10 Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs You Can Actually Stay At

Face it: no matter how old you are, a part of you will always wish you could have received an acceptance letter inviting you to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fortunately, some Airbnb owners have been transforming their vacation homes into fully immersive, Harry Potter-themed experiences.

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From magical decor to wizard activities, lodgers around the world are providing the coolest places to stay for the ultimate Potter fan. Take a look at just some of the options below and plan a trip for just you or the entire family -- no brooms or Floo Powder required.

10 Harry Potter Fan School Dorm & Fantastic Beasts Fan Room In Salem, Massachusetts, USA

What better way to have a witchy vacation than traveling to the location of the Salem Witch Trials? Choose from the School Dorm room or the Fantastic Beasts room, each at $150 a night. The owner will not only provide you with plenty of suggestions of Salem haunts to check out, but also provide you a proper English breakfast in Mrs. Weasley's Breakfast Nook!

You'll spot plenty of familiar creatures in the Fantastic Beasts room, and have the option of sleeping in either Harry or Ron's bed in the School Dorm room. (You can only enter the School Dorm room if you tell the Pink Lady portrait the password, of course.)

9 Magical Flat In Edinburgh, Scotland

Any true Potterhead knows Edinburgh, Scotland is a must-visit, considering it is where J.K. Rowling was inspired to write the Harry Potter series! Not only is this apartment near Edinburgh Castle, it actually resides on West Bow—Rowling's inspiration for Diagon Alley!

For $126 a night, you and up to three other guests can stay right where the magic started. The living room is covered in a wallpaper of portraits, reminiscent of the walls of endless moving paintings at Hogwarts. Complete with a bookshelf of antique books and an otherworldly chandelier, this Airbnb will transport you to the magical universe Rowling created just around the corner.

8 Harry Potter Fan's Magical Wizards World In Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The owners of this condo have truly gone the extra mile when it comes to giving you a real wizardly experience. Up to eight people can stay here at $89 a night, and you can even earn 10% off your next stay by finding seven magical items hidden around the condominium!

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From the Platform 9 3/4 entrance to the Ministry of Magic toilet seat, no inch of the space isn't Harry-Potter themed. And of course, all of the books and movies are available for your reading and viewing pleasure!

7 Wizarding Home In Kissimmee, Florida, USA

If you're planning a trip to visit the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios Orlando, this wizard home is only ten miles away. This impressive Magical Manor is available for $175 a night, and with a pool and a game room, that's certainly worth the price!

The dining room is complete with floating candles, and you are welcome to choose the themed bedroom that corresponds with your favorite Hogwarts House. With five bedrooms all equally regal, luxurious, and perfectly magical, it'll be hard to decide which of the nine beds you'll want to sleep in!

6 Harry Potter Fan's Dream In Chickamauga, Georgia, USA

Every nook and cranny of this home in Chickamauga is Harry Potter-themed, and if you look closely enough, you'll find some hidden magical surprises! With the den styled to look just like the cozy Gryffindor common room and the beds styled to look like the beds you would see in your typical Hogwarts dorm, you will be feel completely transported into the magical world of a Hogwarts student.

There are plenty of games provided for you and your guests, and lots of magical trinkets and knick-knacks to observe! Up to four guests can have this magical experience for $86 per night.

5 Harry Potter Themed Room In Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

For those of you have always dreamed of receiving your Hogwarts acceptance letter, the owners of this bungalow in Fredericton will provide you with your very own! For only $33 per night, you and a guest can stay in a Harry Potter themed-room with a queen bed that welcomes you with your acceptance letter and some toiletries.

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Take a bite of some butterbeer cupcakes while you're there, and the owners are also totally cool with letting you use their Netflix account. Be aware that the hosts do have two friendly dogs that may be wandering around—but many dog-lovers would consider this a plus.

4 A Magical World of Wizards & Witches In Tagaytay, Philippines

The owner of this condo in the Philippines truly went all-out, importing merchandise from Warner Bros. and Universal Studios to make sure guests have plenty of awesome photo ops. At $86 a night, you can sit in a Three Broomsticks booth to eat or wash your hands in a sink built into a model of the Hogwarts Express.

With plenty of Harry Potter knick- knacks, a pool, and all of the movies already loaded up on the 43" Smart TV, this condo aims to be fan-friendly while also high-end.

3 Harry Potter Apartments & Penthouse In Prague, Czech Republic

Feel like heading to Prague? There are three Harry Potter offerings from the same owner. Choose from an apartment that can host up to 14 guests for $191 a night, an apartment that can hold up to 13 guests for $104 a night, or a magical penthouse with a terrace that can host up to 12 guests for $131 per night.

The owners have ensured that each option is fully furnished in the most magical of ways. With super cool Harry Potter-themed wall art and modern, fresh furniture, these are the perfect places to stay to take in all Prague has to offer in wizard style.

2 Blackburn Academy Of The Magical Arts In Springville, Utah, USA

This large home is not just to a place to stay—it's a wizarding school! The owners of the property actually provide feasts and magical classes, just as if you were a real student at Hogwarts. The property is 129 years old, so it has a historical feel to it.

Check out the many classrooms, Grand Parlour, and plant conservatory. A place where roleplaying is taken to a 10, this Airbnb is a trip in itself. Check out their official website for more information on the activities and experiences they provide.

1 Magical Wizarding Residence In Edinburgh, Scotland

Another Edinburgh location, except this time set smack-dab in Edinburgh City Centre. With a wallpaper of books and a dementor looming over the front room, this apartment is 100% inspired by Harry Potter.

Indulge in all of the books and movies while you sip from a Harry Potter-themed mug, and when you get antsy, you have some of the most historic parts of Edinburgh right outside your door. You and a guest can sleep in modern bedroom with a double bed at only $67 per night.

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