Signal Hill, which dominates the horizon and overlooks the narrow entry to St. John's port, has played an important role in the region's defense and telecommunications development, as well as shaping Newfoundland's international reputation.

The Signal Hill Visitor Center has interactive exhibits about the heritage of Newfoundland.

In 1762, the final North American war was fought here, and Britain's triumph brought an end to France's resurgent ambitions for domination of eastern North America.


Getting There

By Air

  • Nearest Aiport - St. John's International Airport; 23.3 km

By Ferry

  • North Sydney to Port aux Basques takes roughly 6 hours.
  • Visitors would have another 10-hour ride to St. John's after they get to Port aux Basques.

By Road

  • Once in St. John's drive east on Empire Highway, Duckworth Highway, or Water Avenue until the Signal Hill Lane.
  • Continue straight ahead Signal Hill Road until the Visitors Center, about midway to the hill.

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What To Do There


Burma Road Trek

  • Total Distance: 2.4 Km
  • Time: 50 mins
  • Difficulty Level: Fairly Easy
  • The route was built by the US troops to link its naval artillery with Fort Pepperell during World War II.
  • It also had a couple of bunkers to house the troops.
  • The hikers will come to a crossroads where the Ladies Lookout Trail meets Burma Road Trail about one kilometer along the Burma Road Trek.
  • From here, hikers have the option of continuing to Cuckold's Cove or turning off onto the Ladies Lookout Track and climbing to the summit of Signal Hill.

Lady's Lookout Trek

  • Total Distance: 1.3 Km
  • Time: 30 mins
  • Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult
  • The trail is thought to have gotten its title from the place where women from St. John's used to peer out across the water to wait for their husbands to return from the sea over the years.
  • The route is graded strenuous because it is rugged in spots and has an inconsistent and rough slope.
  • There are also a couple of stairwells to help hikers go up the most challenging peaks.
  • The longest of these staircases has 88 stairs.
  • Although this walk might be difficult at times, the stunning vistas of the shoreline, Quidi Vidi Town, and St. John's make it quite well worth the trouble.

Explore the Cabot Tower

  • Cabot Tower is a great representation of late-Gothic restoration architecture.
  • Its robust, long-lasting exterior is aided by its deeply integrated architecture, contour, supplementary components, and the approach in which they are handled and combined.
  • It was built to commemorate John Cabot's 1497 expedition to North America as well as Queen Victoria's 60th term.
  • Cabot Tower, perched atop Signal Hill's highest altitude, provides the area's unique identity within its stunning natural surroundings.
  • Many People regard it as more than a regional monument; it is seen as a beacon of Newfoundland.
  • The structure's architectural significance, with views of downtown and the sea, make it completely visible and unmistakable.
  • The tower's motif has become a regional icon, appearing in advertisements, diaries, postcards, brooches, novels, and tourist brochures.

Take a Guided Tour

  • Visitors are welcomed into Quidi Vidi Town by an instructor disguised as a Lieutenant in the 40th Infantry Afoot about 1762.
  • From the highest altitude on the mountain, visitors may enjoy breathtaking views while learning about the site's long tradition of brewing.
  • Visitors will be able to speak with Quidi Vidi craft brewing specialists, who will draw comparisons between contemporary and traditional brews.
  • In the earliest craft brewery in the region, visitors can round off their trip with a taste of their best brews and a platter of fish & fries.

Visit The Signal Hill Tattoo

  • The tattoo features Newfoundland's Royal Military unit of Infantry, Royal Army Orchestra, and the Royal Battalion.
  • The troops, dressed in historic army gear, put on a show for each area, portraying training and war strategies of the era.
  • The gunners put on an artillery firing display to round out the show.

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Where To Eat

Bellissimo Bistro and Espresso Bar

  • The Bellissimo family takes great delight in delivering the true taste of Italy to Newfoundland.
  • In a charming European-style ambiance, they provide a wide selection of Italian cuisine as well as specialties influenced by the Calabria traditions.
  • Bellissimo is a neighborhood café in a historic district with a limited crew committed to each customer's service.
  • Address: 123 Quidi Vidi Rd, St. John's, NL A1A 1C3, Canada

Zachary's Restaurant

  • Zachary's has had a reputation for delicious, homemade meals since it opened in 1990.
  • Visitors can choose from a selection that includes conventional American dishes as well as a variety of delectable Greek delicacies.
  • They passionately employ their spices, dressing, and relishes to complement the high-quality cuisine they continue to prepare to order.
  • Address: 71 Duckworth St, St. John's, NL A1C 3K2, Canada

The Little Sparo

  • In The Little Sparo, each dish is created with delicate, devoted attention, from the in-house fresh bread to the handcrafted spaghetti.
  • Visitors can enjoy the comforts of Italian food at the recently rebuilt, open-concept eatery, which boasts stunning views of St. John's port, which stretches all the way to the gorges.
  • Address: 2 Hill O' Chips, St. John's, NL A1C 6B1, Canada

Seto Kitchen + Bar

  • Seto Kitchen + Bar is a lovely Victorian column home in downtown St. John's interested in serving innovative, authentic cuisine.
  • Their modern Canadian recipes are influenced by Asian food and made with regional, sustainable resources.
  • In addition to the meal list, the bistro offers a variety of periodic drinks as well as a diverse selection of imported and local brews.
  • Address: 281 Duckworth St, St. John's, NL A1C 1G9, Canada

Signal Hill symbolizes the heritage of Newfoundland while providing tourists with a location to discover and speculate the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the Atlantic Ocean, night sky, and rough shoreline. It is a fantastic experience for anyone traveling to Newfoundland.

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