It's not every day that someone gets the chance to go to a museum and the last thing anyone would expect is to walk into one that's haunted. Museums are places of history, ancient artifacts, knowledge, and a way to gain an education on a subject one is interested in. What they're not are places where someone can walk in and get the scare of their life... Unless they're visiting one of these.

The most interesting facet of these allegedly haunted museums is that none of them seem as though they were especially wicked or tortured places, as is the case with many haunted destinations. They didn't have the dark histories that asylums did, didn't see the battlegounds that many open fields have, and haven't laid claim to any gruesome historical scenes which played out in their presence. So, why do these museums have such a reputation amongst ghost hunters and paranormal lovers? Let's find out.


Museum Of The Albemarle

The Museum of the Albemarle is in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Part of the museum is actually the Jackson House, which was moved from its original location to become part of the Albemarle. This is considered to be the 'old' part of the museum and with the Jackson House does come a dark history, one that many believe has seeped its way into the museum itself. The story goes that the house was constructed during the 18th century by the Jackson family and housed in the museum are some artifacts that belonged to a woman who was killed around the same time. Between this historical house being moved to the location of the museum and the items belonging to this female victim, many have felt an unusual presence and feelings of discomfort, as if they're not wanted there.

Merchant's House Museum

Deep in Manhattan sits the Merchant's House Museum and while New York City is the last place one would ever expect a place like this to still be intact, it is - complete with the original doorbell that visitors can ring to let staff know of their arrival. The house itself was once home to the Tredwell family and their possessions, and many think that it's this family still who haunts the home to this day.

They lived there from 1935 up until 1955 and many of the items in the house are well over 100 years old. As opposed to many other historical locations, the Merchant's House Museum is one of few that didn't need to bring in any additional period-accurate pieces to simulate the 19th century. Many have claimed that they've seen ghostly apparitions of the family who once lived there as well as the servents who worked for them.

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Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History made headlines after a visitor snapped a photo that seemed to depict some type of unknown creature in the children's play area. While there's been much speculation around the creepy shadow that doesn't seem to resemble any known animal, many have been quick to dismiss it, including Jim Miller, a former museum employee. Rather, he explained, it looked like someone putting children's toys away, which wouldn't be completely out of the question considering the area of the museum that the photo was taken in. However, with a history of two years working at the museum, he also said that it wasn't exactly uncommon to hear of eerie reports coming from museum visitors - especailly around the Titanic exhibit.

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Frederic Remington Museum

Out of all the museums with a supposedly haunted past, the Frederic Remington Museum is one that seems most likely to support the stories coming from visitors. The haunting tales of this museum started back in the 1940s and were actually published by newspapers in the area, giving more and more credit to the fact that this location may, indeed, have some paranormal aspect to it. Originally, the story surrounding the museum regards that of a woman named Madame Ameriga Vespucc, who traveled to the United States after reportedly 'being won in a game of cards,' according to Mental Floss. 

However, this is certainly not the only story that follows the museum's haunted history. In 2015, a psychic by the name of Freda Gladle explored the museum and claimed to feel some type of residual energy trapped there, likely that of Vespucc, although she also claimed there was no permanent spirit inhabitants there. Gladle also said that the children's museum not far from the Frederic Remington Museum was also haunted, by a former inhabitant who was not exactly the nicest of spirits.

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