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The largest freshwater lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, known as Nam Lolwe by the locals, is home to a diverse ecosystem of animals and exotic plants. The water body is shared between three East African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Lake Victoria is also home to several islands commemorating Kenya's history. These historical sites in a richly diverse ecosystem provide travelers with multiple activities to do, including angling.

There are various things to do and places to explore at this pretty destination in Africa. Here are awe-inspiring areas and activities to do for tourists visiting Lake Victoria.


Must-Visit Attractions At Lake Victoria

Not only is the lake home to various species, but it also features several top attractions in the country. Some areas of interest for tourists include the following.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum

Tom Mboya was a Kenyan statesman and trade unionist responsible for contributing significantly to the nation's workers' plight. Unfortunately, he got assassinated in the late 1960s. To commemorate his efforts, the government built a museum in his hometown of Mbita to honor him.

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The museum is home to Mboya's works and collections. The repository also includes awards the politician won in his lifetime. Other notable exhibits on display in the mausoleum include his speeches and excerpts from articles he wrote in newspapers.

The museum lies on Mbita island, the northeastern part of the lake. It takes approximately seven minutes to drive from the lake to the museum.

Ruma National Park

Lying near the shores of the lake, Ruma National Park guarantees visitors an exciting visit as its mosaic landscape stretches with riverine woodlands and Savannah. This ecosystem serves many species of animals, including the endangered Roan antelope.

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The park also houses the blue swallow as a protected area for this globally threatened bird. Travelers can spot this endangered animal easily in the park. Also, the surrounding Savanna vegetation serves as an ideal area for tourists to enjoy a game drive or an ATV quad biking.

Thimlich Ohinga Archeological Site

Another popular attraction along Lake Victoria is the Thimlich Ohinga Archeological Site. The place boasts a preserved history of the local pastoral communities who often visited the lake.

The area served as a community fort during the 16th century. The site consists of a dry-stone walled settlement; this architectural uniqueness indicates the sense of community exhibited by African tribes during pre-colonial times.

Thimlich is in Migori town northwest of Lake Victoria. Tourists can access the site through boats or by driving.

Ndere Island National Park

Another haven for birds and animals is the Ndere Island National Park. The area is home to various rare species, including the endangered Sitatunga antelope. Also, over 100 species of birds hover over the park unfettered.

The park offers tourists a scenic view of the stunning Homa hills. Furthermore, travelers can drive through the park and enjoy birdwatching while viewing the variety of animals in the area, including impalas, baboons, and hippos.

Activities To Try At Lake Victoria

Travelers visiting Lake Victoria are lucky as there are many nature-oriented things to do. Given the abundance of bird species on the lake's islands, birdwatching is one of the top things to do around this water body. Tourists traverse the Nile's source, viewing birds, including globally endangered species.

Tourists can try local fishing methods by catching the invasive Nile Perch fish. Travelers then enjoy their catch accompanied by a local cuisine prepared at the campsites.

Lake Victoria guarantees visitors the thrill accompanied by game drives. The lake's islands are home to fascinating wildlife, making it perfect for game trips.

Tourists can engage in other activities, including quad biking and nature walks. The lake is also home to some beautiful campsites that expose travelers to the natives' lifestyle while maintaining comfort. Here are several of these places.

Places To Stay Near Lake Victoria

There are both luxurious and affordable options. Here are top-rated accommodation facilities to consider.

Mfangano Islands Camp

The camp features cottages built from clay in an archaic African architectural brilliance. The houses offer visitors an unbridled view of the lake. The campsite strategically lies on the shores of the lake on Mfangano Islands.

Rusinga Island Lodge

The Rusinga Island Lodge is a popular accommodation facility on Rusinga Island. The resort consists of six artistic cottages that are spacious enough for families. The hotel has gardens that produce organic food products.

Lake Victoria guarantees a packed vacation for travelers as its islands and waters have a rich ecosystem suitable for exploration. Reaching the area might seem challenging as it's far from the administrative capital of Nairobi. However, travelers can reach the lake through the following means.

  • Tourists can fly from Nairobi to Kisumu and drive to the lake
  • Travelers can also liaise with local tour guides to take them to the lake
  • Vacationers can hire quad bikes from the lake city and ride to the lake

The largest freshwater lake in Africa is arguably home to the most diverse ecosystem in East Africa. Therefore, tourists should consider this large water body when visiting Africa to explore the wildlife that calls the place home.