Are you planning an excursion somewhere to Europe for the fall? If so, have you considered potentially staying the night in a haunted locale instead of a traditional hotel? It's about to be Halloween season. Now more than ever is the perfect time to take the plunge and stay the night somewhere rumored to be a little extra creepy come nightfall.

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There are plenty of Airbnbs in the United States that claim to have ghosts roaming their property, but there are just as many, if not more, in Europe. Even if you're not going on a vacation and you happen to be an inhabitant of Europe, you should check out these ten haunted Airbnbs in the area.

13 Caher Castle in Galway

Live like a king in this 15th-century castle situated in Galway. It's an old building so you should be prepared to have some run-ins with cobwebs and perhaps some dust, maybe a couple of ghosts, but that's all part of the experience!

The castle is one of the spookiest in Ireland and not dissimilar to some of the ones you've seen on HBO series, Game of Thrones. They've even filmed in Galway before. It comes complete with epic staircases and picturesque views. Of course, with the wooden interiors and long-winding passages, it might be easy to get lost.

12 Conroy's Old Bar in Aglish

Have you ever heard of a self-catering pub? It's not a joke. There is a bar in Ireland known as Conroy's Old Bar and it is, indeed, self-catering, the world's first. You can stay the night there in a converted bar on Lough Derg.

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You won't be able to order any liquor, unfortunately, as the bar no longer has a liquor license, but it's still a worthwhile place to stay the night and will be unlike any experience you've had before. It isn't proven haunted but the idea of sleeping somewhere with self-sufficient technology is somewhat creepy enough on its own.

11 The Haunted Chamber in York


Much has been said about this very specific bedroom in York. It has ranked as one of the top spookiest places to stay in England across many articles and lists on the internet. If you search Airbnb anywhere on google, the odds are, this is the one listing that will always pop up.

A few MTV hosts even went and stayed the night there to see if it truly lives up to its reputation and you can read all about their expedition right here. Apparently, even the hosts have said some guests arrive with the intention of staying but then feel overwhelmed by a bad vibe and have to leave immediately. Yikes.

9 Manor Attic in Whitby


This won't be the first time you see us mention Dracula on this list but we'll save the best one for last. However, if you're at all familiar with Dracula, Bram Stoker, or Whitby, you may already know that Whitby is the place Stoker went when he was inspired to write Dracula.

That should be reason enough alone to pique your interest. What could he have seen in the area to inspire such a sinister and foreboding tale? The manor itself has been known to creep out guests. You'll stay overnight in an attic space, beware to tall people as the structural beams are low-hanging!

7 Craigston Castle in Aberdeenshire


While you're living out your dreams of being royalty in a castle keep in mind that all old buildings come with secrets, sometimes even dark and sinister ones. The Craigston Castle has a somewhat creepy past of its own.

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One of the rooms in the castle is referred to as the Red Room because of its red wallpaper but it once served as a nursery. Supposedly, there was once an exorcism conducted in that bedroom. Some guests have even reported hearing shrieks in the middle of the night. It certainly is a frightening place to stay the night.

5 Medieval Tower Apartment in Tuscany, Italy

The original tower was constructed during the time of the Crusades. Isn't it crazy to think about a building so hold still existing and being used as a place for people to rent out and vacation in? It has been renovated recently, but you won't be able to forget that you're staying somewhere that was once bustling in the medieval times.

There could have been bloodshed years ago in the very place you lay your head for the night. It's terrifying to think about and it comes as no surprise that guests have reported receiving spectral visitors late at night.

4 Haunted Bedroom in Talliston House and Gardens

Like the haunted chamber in York, the Talliston home is another remarkable place to stay if you happen to be traveling in the area. Not only is the estate home to one of the most haunted Airbnbs ever, but it also has thirteen beautiful bedrooms in total.

The home has been featured on the Netflix series, Amazing Interiors because the owners took time to hand-pick and carefully design each room based on specific historical eras. The haunted room is based on an Edwardian child's bedroom, it even contains books and toys. Guests say they hear strange sounds and witness unexplained smells while staying in there.

3 Bookeen Hall in Athenry

Have you ever been in a church at night all alone? It can get creepy fast, especially if the church has a cemetery nearby. Well, that fear factor is cranked up a few notches when you're staying in a 200-year old church. Bookeen Hall was built in 1808. It was formerly the Church of Ireland Chapel.

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It's large Gothic windows and design will transport you right back to the olden days. It won't just be the cool night air giving you chills. The name even has "Boo" in the title! Aside from history though, this is a great place to stay if you're looking for scenic views.

2 Castello Dal Pozzo in Piedmont, Italy

Have you ever considered creating the perfect Italian getaway? Well if you have money to spend (and you'll need it at almost $4,000 a night) you can book the entire Castello Dal Pozzo estate for you and up to fifteen guests.

The estate is beautiful, with luxurious grounds and even a pool. It also has its own ghost story and guests have claimed to spot a spirit roaming around. The story, posted by Airbnb themselves, claims that a woman named Barbara remains on the grounds, waiting for her lover Matteo to return to her night after night in the old tower.

1 Dracula's Castle in Transylvania

Are you familiar with the tale of Dracula? If you've read the original story by Bram Stoker, or even if you just happen to like vampires, then staying at Dracula's Castle in Transylvania is a must. The mountain-top manor evokes the perfect gothic horror story for your night within the most haunted castle of all.

It's the lair of vampires, are you brave enough to spend a night in the home of the almighty Dracula? The castle has it all! Long, eerie passageways, candlelit stairways, strange creaks and bumps in the middle of the night. It's the hot spot for scare-seekers. Unfortunately, the contest to stay here is closed at the moment, but they often do special events in the Halloween season so keep your eyes peeled!

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