Houston, the fourth biggest city in the United States, is one of the busiest cities and has an almost infinite list of activities to do. Travelers are in for an activity-filled trip. They can explore the long miles of hiking, biking, and trails. They can also enjoy international cuisines, dance on the tongue, and take part in the many cultures of the city. Travelers can even catch a game featuring one of Houston’s big five major sports teams, see a performance in the world-famous Theatre District, or visit the Houston Museum District to see all of the attractions. Houston is the perfect destination, with pleasant weather all year round and a prime location at the junction of the Texas Gulf Coast and the Piney Woods.


As one may expect, there are several ways to have a memorable trip in Houston with all of the activities available. The best thing is that many of the unforgettable events are free. If a traveler doesn’t want to spend a dime while there, here are some of the wonderful free activities to embark on.

Go Sightseeing

One of the things to do while in Houston is visit some of the many scenic sites it has to offer. These are types of places that will feed the traveler’s eyes, soul, and camera feed.

Have A Selfie Moment At The Water Fountain

Want a perfect Instagram picture? The Water Wall, a 64 foot-tall fountain shaped in a U-architecture only a few streets south of the Houston Galleria, is worth a visit. Tourists can embark on the fountain and pay attention to the water stream while being sprayed with a refreshing mist – a perfect way to cool off from the summer warmth.

See Some Art At The Menil Collection

Houston is known for its world-class cultural scene, so travelers should take advantage of it – free of charge. At the Menil Collection, travelers will admire the rare Byzantine and Medieval art, collection of antiquities, and other many more historical treasures from throughout the world, in addition to some fantastic works. The collection includes revolving displays from a few of the world’s famous artists, including:

  • Andy Warhol
  • Pablo Picasso

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Browse The Contemporary Arts Museum

The Contemporary Arts Museum has a lot more to offer in terms of art. This free art museum in Houston has two levels of displays – each including arts by native, regional, and worldwide artists. It’s always a worthwhile stop while visitors are in the Houston Museum District, located one street west of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Hang Out At Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a type of sanctuary that is located in the heart of downtown Houston. Located just across the street from the George R. Brown Convention Center, Discovery Green is a popular gathering location where travelers can listen to live music on the stage, see a movie outside, let their dog run about in the dog park, or simply take a stroll. Travelers won't want to miss the Listening Vessels along with the two stone sculptures with concave chambers that concentrate sound waves, which allows travelers to conduct a peaceful conversation with someone 70 feet away.

Immerse Yourself In The Houston Culture

These are places that will allow travelers to experience the culture of Houston by engaging in their regular activities.

Catch A Show At Miller Theater

What could be more peaceful than lounging on a grassy slope on a warm summer evening? Seeing a free performance, of course! The performance can be enjoyed at Miller Outdoor Theatre, which is located in Houston’s Museum District. Film screenings, cultural events, and various concerts are presented here throughout the year, so tourists should be on the lookout and so they don't miss out on this great event.

Bike Along Buffalo Bayou

Houston is a terrific spot to work out and sweat thanks to miles of urban bike routes. Riding along Buffalo Bayou, over Eleanor Tinsley Park, is one of the greatest places in town for this. Tourists can ride the twisty routes towards downtown and back, passing over the hills and the historic bridges while taking in the beauty of the horizon. If a traveler does not own a bike, there is an option to rent a bike from one of various Houston Bicycle stations. Travelers can also take a run or a stroll if that’s what they prefer.

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Watch Bats Emerge At The Waugh Drive Bridge

For nature and animal lovers, travelers can watch bats emerge at the Waugh Drive Bridge. This free activity is a given for travelers who are already in Eleanor Tinsley Park. At nightfall, visitors can choose a position near the Waugh Drive Bridge to see up to 250,000 bats appear. Between Studemont Street and Shepherd Drive, the Waugh Drive Bridge links Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive.

Have A Moment The Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel is a non-religious center for meditation and prayer that welcomes individuals of all faiths – perfect for ones reflecting on life. The chapel acts as a museum and a forum. GQ called it part of the best 10 incredible and all-out fascinating locations to see art in America.

Have A Run At The Memorial Park

Travelers can slip on jogging shoes and proceed to Memorial Park to get some exercise. The famous three-mile jogging track twists through oak and pine trees, giving a magnificent natural getaway in the core of this city. It is surrounded by an 18-hole golf course and tennis complex. The park also has multiple bicycle routes, outdoor and sand volleyball courts, and training stations –making it an all-in-one stop for all fitness requirements.

Take A Walking Tour Of Rice University

Rice University, a memorable college located close to the Houston Museum District, has an abundance of eye-catching architecture. Visitors can discover the campus or take a walk along the 3-mile running track that runs along the university's perimeter. Travelers will see gorgeous stone-built houses and some exquisite mansions along the road, all while being shaded by the big oak trees.

Discover Galveston Island

White sandy beaches, vivid sunrises, stunning buildings, and a laid-back coastal lifestyle are just some reasons to visit Galveston Island for the day. Travelers can watch the breathtaking dawn, relax on the beach, and enjoy the Strand Historic District’s beautifully restored constructions. Galveston Island, roughly fifty miles southeast of Houston, offers an accessible retreat with its distinct atmosphere.

It is a given that for any getaway or to have any sort of fun outside, people need to have money. The Earth now rotates on money (and not its axis) but there are still several beautiful attractions and fun activities to do without having to pay a dime just like the ones mentioned above. Everyone should do these activities; they are free of charge.

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