The English countryside is peppered with striking castles that once served as fortresses and family homes. Now museums and reminders of the country’s proud history, many of them are open for admission. Read on to find out which English castles you can really visit.

Arundel Castle Will Take Your Breath Away


Located in West Sussex, Arundel Castle is a restored medieval castle that is worth adding to your English bucket list. Apart from looking like it was taken straight out of a fairytale, the castle also holds a fascinating history that’s waiting to be explored.


The castle was constructed at the end of the 11th century, making it nearly 1000 years old. It was built by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel, and overlooks the River Arun. Within the walls of the castle, you’ll find several lavish rooms, including a library and drawing room, each housing infinite treasures. On show is a collection of furniture dating back to the 16th century, as well as tapestries, clocks, and portraits by several famous artists.

Restoration of the building was completed in 1900, making Arundel Castle one of the first English country houses to be fitted with central heating, electric light, and service elevators. The beauty of the exterior outline makes it an essential castle to visit in England!

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St. Michael’s Mount Looks Straight Out Of A Fairytale

The popular island of St. Michael’s Mount can be found in Cornwall and is home to a medieval castle that boasts terrific views of the surrounding landscape. Over the years, the castle has served as a fortress, a priory, a family home, and a tourist attraction. Queen Elizabeth II herself visited with the Duke of Edinburgh in 2013.



Inside the castle, you’ll find muskets, weapons, and coats of arms garnishing the walls to grand rooms like the entrance hall, the library, and the smoking room. The castle is also home to a chapel dating back to the 12thcentury and is still used for Sunday services. You’ll get to witness spectacular views from the terraces, with the surrounding gardens, cliffs, ad sea all visible from the castle walls.

St. Michael’s Mount Castle is an attraction that the entire family will enjoy, with knowledgeable guides on hand to regale the long and captivating history of the island.

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Warwick Castle Is Only An Hour Away From London


Warwick Castle is one of the most popular landmarks in the English countryside. A must for anyone based in London and on a tight schedule, the castle takes only an hour to reach by train. History enthusiasts, in particular, will love Warwick Castle and the many attractions it hosts, including medieval banquets, a Horrible Histories adventure maze, and historic siege equipment that are put on display.

The castle was developed by a wooden fort that was built by William the Conqueror in 1608. Straddling the bend of the River Avon, the castle was rebuilt in stone during the 12thcentury. In the following centuries, it was attacked and damaged by fire but always survived under the stewardship of the Earls of Warwick.

The castle puts on several history-themed shows, including The Bowman Show and the Falconer’s Quest, and offers a selection of restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, and gift shops. It’s very difficult to leave without buying at least one souvenir!

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Bolsover Castle Looks Out Over Derbyshire

Lying in the town of Bolsover in the north-east of Derbyshire is Bolsover Castle, one of the best English castles to visit if you prize phenomenal views over the countryside. Built in the early 17th century, Bolsover Castle is quite a bit younger than some of the other popular castles that you can visit in England, but it stands on the ruins of a medieval fortress.

In addition to the wonderful views, the castle houses several period rooms, terraces, and exhibitions that will allow you to discover the building’s proud heritage. One of the most prized areas is the magnificent Fountain Garden which features a statue of the goddess Venus and was clearly designed to impress.

Bolsover is also home to the indoor Riding School, which once housed the finest horses in the world imported from such destinations as Turkey and North Africa. On weekend between April and September, the Riding School hosts a Cavalier Horsemanship display featuring riders in traditional costume.

Dover Castle Is One Of The Country’s Most Iconic


The White Cliffs take the starring role in Dover, but the town is also famous for its sublime Dover Castle. Founded in the 11thcentury, the castle is a crucial part of English history, having used its key position to defend the country from foreign attacks.

Often hailed as the most iconic English fortress, Dover Castle boasts an underground hospital, medieval tunnels, and a great tower that was enjoyed by King Henry II. You’ll also find the oldest lighthouse in the country on the grounds—one that was used to guide the Romans arriving across the English Channel into the country.

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