When most people think of the paranormal, their first thought is of a haunted house or a haunted cemetery. But many people forget that there are just as many haunted highways out there! And not just in obscure, middle-of-nowhere locations in the United States — all over the world! If you live near any of these locations, you probably know the legends...but outsiders often don't. Next time you travel, see if you come across any of the roads listed below. It might explain any creepy feelings or mysterious experiences you encounter on your trip! That is, if you believe in such things. Either way, keep your eyes peeled when traveling on these haunted highways!

10 Shades of Death Road, USA

It should come as no surprise that a road called Shades of Death is suspected to be haunted. Located in Warren County, New Jersey, some say the ghosts of various people robbed and killed by highwaymen back in the day haunt the area. There were also three different unsolved murders that took place on the road in the 1920s and 1930s, and the victims are said to haunt the road as well.

Most fascinating of the lore surrounding Shades of the Death Road is the legend that there is a Native American spirit who can turn into a deer and jump in front of your car at night, causing you to crash.

9 Bei Yi Highway, Taiwan

The Bei Yi Highway is winding and moves through mountainous regions. There was a time where conditions weren't the best, resulting in many auto accidents and fatalities on this highway. Despite improvements in infrastructure, there are still said to be frequent accidents. Rumors began to swirl that it was due to the angry spirits that still roam there.

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People have since begun to burn joss paper (aka ghost money) on the highway in hopes of appeasing the spirits and warding the evil off. Joss papers are a traditional burnt offering that originated from Chinese culture. Some say you will constantly see the remnants of ghost money as you drive along the highway.

8 Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

This road is home to the "Belchen Tunnel White Lady," an apparition of an elderly woman dressed in all white. The first murmurings of a White Lady spotting came in a newspaper article in 1981. Since then, more and more people claim to have seen this ghostly woman. Two women even claim to have picked her up in 1986. They said they asked the woman if she was feeling well, and she responded that she wasn't. The white lady then warned that "something really awful" was going to happen before vanishing from the car. The tunnel was renovated in 2003, but it's been said that the White Lady still lurks.

7 Stocksbridge Bypass, United Kingdom

Known as the most haunted road in Britain, the bypass is rumored to have been built on cursed land. As legend tells it, a monk who was kicked out of his church and lost his faith was buried in an unholy grave. It's also said that a mine shaft used to be located there, and many children fell down it and died. Now, both the monk and various children are spotted frequently. Some have spotted a group of children in old-fashioned clothing dancing and singing in a circle before fading into nothingness. In addition, some of the deadliest car accidents in the area have occurred on this road. Coincidence?

6 A3 Motorway, Croatia

This dangerous highway is known for many deadly accidents, including accidents that killed people of prominence like Macedonian singer Toše Proeski in 2007 and Croatian actress Dolores Lambaša in 2013. Legend has it that workers used cement from tombstones and material from monuments and graves to make the highway and that many of the youths at the time also mocked the graves.

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Now, drivers report losing concentration, losing radio signal, and losing control of their vehicle. Some even say they felt their car was being pulled by a mysterious force in the opposite direction of where they were trying to go. And of course, there are multiple sightings of a little ghost girl who will disappear when you try to help her.

5 E8 Expressway, Malaysia

Also known as the Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway, the E8 Expressway is the location of many urban legends. The arguably most popular one tells the story of a mother, father, and baby whose car broke down. After failed attempts to fix it, the father decided to walk down the road and look for the nearest phone booth. He instructed his wife to not leave the car for any reason, so she obeyed him even when there was a loud, repetitive banging on the top of the car.

Police officers finally arrived, helped the mother and baby escape the vehicle, and instructed them not to look back. The mother did anyway and saw a ghoul-like creature hitting her husband's decapitated head on the roof. Gross.

A tamer legend is of the yellow Volkswagen, which is said to appear often on the highway....with no driver.

4 Rama IX Road, Thailand

This road is only thought to be haunted by locals in recent years. The is due to a video that went viral in 2016 showing a ghostly girl sitting on a moving car. She appears rigid and expressionless despite the speed of the car. While this is the only mysterious occurrence caught on camera, many other locals have since started reporting creepy, disappearing hitchhikers. One taxi driver claims he picked up two women dressed in all black that seemed to disappear from his car. Later, his car stalled on a set of train tracks, and the girls from before appeared in front of him with blood running down their faces. He was eventually able to escape the tracks in time.

3 Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

This busy roadway is said to have had hundreds of fatal accidents occur on it, and the spirits of those accidents are causing more accidents and thus, the creation of more spirits. Many locals insist that ghostly apparitions will suddenly appear in front of you, causing drivers to swerve in order to avoid them — often resulting in an accident. And if that accident is fatal, then there is now another ghost added to the mix, ready to cause more chaos. In 2003, a bus crash on the road resulted in the deaths of 21 people. The specific people who lost their lives are recognized walking along the road often.

2  N9 Road, South Africa

This road is home to what is called the "Uniondale Phantom Hitchhiker" who has come to be known as "Maria." Maria died in a car accident on N9 Road in 1968. On Good Friday in 1976, a man picked up a hitchhiker who looked exactly like Maria and was wearing the same clothes she died in. As many of these hitchhiker stories go, Maria eventually vanished from his car with no explanation. It wasn't until a journalist showed the man a picture of Maria that he realized he had picked up a ghost. A motorcyclist had a similar encounter on Good Friday in 1978. And On Good Friday in 1980, another motorcyclist claims he was riding past the area where Maria had died when he felt something. He looked down and there were hands wrapped tightly around his waist. He also felt a few knocks on his helmet before the hands disappeared.

1 National Highway 33, India

Approximately 245 people have died on National Highway 33 since 2010, so it only makes sense that there have been tons of ghost sightings. Just like Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong, the spirits of past accidents are said to be the causes of future accidents.

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Locals have become so terrified of traveling on these roads, two temples were erected near both the entrance and the exit of the highway so that people can pray as they pass. Unfortunately, many locals claim their prayers aren't helping and are spreading the word that it's a haunted highway where "prayers don't work."