Harry Potter fans on the west side of the big pond, get a load of this: a magical, quaint and quirky hideaway full of fantasy to make all one's wizarding dreams come true. Appearing as if it came right out of the creative brain of J.K Rowling herself and into the realm of the muggles, this unique Potter den is the most perfect fairy-tale retreat for all those at-heart witches and wizards who are still waiting for their Hogwarts letter to arrive by owl.

Situated in the family-friendly area of Chickamauga in the US state of Georgia, this Harry Potter experience-stay couldn't be in a more fitting place. The town is lined with beautifully restored historic homes and is within a mile of the old-world downtown where a flurry of twee olde shops and sumptuous eateries are based right nearby Chickamauga National Park.


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Plus, the property is temptingly close to other highlights for even more adventure after one's finished the day's magic studies and spells, such as Rock City, Chattanooga downtown, and the beautiful Ruby Falls. Want to know more about this spectacular sanctuary full of fictional fantasy surprises? Then simply keep on scrolling.

The Harry Potter Fan's Dream

Located in the oh-so-pretty part of the USA, this supernatural suite is a treasure chest of the Harry Potter wizarding world. With an Airbnb super host orchestrating one's stay - the prestigious label bestowed upon highly experienced owners who consistently provide great stays for their guests - anyone lucky enough to book this place is guaranteed to be hypnotized under its spell.

Stepping one foot inside sees guests spirited away to a compact castaway in what can be described as "more than just a cupboard under the stairs". It's a testament to the owner's love for the iconic book and film series that took the mere world of mortal muggles by storm, with their impressive attention detail being on a phenomenal level; every nook and cranny is Harry Potter-themed, and curious guests who look close enough can find no lack of hidden magical surprises.

Think magic trinkets, knick-knacks, tasty treats, relics, decorations, games to play, books to read, movies to enjoy, and plenty of other features stashed inside the enchanting wizard hideout. What's more, the owners of this one have even collected Harry Potter memorabilia since the films were released, many of which are peppered all around the pint-sized Potter palace. Many guests even report having found secret notes left around the house written by Harry and friends.

What's It Like staying here?

The cauldrons and the Weasley's flying car parked out front marks the spot where this petite plane of Harry Potter fanaticism officially begins. Witches and wizards are requested to park their broomsticks in front of said cauldrons, which is reserved for magical folk only - the spot on the other side is for the muggle car that parks there regularly. Once parked up, arrivals can scan the property for the rustic arched door and flickering porch light, which let them know they've found their new temporary home.

Inspired by Harry Potter and friends, this tiny house is full of charm, and magic is perfectly nestled away from the hectic muggle world. Fit for even the most discerning witches and wizards, even they need their creature comforts - and the surreal space grants this and more with a love potion on top.

The Potter den consists of one long unit made up of two distinct spaces; the front half of contains the quirky kitchen complete with microwave (no stove, but an Incendio spell can easily fix that should cooking be on the tarot cards), along with an ethereal-esque living room with a foldout queen-size sofa bed - a beautiful, well-planned collective that shows off a warm and cozy interior laden with lavish old-world wooden décor, wizardly artifacts and treasures, and an authentic aura of magic.

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On the other side, the den's back half fosters even more magic in the form of a spellbinding twin bedroom that's been beautifully made into one very convincing Hogwarts-style dorm room. Guaranteed to cast a sleepy spell at bedtime, the bedroom has been fully adorned with legitimate Gryffindor trimmings to become a novelty place in which fatigued witching and wizarding students venture to the land of nod from the comfort of their beloved house dormitory.

Of course, even magical people aren't self-cleaning and need to go to the loo, which is why there's also an elegant bathroom featuring bewitching interiors that'll make any dementor do a double-take. With dark gothic walls, ornate golden mirrors, and a stunning vintage clawfoot bathtub to soak away one's witchy and wizardry woes, it's as clear as one's invisibility cloak that the bathroom hasn't escaped being touched by magic.

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Whilst not connected to it, there is a large house just adjacent to this wizarding den that's said to house harmless muggles nearby who won't pose any disturbance to Hogwarts student guests - although one may hear their mundane muggle noises every now and then (not like magical folk need concern themselves with the likes of muggles anyway). And that's not quite the end of the story, for it's a feast for the wallet as much as it is for the eyes - fantasy and fun it may be, but fantasy in price it isn't; up to four witches and wizards can indulge in this ultimate Hogwarts experience for less than $100 per night (give or take a few depending on the exchange rate).

The catch? Upon booking, the Harry Potter-obsessed hosts kindly ask that guests give their Hogwarts house information along with the correct number of witches and wizards who'll be visiting. These are important details after all and it's safe magic practice to be prepared - one never knows what kind of monsters and enemies lurk nearby, or even potential threats from He Who Must Not Be Named.

The Guestbook

It's five-star reviews and 100% satisfaction in every single Airbnb review. There appears to be no witch or wizard that has anything negative to say about their experience at the Harry Potter Fan's Dream - and it's not at all surprising given the host's exceptional hospitality and the effort put into the property and their guests' stay. Don't quite believe it? Then let past guests' reviews take it away (and these are only a few!)

"Everything was so magical!!! Thank you so much to Kristi, she was an awesome host. I definitely felt like I was in a room at Hogwarts."

"This was the ABSOLUTE bestest most perfect place ever!!! Kristi most DEFINITELY, hands down, is one of the greatest, if not the Numero Uno, host I've EVER had the pleasure of doing business with!!!! Her love for Harry Potter is just as great as my partners and you can tell by the intricate and beautifully planned space she has here!"

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"WOW. This place is AMAZING! I felt like I was transported to the Harry Potter Universe. I geeked out the ENTIRE time. We will be back to see it again along with her other Harry Potter houses!"

"Truly the most magical place! You really feel like you’re at Hogwarts- so much attention to detail!"

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