The Harry Potter Studio Tour is like a Mecca for Harry Potter fans. Located just outside the city of London, the tour is unlike other Harry Potter experiences because it showcases real costumes, props, and sets from the eight films. This may be your only chance to ever go to Hogwarts, so it’s definitely worth seeing!

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The Studio Tour is full of incredible things that you’ll remember from the movies. Allow yourself plenty of time to see it - you won’t want to miss out on anything!

Keep reading to find out what 10 amazing things you’ll see at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

10 The Hogwarts Great Hall

This is really what everyone goes to the Studio Tour to see. If there’s one place that Harry Potter fans dream of going, it’s the Hogwarts Great Hall where the students and the staff ate their meals. When you walk in the hall, you’ll see the two longhouse tables (though sadly there aren’t any Hogwarts students there!) and the staff table. You might see some staff members around Dumbledore’s podium, but the dummies don’t have faces. Only the costumes from the movies!

The Great Hall has hosted many epic moments. It’s where Harry first made Gryffindor, where Gryffindor won the House Cup more than once, and later, where the Death Eaters first made a mess after infiltrating Hogwarts.

9 The Yule Ball Costumes

Harry Potter isn’t the type of franchise to watch if you’re after high-fashion moments. Most of the time, the majority of characters wear wizard robes or something similar. But there was one standout moment where Hermione Granger did rock an amazing dress, and that’s at the Yule Ball in Year Four. And yes, you will see that dress, plus the other Yule Ball costumes, at the Studio Tour.

The dresses and robes of the other characters are also exciting to see, but nothing is quite as mesmerizing as the stunning pink gown worn by Hermione.

8 The Potions Classroom

Ah, the potions classroom. Harry never liked it and yet it still seemed so much better than all the classes we had at school! One of the sets that you will see at the Studio Tour in London is indeed the potions classroom. With all the props so nicely displayed, it really makes you want to jump in and start working on a Polyjuice Potion.

Though the set is dark, you will also spy one Professor Snape (faceless, unfortunately) watching over the class as always. You might also catch Professor Slughorn, waiting to welcome you to his class.

7 The Hogwarts Express

As Harry’s years at Hogwarts went on, his experiences on the Hogwarts Express became darker and darker. First, he and Ron nearly got hit by the train on their way to Hogwarts. Then the Dementors attacked while looking for Sirius Black. Later, Harry had an unfortunate run-in with Malfoy on the train. But in Year One, the train was a happy place full of trolley sweets. That’s why we’re so excited to see it on the Studio Tour. So many happy memories!

While you can’t explore the entire train, you will get to see the compartment where Harry first became friends with Ron.

6 The Dursleys' House

4 Privet Drive is one of the world’s most famous addresses. This is the home of the Dursley family, and for the first 11 years of his life, Harry Potter. Built outside the studio, you’ll get to stroll down Privet Drive and take photos in front of the Dursley house.

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When you first enter the studio, you’ll also be able to see the part of the Dursley home where it all began: The cupboard under the stairs. This is where the Studio Tour starts, which is fitting considering it’s also where Harry’s journey starts.

5 Diagon Alley

It’s not a Harry Potter experience unless you get to walk down Diagon Alley. Constructed inside the studio, the Diagon Alley here is even more realistic than the version at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, thanks to the moody lighting.

Sadly, you won’t be able to walk into any of your favorite stores, but you will get the chance to see many of your favorites from the outside. For those who want to buy souvenirs, there will be a huge gift shop awaiting at the end of the tour.

4 Dumbledore’s Office

One of the most impressive sets that you’ll get to visit on the Harry Potter Studio Tour is Dumbledore’s Office. You’ll get to see the man himself standing in front of his desk in the room where he and Harry had so many important chats.

You won’t be able to go in and rummage through the office like you probably want to, but you will get to see it up close! See if you can recognize any of the items that are sitting on Dumbledore’s desk.


2 The Mirror Of Erised

In Year One, we were introduced to the Mirror of Erised. After seeing himself united with his dead parents in the mirror’s reflection, Harry soon learned that the mirror shows whatever a person desires most. It is later used by the evil Professor Quirrell who tries to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone for Voldemort.

The Mirror of Erised is another one of the most exciting things at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. You might not see your heart’s desire in the reflection, but you will see the real inscriptions on top of the mirror!

1 The Forbidden Forest

Having opened recently in 2017, the Forbidden Forest is one of the most popular parts of the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Few of us would have enough courage to face the real Forbidden Forest from the movies/books, but visitors love going into the one in the studio.

Inside the spooky forest, you will run into Buckbeak the hippogriff as well as a few members of Aragog’s family. But we can confirm that you definitely won’t bump into Voldemort while you’re in there. And if you’re really scared, know that Hagrid will be there to guide you with a lamp!

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