Harry Potter fans now have yet another reason to rejoice as a brand new store, Harry Potter New York, is set to open in summer 2021. It's the first flagship store for the unique and undeniably awesome line of Harry Potter-themed swag that will be available for purchase, which includes anything from personalized house robes to wands and even original Wizarding World snacks. Everything fans love about the books and the movies is soon to be on display in the store which is currently getting its finishing touches in New York City's Flatiron District at 935 Broadway.


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The store itself will consist of a mesmerizing three floors full of anything fans could imagine from the original books as well as Fantastic Beasts, leaving no stone unturned - or, rather, leaving no spell unsaid - in terms of what fans are searching for. Prior to this, the closest anyone could get to feel as though they were part of Harry Potter's world was a trip to Orlando, Florida but now, all it takes is a train ride into the middle of Manhattan. For many, it's a Harry-Potter-being-accepted-to-Hogwarts-type dream come true. So, what else can we expect from the soon to be opened storefront?

What We Know So Far

Although the store is set to open this summer, not very much is known about its layout aside from the three floors dedicated to the store and the potential for food and drinks to be served. From what fans have surmised, it appears that there will be an outdoor area dedicated to things such as ice cream, coffee, and, of course, butterbeer. Another interesting detail that has been discovered is a sign for 'Wizarding passports,' which could imply other stores that are set to be built around the world. The latter is just speculation and a wizard-themed passport could mean anything, but it would be pretty amazing if fans could traverse the world via Harry Potter stores.

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Harry Potter New York was originally set to open last year but as with everything else, it was pushed back due to the pandemic and the general state of things. This makes the news of a 2021 opening even more exciting as it gives fans one more thing to look forward to - especially for those who are located near New York City and can't hop on a plane to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. Harry Potter New York won't quite encompass nearly the same square footage as that of the Wizarding World but fans will have plenty to explore with 20,000 square feet of store footage to walk around. Additionally, the store is currently offering online shopping to give fans a taste of what to expect in the actual store when it opens, however, shipping is currently only available to those who reside in North America.

Along with specialized and custom merchandise, the official announcement for the store's opening has also revealed that fans can look forward to unique photo ops and interactive experiences, both of which still remains a mystery but we're sure that more is soon to be revealed. If the early mock-ups for the store are any indication, fans are in for plenty of surprises as well as a truly authentic experience, since much of the store seems to look like something straight out of Diagon Alley. Luckily, New York City isn't likely to see fire-breathing dragons circling overhead. Additionally, fans can rest assured that no trips to Gringott's will be necessary beforehand - USD is accepted! (Get it?)

Fast Facts About The Store

Harry Potter New York has already confirmed that it will be home to the single largest collection of merchandise in the world, making this experience one that's filled with excitement and anticipation for many fans. It will also be located right next to yet another iconic building, New York's Flatiron Building, which will make it all the more alluring to tourists and fans alike.

Fans will find rare collectibles, hand-signed items, and exclusive merch that won't be available anywhere else; the store itself will also be wheelchair-accessible. Senior Vice President for Worldwide Tours and Retail at Warner Bros., Sarah Roots, said of the store: "This will be the largest dedicated Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts store in the world and will become a must-visit fan destination where Wizarding World enthusiasts can engage with interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities as they step into the magic." If we said we couldn't wait to don our best house colors and dive into this flagship store, it would be an understatement.

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