What's even better than watching a scary movie? Staying somewhere super spooky overnight. There are haunted destinations all over the US that have dark pasts and claim to be home to supernatural entities. Although visiting these during the day for a tour or just to look around is already a lot of fun, we all know the real fun happens after the lights go down.

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If you're truly looking to be creeped out and want to stay somewhere a little more interesting than your average hotel or resort, why not stay somewhere that claims to be haunted? Whether or not you'll see or hear a ghost before you fall asleep is hard to say, but you'll definitely have a good time.

To see 10 scary places you can spend the night, keep reading!

10 The Lizzie Borden House

The Lizzie Borden House is located in Fall River, Massachusetts and is the home where Lizzie Borden and her family lived in the 19th century. Since the mid-1990s, this home has been a bed and breakfast where people who are interested in the spooky story of Lizzie Borden can come spend the night.

According to stories about her, Lizzie Borden became well-known in the late 19th century after she allegedly took the lives of both her mother and father. The rooms where their bodies were discovered are now available for visitors to explore - if you're brave enough.

9 The R.M.S. Queen Mary

The R.M.S. Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that is currently docked permanently in Long Beach, California. This ship sailed the seas for decades before being retired in the 1960s. Today, the ship is available for visitors that are brave enough to spend a night in its rooms.

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The R.M.S. Queen Mary has become well-known as one of the scariest, most haunted locations in the world. One room in particular, suite B-340, has the highest level of reported paranormal activity.

8 The Stanley Hotel

Just how scary is The Stanley Hotel? Scary enough for Stephen King to write a book about it. The novel The Shining was inspired by King's stay in this hotel and the entire novel - as well as the movie based on it - was set within its walls.

Guests who have stayed here report a high level of activity in Room 217 as well as the staircase landing known as "The Vortex." If this place is scary enough to give even Stephen King the creeps, we're pretty sure this place is too creepy to stay in. But if you're brave enough to give it a shot, this hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado.

7 The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel, now known as Stay on Main, is a hotel located in Los Angeles, California. This hotel was built in 1924 and has quite a dark and unusual history. This history is probably part of what lead the owners to the decision to rebrand it from The Cecil, the name it had since it opened, to Stay on Main.

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In the early 1930s, a guest at The Cecil reportedly took his own life in one of the rooms in the hotel. For the next few decades, this happened more and more and by the 1960s, this hotel had quite a reputation for this. Things got even spookier for this hotel in 2013 when footage of Elisa Lam behaving erratically in this hotel before her body was found in its  water tank appeared online.

6 The Lemp Mansion

Is this historic mansion cursed? According to some people, it might be. The Lemp Mansion is located in St. Louis, Missouri and was built in the mid-19th century. It was purchased by William Lemp, son of the founder of Western Brewery.

Even though he was the son of the founder of a successful brewery and life should have been good for William, things took a dark turn after he purchased this mansion. Multiple members of the Lemp family took their own lives in this mansion and divorce, misfortune, and disease seemed to plague the family after they moved in here. Spooky!

5 The Shanley Hotel

Not to be confused with the equally terrifying Stanley Hotel, The Shanley Hotel is located in Napanoch, New York and was purchased in 1906 by James and Beatrice Shanley. This hotel is said to be such a hotbed of paranormal activity that they ask anyone who wants to spend the night in one of their rooms to sign a waiver before they're allowed to check in.

Strange things started to happen to everyone involved in The Shanley Hotel only a few years after the Shanley family purchased the property. From the children of employees to the employees themselves, members of the Shanley family, and various guests that have stayed here, a lot of people have met their end in The Shanley Hotel. Have their spirits been unable to move on?

4 The Villisca Axe Murder House

The Villisca Ax Murder House, also known as the Josiah B. and Sara Moore House, is located in Villisca, Iowa. Simply the name of this house is enough to draw in fans of all things spooky and frighten everyone else. But how did this house get such a terrifying title?

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Josiah and Sara Moore moved into this home in the early 20th century. They lived a completely peaceful and normal existence there until one fateful night in 1912 when everything changed. On June 9th, 1912, an unknown person or people entered the house and took the lives of all six members of the Moore family as well as two people who were visiting. Who did it and why? No one knows as this crime has remained unsolved for over 100 years.

3 Esperanza Mansion

Esperanza Mansion is a historic bed and breakfast located in Keuka Park, New York. This mansion has several guest rooms for visitors and is a popular venue for weddings and other events. But outside of its beautiful appearance, some guests have reported some strange things happening within the walls of this mansion.

Many guests claim to have seen a mysterious white, ghost-like figure floating around the halls and the grounds outside of Esperanza Mansion. Nearby, there's a road that has an urban legend attached to it that claims that if you put your car in neutral at the top of a hill, ghostly hands will push you down the hill.

2 The Farnsworth House Inn

The Farnsworth House Inn is an inn located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Considering the history of the area where this inn is located, it's no surprise that The Farnsworth House Inn is said to be the home of some spirits.

This home was built in the early 19th century and the owners, the Schultz family, claim that there has been a lot of paranormal activity that has taken place since they purchased the property. The Schultz family, as well as visitors to the inn, claim to feel a ghost messing with their blankets while they sleep and have heard unexplained footsteps and voices in the halls.

1 Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Have you ever wanted to do your own paranormal investigation in a famously haunted location? If you head to Louisville, Kentucky, you can! Waverly Hills Sanatorium was once a hospital for tuberculosis patients before closing in the 1960s. Today, the location hosts tours, a haunted house, and even offers overnight, private paranormal investigations.

For a $75 fee, guests can spend from midnight to six in the morning wandering the halls of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, taking pictures, and trying to lure out the spirits that are allegedly still living in this building. Although this overnight trip is a lot different from the hotels and bed and breakfasts on this list, it's worth it for anyone that loves to be scared.

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