10 Best Places For Harry Potter Fans To Visit That Aren't In England Or Potterworld

Since the series came out in 1997, over 500 million copies of Harry Potter have been sold around the world. Given its huge fan base, Universal Studios, as well as locations around England, have recreated the magical world to us 'Potterheads" can let the books live on past their publication.

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Some of these attractions are over-done and cliché. Most mega-fans are probably rolling their eyes at the mention of Universal Studios or platform 9 3/4, thinking "been there, done that." The good news is, there are many other Harry Potter related places around the world that are not located in England or Potterworld.

10 The Elephant House

This famous tea and coffee house is the place of inspiration for J.K Rowling. It is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Rowling lived at the time. This beautiful location overlooks Edinburgh Castle, which no doubt brought some real-life magic off the pages when writing the series. Rowling wrote many of her early novels in this location.

There is an early interview with Rowling on the café's website that is filmed inside of this location. Any place of inspiration that birthed something as impactful as Harry Potter deserves to be explored by the fans of the series.

9 The Lockhart

This Canadian bar has two locations: Toronto and Montreal, Canada. It is entirely Harry Potter themed, including its food and drink menu. They have something for everyone, including brunch!

The menu has a spiked Butterbeer and The Dementor's Kiss which has a disclaimer saying that it is not meant for human consumption. They even have house-made chocolate frogs.

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They take reservations and encourage you to book your next events with them. Their whimsical aesthetic brings the books back to life in a more adult setting. Calling at 18+ fans out there, this is your next birthday bash location.

8 Wynott Wands

This magic shop can be found in Salem, Massachusetts. They specialize in wands that are licensed Harry Potter merchandise. Each wand is handcrafted and unique, much like the wands described in the series. While they do sell other Harry Potter related items such as the books themselves and the house scarves, their specialty is wand making!

Don't live in Salem? Don't panic! Wynott Wands offers you the option to buy online, although buying a wand is a magical experience as "the wand chooses the wizard". With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect place to pick up a gift for a Harry Potter fanatic.

7 Livraria Lello

This beautiful bookstore in Porto, Portugal inspired J.K Rowling while writing the series. This bookshop has been around since 1881 and has kept its authenticity over the years. It is famous for its big and bold staircase that looks like something taken straight out of the books themselves.

While it seems that the lineup to get in can get lengthy, this is a must-see for any fans of the series. Not only for its Hogwarts-like interior but for the book selection. This is a reader's haven, Harry Potter lover or not.

6 Glencoe

One of the most comforting places in the entire series is Hagrid's Hut. Glencoe in Scotland is the location of Hagrid's Hut in the third Harry Potter film and appears as part of the set in some of the other films as well. With its endless hills and bordering forest, it's no wonder why this scenic spot was chosen as Hagrid's sanctuary.

While the set is no longer present on location and has been taken down since it's debut in the series in 2003, it remains to be a familiar and nostalgic place for fans of the series to reminisce.

5 Bad Owl Coffee

Coffee lovers and Harry Potter lovers Unite! This Nevada-based company started its journey selling unique, Harry Potter-inspired coffee blends in 2018. With flavors like Belligerent Basilisk and Cryptic Centaur, it's impossible not to see the reference behind the name, Bad Owl Coffee. They even have an avocado toast on the menu called Avada Ricotta Toast.

They have multiple café locations around Nevada where they serve their blends. One of their tables even has a Harry Potter quote etched into it. Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee with a hint of magic?

4 The Jacobite Steam Train

The Hogwarts Express is the iconic steam train that takes Hogwart's students from Platform 9 3/4 to the school grounds. If you board the Jacobite steam train, you can take an 84-mile roundtrip around Britain. The route this train takes passes an iconic location, the 21-arched Glenfinnan viaduct, which is a part of the route the Hogwarts Express takes in the Harry Potter movies.

The incredible view of this trip will make you feel like you are on your way to Hogwarts. It is magical in itself through the nature that surrounds it, but will also bring a little magic back into your heart.

3 The Cauldron

The kids who grew up with the Harry Potter series might be looking for a more adult way to enjoy it. This bar and gastropub on Stone Street New York City is broadly based on Harry Potter. What sets The Cauldron apart from other themed bars is their use of science to bring fantasy and magic to life. They create an immersive environment, offering mixology classes that they call potion classes, which includes the use of wands.

Their menu has a legend to help you find gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or magic meals on their menu. It's great to see a menu so inclusive and accommodating, not to mention fun!

2 Wizardry College

If only Hogwarts was a real place! Well, what if it was? Wizardry College is a role-playing, organized event in Poland. It is a weekend getaway where you can live out your dreams of being a witch or wizard. When signing up, you can decide to take on the role of teacher or student and participate in studies such as spells and magical creatures.

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The event takes place at Czocha Castle in November. With the surrounding forest and lake, this surely the closest thing the muggle world has to the real deal.

1 Trapt

Trapt escape room in Melbourne, Australia has different themes for each room. Their Alchemy I and II rooms are Harry Potter themed. The goal of this escape room is to find the Philosopher's Stone before the time runs out, a reference to the first Harry Potter book where Harry has the same task.

This room uses spells, enchantments, and strategic problem-solving skills to find the stone. The escape room mirrors a defining moment of the earlier Harry Potter books and is the perfect place for a die-hard fan to experience an adventure from the book.

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