It's finally October and that means Halloween is closer than ever! Are you planning a trip to Japan in the near future? Do you already live there? If so, you might be trying to find some frightening activities to keep you occupied during the month ahead.

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Or maybe you're just a passionate horror fan who enjoys going to haunted houses all year! Skip the overrated tourist attractions and boldly go where no coward has gone before. We've got a list of some of the creepiest, craziest, and most interesting haunted houses in Japan. If you've seen their horror films, you know just how intense their scares are. Enter only if you dare.

10 Toei Kyoto Studio Park Haunted House

At the legendary Toei Kyoto Park, you can find several awesome things to do that should get your adrenaline pumping. The park is known for looking like it was transported through time straight from the Edo period.

You'll be able to walk through a strange maze and explore the area and then if you dare, venture into the haunted house. While there you'll have to traverse from room to room and face your deepest fears. You'll be plunged into darkness and left to face-off against whatever they throw at you.

9 Sakura no Onrei

Did you know that Hanayashiki amusement park is the oldest in Japan? It was built back in the 1800s. The Sakura no Onrei is located within the park and it is rumored that it is actually haunted by real ghosts.

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That means you'll be getting the double the ghosts for your money, real and fake! That might be a scary game of spot the difference. As for the story of the house, it is rumored that an old sakura tree was cut down and now the place is haunted by evil spirits who want revenge for losing their home.

8 Silent Rooms

Are you a fan of the classic horror movie Silent Hill? Well if you travel to Japan then you'll be able to go to a special haunted attraction that is actually based on the iconic story.

Silent Rooms is not only a haunted house but it is also an escape room. You'll have to complete challenges and missions while under a timer. It is located in Canal City Hakata. You can do it with a friend or if you're truly feeling brave, try it all alone.

7 Real Escape Room

Have you heard of the Real Escape Room experience? You'll be able to play in either English or Japanese and you should definitely consider making a reservation in advance because it fills up pretty fast due to its popularity. You and your friends will be tasked with completing a series of puzzles to get yourself out of the room.

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The Japanese company, known as Real Escape Room, have won awards for the ingenuity of their puzzle designs. It won't be easy, and it might be downright horrifying, but you're guaranteed to be challenged. "Survive the Urban Legend" is the name of their famous horror room. You'll play as an investigator tasked with solving a series of missing person cases.

6 Obaken

Obaken is known for orchestrating detailed and amazing horror events. They are a well-known troupe of horror fantatics just like you (considering you're reading a list about haunted houses, we can assume, right?). Their specialty is zombie events. The stories, themes, and locations changes.

They come up with unique and fascinating tales to scare even the hardiest of horror fans. But you should be aware you'll need to get a reservation before you go. They're a popular group and their attractions often fill up relatively fast.

5 Curse of the Lullaby

Curse of the Lullaby is a haunted house found in Nagoya's Wakamiya Odori Park. Given how popular it is, you may have to wait in a long line just to get inside but it's well worth the frightening experience.

It is a fairground-style haunted house crawling with ghosts and evil dolls.

4 Room of the Living Doll

If the idea of dolls like Chucky or Annabelle terrifies you then you this might be the spookiest haunted house you can imagine. It's located in Joypolis in Tokyo and it's, as you might have guessed from the title, full of creepy dolls.

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The entire place is based around the myth that the souls of children are transplanted into dolls. You'll be journeying through their dark temple and arrive in time to witness the ritual of these dolls. They'll be hoping for you to arrive as they wait eagerly for new humans to show up.

3 Onryou Zashiki

This haunted house only opened up last year so it's still pretty new. It was created by Hirofumi Gomi, who is something of a haunted house legend in Japan. He's known for creating inventive and scary haunted attractions.

The story of this house is all about the horror tale known as Yotsuya Kaidan. You'll be tasked with exploring an old house to try and find the ghost known as Yoko and help her finally find peace. But there's a chance she won't be so happy to go quietly into the abyss.

2 Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

The Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is located at the Fuji-Q Highland. It is known as the longest and possibly the scariest haunted house in Japan, although that fact is obviously debatable. But it really is a long haunted house and not for those faint of heart. It might take you up to 40 minutes to walk the entire thing.

The labyrinth's story is that it was formerly a hospital that conducted grisly experiments on humans. Eventually, the ghosts of the former patients killed all the doctors and nurses but many of them remain. Be sure to bring a buddy with you before you go and if you want a little extra protection they sell Japanese amulets outside.

1 Daiba Ghost School

This terrifying attraction is open all-year-round and they take special care in ensuring it is a haunting and unique experience for guests. You will have to sign your name before you enter in a book, and suddenly all the entities within will know it.

The atmosphere and set design of the school are extremely well-designed. You'll find while walking through the school the sights are deeply unsettling, hanging bodies will obstruct your pathway. Your goal is to try to find the spirit that is causing all of the chaos, and make it out alive if you can.

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