Literary folks who salivate at the mere mention of Hogwarts and quidditch have an additional reason to visit New York City this summer. That's when and where the first official Harry Potter store plans to hang its shingle to attract fans of the fictitious, young wizard responsible for seven best-selling books and eight box-office smash movies.

Three stories of Potter Paraphernalia

Slated to position itself at 935 Broadway in Manhattan and simply called Harry Potter, the retail space will boast three stories with 20,000 square feet dedicated to paraphernalia associated with the J.K. Rowling supernatural creation.


Besides the movies and the hardcover, paperback and audiobook collections, other merch catering to all things Harry include: replicas of the lad's wardrobe right down to the signature robe and wand. Novelties like the telltale Potter spectacles as well as action figures, spatulas, throw pillows, bangles, and aprons, most of them also available at souvenir stands at the Harry Potter theme park as part of the Universal Studios attraction in Orlando, will also be added to the inventory in Manhattan.

But wait, there's more... plus coffee!

Warner Bros. the production company responsible for bringing Potter to the big screen added that more unique items geared for sale exclusively at the new retailer will be added over time. The store is also reportedly adding an in-house coffee shop for Potterheads to gather while gawking over the merchandise.