The most beautiful country in the world, Italy, is home to the most attractive and charming destinations that earn it such title. This includes the splendid area of Cinque Terre, which sees more than 2.5 million tourists every year, who come to witness the marvelousness and charm of this typically Italian region. They come to behold the beauty of Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero, explore Portovenere, taste the yummiest food in Manarola's Nessum Dorma, and enjoy the most breathtaking sunset views in the area.


Visitors to Cinque Terre also enjoy going to Fuori Rotta in Riomaggiore, where they can taste delicious authentic Italian meals. Taking a dip in Manarola and enjoying the views is also among the top things to do in Cinque Terre. However, the most unique activity in this Italian area is hiking the scenic Sentiero Azzurro Trail. Here's why and how to do it.

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What To Know About the Sentiero Azzurro Trail In Cinque Terre

Whoever searches for Cinque Terre on social media or Instagram will see colorful houses popping up on the screen with people flaunting their beautiful summer dresses around the area. However, many don't know about the Sentiero Azzurro trail, which is such an intense hike in the region. It is not a simple walk in the park with unpaved paths, full of roots and rocks. However, it is still a beautiful and uniquely scenic hike. People must ensure to wear trainers when taking it. Moreover, hikers must know how to visit the towns along this trail. For instance, they can start from Monterosso and end the hike in Riomaggiore or take the other way round.

Another thing to note is that the area of the Sentiero Azzurro Trail is a National Park, which means that people expect to pay an entrance fee to hike there.

  • Cost: To access the National Park, people expect to pay EUR 8 per person. If they want to benefit from a hop-on hop-off option where they can use the local trains, they will have to pay EUR 15, including the access fees.

Some people may not want to hike the whole trail. Thus, it may prove convenient for them if they bought the option with local trains access. By doing this, they will have the chance to visit the towns back and forth without paying for additional train tickets.

  • Where to get the tickets: People can buy the tickets online or at the start of the Sentiero Azzurro Trail.

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Here's How To Hike The Sentiero Azzurro Trail In One Day

Reaching Monterosso, people will enjoy the beautiful sights of the beach, the houses, and the town center. Walking along the beach to reach Monterosso's center, people are advised to take the path around the side of the cliff instead of heading to the center through a tunnel. This is because they'll enjoy the breathtaking views when taking the former option. Next, they will learn that the Sentiero Azzurro hike starts by following the signs pointing to Vernazza. Moreover, people can know where the trail begins because personnel will check the tickets before entering the National Park.


The first part of the trail is the longest and needs around two hours to complete. However, it is so worth it and so scenic, where one will enjoy the Mediterranean shrubs and the jagged coastline while walking along the coast.

The last 20 minutes of walking are the most scenic. This is because people will keep getting glimpses of splendid Vernazza until witnessing the whole majesty of this iconic town when reaching a stretch of path that allows one to look down over the beautiful place. People will appreciate the marvelousness of Vernazza's colored houses, its harbor, little beach, and the people boarding the local ferries.


Moving out of Vernazza after enjoying a delicious lunch in the harbor, people continue their hike to Corniglia. The next stretch takes around 90 minutes to complete and features impressive sights of crystal clear waters and Mediterranean vegetation. Thirty minutes into this part of the hike, people will be amazed by a panoramic terrace of a bar where they can try a mouthwatering lemonade. From there, people can enjoy the magical views of Corniglia. This town is where people can behold the beauty of picturesque streets, even though Corniglia lacks access to the beach.

Manarola And Riomaggiore

The next destination after scenic Corniglia is Manarola. People can take the train to reach this town in three minutes from Corniglia if they're tired of walking and don't want to lose more time of the day. In Manarola, people can enjoy cliff jumping and swimming in the sea's crystal clear waters.

After Manarola comes Riomaggiore, which can also be reached within a few minutes with a train. In this town, people must head to the harbor and the ferries to enjoy the most beautiful views of the splendid colored houses of Riomaggiore.

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