10 Haunted Hotels In Europe You Can Actually Book

Europe is great for sightseeing, with its incredible history and architecture. With many hotels actually being old castles or palaces, staying at one of these will definitely make anyone feel like royalty. Although beautiful, with its rich and dark history of war and plagues comes the possibility of spirits lingering in some of these hotels.

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Many of these hotels are notoriously haunted, with many apparition tales to satisfy your Halloween scare cravings. For all of you believers out there, here are 10 haunted hotels in Europe that you can actually stay in to make your next vacation a little more interesting!

10 Castle Leslie Estate

This century-old hotel in Monaghan, Ireland, is famous for its color-coordinated rooms. Each room has its own history attached to it which the hotel advertises and takes pride in.

The most haunted room in the Castle Leslie Estate is the red room. Norman Leslie and Lady Majorie Leslie stayed in this room. Lady Marjorie saw the ghost of Norman in the red room only weeks after he had been killed in the war. While other apparitions have been seen in the hotel, Norman Leslie seems to be the most prominent one. If you are brave enough to stay in the red room, be sure to take in the beautiful view of Glaslough lake, but beware of Norman Leslie who may keep you company during your stay.

9 Oatlands Park Hotel

This Wales hotel is on the same grounds that were formerly the palace that Henry VIII built for Anne of Cleves, his Queen, in the 16th century. Although, this hotel was built in the 19th century, which is when the haunting of the "Grey Lady" began.

The "Grey Lady" was a maid who worked at this hotel. She supposedly threw herself off the bell tower and landed next to room 1313. Guests who have stayed in this room have reported odd temperature changes, but others have reported her apparition in the Tudor Wing of the hotel.

8 The Shelbourne Hotel

While shooting The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Dublin, Ireland, Actress Lily Collins claims she was haunted by the ghost of a seven-year-old while staying at the Shelbourne Hotel.

The says she felt the presence of a person in the room, followed by giggles and the slamming of multiple doors. It is believed that this was the spirit of Mary Masters, who died of Cholera in 1846 at the age of seven. She is known to haunt the sixth floor, which coincidentally was the floor that Lily Collins was staying on.

7 Dalen Hotel

This 5-star hotel in Norway is known for two things: its enchanted, fairytale feeling grounds and the terrifying event that occurred in room 17 in the 19th century. Miss Greenfield was an English lady who allegedly gave birth in room 17 during her stay at the Dalen Hotel. Without notifying the hotel, Miss Greenfield fled to England, leaving her newborn baby dead inside of the room. It's unknown what happened because Miss Greenfield committed suicide shortly after the incident.

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Her presence can still be felt around the hotel, and especially in room 17. Although many have reported to feel her spirit, men seem to be particularly targeted by the ghost of miss greenfield.

6 The Langham Hotel

The Langham hotel in London is said to be among the most haunted hotels in the world. Though, its 5-star luxury comes with a price. A dark secret lies in the walls of this hotel and in room 333.

A BBC newscaster reported seeing a ball of light in room 333. According to this newscaster, the apparition took on a human shape wearing a Victorian sleeping gown. The Langham has at least five active ghosts that have been seen and reported by many guests. The most active ghost in this hotel is of a German prince who is said to have jumped out of his room window to his death.

5 Hotel Burchianti

This hotel, located in beautiful Florence, Italy, is known for its stunning decor and paintings on the ceilings of the rooms. Some famous guests include Benito Mussolini who stayed in the Fresco Room. Other guests who stayed in this room have felt a presence watching them and have felt abnormal temperature drops. The activity seems to peak in the morning hours.

At least four other ghosts have been reported roaming the halls, so if you stay at this hotel, keep your eyes peeled at all times!

4 Ballygally Castle

Ballygally castle can be found in Northern Ireland. Ireland is known to be ridden with ghosts, which is not surprising given their past with famine and war which brought on mass deaths.

Ballygally Castle is haunted by the ghost of Isobella who was a resident in 1625. Her husband, Lord Shaw, locked Isobella in their room after she gave birth to a baby boy. In an attempt to escape the room and find her son, lady Isobella fell out of a window. Unlike some of the other ghosts mentioned above, Isobella is a tortured but friendly spirit who wanders the hotel in search of her son.

3 Toftaholm Herrgard

Located in Lake Viköstern, Sweden, this hotel is notorious for its paranormal activity. What is now a scenic, luxurious hotel was once the scene of a tragic suicide. Many years ago, this hotel was a manor owned by a wealthy baron. A young man stayed here and had an affair with the baron's daughter. The baron uncovered this secret and immediately arranged for his daughter to marry someone else (and someone richer). Overcome by despair, this young man hung himself in what is now known as room 324.

If you ever stay in Toftaholm Herrgard, watch out for unexplained shutting windows and the apparition of this tormented soul stalking the grounds.

2 Château de Marçay

This stunning hotel in France has an interesting legend in its history. The story of the "White Lady" is the most mythical one covered so far considering it includes werewolves.

According to the legend, one of the ladies at the Château used to transform into a werewolf at night. A farmer who saw her in her werewolf form had shot her in fear, but come morning, all that was left behind was the body of a young woman in her nightgown. She has been seen twice by clients of the hotel. Her apparition was so clear that the clients thought she was part of the staff!

1 Tulloch Castle Hotel

Tulloch Castle Hotel has a rich and long history dating back to 12th century Scotland. This Scottish castle has been thoroughly investigated by paranormal teams in search of the "Green Lady."

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The "Green Lady" is said to be the apparition of Elizabeth Davidson, whose portrait hangs in the Great Hall. She has been seen mostly around the hotel's bar area. She's also one of the few ghosts to be caught on film. Paranormal teams have recorded evidence of the ghosts that live within this castle, including balls of light, orbs and unexplained noises.

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