convincing of all of Chicago's haunted places. Its grandiose facade doesn't help in the matter, but the four ghosts that reside here are what will send shivers down your spine. Bobby Franks, Leopold and Loeb's murder victim, left a somber impression on Chicago during its trial. However, his parents are said to have been unable to move on from the event, and their ghosts are now seen inside the hotel.

The Woman in Red, a grieving wife who threw herself off the roof when she found her fiance cheating, can be heard within these walls. Even more terrifying is the Woman in Black, who is thought to be the murderer behind the unsolved 1944 death of Adele Born Williams.

2 2. H.H. Holmes' Murder Castle

H.H. Holme's Murder Castle was contrived in 1893. Holmes had his hotel space set with booby-traps and hidden torture chambers throughout his labyrinthine. No one knows just how many people Holmes tortured and murdered here, but the frightening chill still looms over the Englewood neighborhood. The infamous Murder Castle now has a post office.

1 1. Graceland Cemetery

Just twenty years after Graceland Cemetary was built, a six-year-old girl named Inez Clarke was struck by lightning while playing in the rain. A tombstone was erected here in her owner, with a symbolic glass box around it to protect her from future storms. However, visitors and groundskeepers have repeatedly reported the glass fixture missing, but only during thunderstorms. The glass is then suspiciously returned once the storm passes.

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