Renting an Airbnb in a foreign city has been a staggering concept for some travelers to grasp. It isn't a hotel, and it's owned by someone else, however, their low prices and great quality rooms - sometimes fully equipped with personal kitchens and bathrooms - have proven really popular among tourists. One other thing that's popular, especially during the month of October, is staying in haunted Airbnbs and risking ghost visits and scary voices that will keep you up while trying to sleep in your bedrooms at night.

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Halloween is right around the corner, and if you consider yourself a brave traveler, this is the perfect list for you. Some of these are hotels, and some aren't quite in Central London, but they are all worth it for anyone looking for a spooky place to stay!

9 The Madness Chamber

The Madness Chamber located in York is one of the most popular haunted places to stay in. Rated 5 stars by 100% percent of previous guests on Airbnb, this chamber apartment can host up to four guests. Its quirky furniture and light-hearted color tones might give off a fun, vacation-y vibe, but at night, visitors have encountered supernatural experiences.

Over 600 years old, the Madness Chamber contains wood paneling and is located in a great spot in the city, near to plenty of places to dine and shop. The rooms even come with ghost-hunting equipment, so you can fight off the spirits that haunt you at night.

8 The Haunted Bedroom - Talliston House & Gardens

In 1990, writer John Trevillian bought Talliston House & Gardens, an estate that contains 13 decorated rooms. It's a great place to go for travelers who appreciate great interior design, but there's one bedroom in particular that Trevillian himself says, "It's not for the faint of heart."

The Haunted Bedroom is a recreation of a 1911 Scottish room of an Edwardian child who died at a very young age. Packed with books and toys that a young boy might have once owned, the strange lighting and heavy curtains set a spooky mood. Visitors have said that staying there sometimes results in smells and sounds that came from nowhere. If you're feeling brave, you can book your stay here.

7 Ghosts In Great Dunmow

Dunmow is located in Essex, which is just a train ride away from Central London, and is one where tales of ghosts and lurking spirits are always roaming the streets. From school children to hotel managers, Dunmow locals have reported more than one sighting of white figures and echoes too strange to simply be the wind around the historic market town.

If you're in search of an exciting experience and also looking for a place to stay that's not located directly in the middle of the bustling streets of London, Airbnbs in Dunmow are the way to go.

6 The Langham Hotel

First opened in 1865, the Langham Hotel located in central London is another place you can stay while on your trip that'll leave you with goosebumps. While the hotel is popular and has both tourists and celebrities that book a stay each night, there have been stories of more than one ghost roaming the hallways.

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In Room 333, guests have seen a figure of a man in evening wear who walks through the hotel during the month of October. Other stories of those who died before World War I and the ghost of Napoleon III have also circulated the hotel grounds. If you're up for a little more company than planned, you can book your stay here!

5 Sutton House

At Homerton High Street, you'll find the historic red-brick Sutton House. The house was built as early as 1535, but by the 1980s the building had not aged gracefully and became a hub for squatters and graffiti artists. Though refurbished today, a house as old this one doesn't enter the 21st century without leaving a trail of ghosts behind.

From howls from dogs that are nowhere near, to doors slamming in the dead of night, visitors of Sutton House have all recounted ghost stories that seem to unique to be made up. Choose your Airbnb on this street if you're up for the thrill.

4 Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House has been named one of the most haunted houses in the country. With numerous reports of haunted sightings and sounds, tourists come flocking to this location just to hear the shrieks and feel the chills themselves.

With its fancy decor and ancient carpeting, the house might look welcoming at first, but tales of a trapped ape from a past lifetime and a ghost named "Cooper" who occupies the wine cellar of the house prove that you and your travel crew won't be the only ones staying the night.

3 The Savoy Hotel

Located in the heart of London, The Savoy is one of the city's most popular and beloved hotels. However, despite its luxury rooms and five-star rating, that doesn't mean it's always safe from paranormal activity.

Guests of The Savoy have noticed for years that on the fifth floor specifically, you'll hear creaks in the floor when no one has walked by and the rumbling of a life that's non-existent. Most people believe they are the ghosts of those who couldn't afford to stay in the hotel in their past lives.

2 Grange Blooms Hotel

The Grange Blooms Hotel is a townhouse with decor and furniture dressed to suit stylings from the 18th century. While many guests love to stay here because of its cozy and warm feel, it's also been said that it's haunted.

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What's even more interesting is that people seem to know exactly who is haunting the Grange Blooms grounds. Dr. John Cumming, a former minister, believed he'd see the end of the world before he died. With a spirit spotted lounging in the hotel lobby, many people believed he passed on before he could see it.

1 The Bethnal Green Infirmary

The Bethnal Green Infirmary was originally built as a former Victorian hospital and is rumored to be one of the most haunted buildings to stay in around London. Serving as the place where many patients had lost their lives in the Victorian era, it's been said that the ghosts of these patients still walk the halls.

These days, however, the infirmary has been converted into a flat located in central London, so if you're a traveler who's willing to spend their nights in the city without a wink of sleep, feel free to book your stay in this paranormal building.

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