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Thinking of where to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, brinner, or dinner in Los Angeles? Go to the Grand Central Market and choose from a comprehensive selection of food from all over the world (as well as some of the best all-American choices). The Grand Central Market is one of the leading attractions in Los Angeles that every first-timer should know about.

For many, the Grand Central Market is one of the top experiences in Los Angeles that shouldn't be missed out (at least for foodies). It is home to some of the country's most iconic eateries as well as a grand selection of cuisines from around the world.


LA's 100+ Year-Old Grand Central Market & Historic Building

The Grand Central Market was built by Homer Laughlin and is housed in the historic Homer Laughlin Building. The building is Los Angeles' first fireproofed and steel-reinforced structure. The original building was six stories and was designed in 1896.

  • Built: 1896
  • Established: 1917

In 1905 the Homer Laughlin Building was expanded through to Hill Street. The addition was the first reinforced concrete building in Los Angeles. In 1917 the Grand Central Market moved in and continued to take up the first floor to this day. Later modifications have significantly altered the building, but it remains one of the most historic commercial buildings in Los Angeles.

The location was chosen because it is next to the Angels Flight Railway, which made it convenient for the wealthier folks of Bunker Hill.

Since 2013 the Grand Central Market has been transformed into a major culinary destination in America's second-largest city. It has drawn fame and is one of the top destinations for foodies in LA.

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Vendors & Food Of The Grand Central Market

Sample some of the best eating experiences California has to offer with some of the state's best ingredients, chefs, and entrepreneurs. The arcade is spread over an area of 30,000 sq feet and is a food emporium and retail marketplace worthy of being put high on one's LA bucket list. The market continues to grow and is a dynamic hub for events and public programming.

There are too many vendors and dining options to list out fully here, but close the eyes and think American, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Indian, and more. Some of the more notable vendors.

The Donut Man is famous for its fresh strawberry donut. Their first restaurant is located on Route 66 in Glendora, but they finally opened a second location at the Grand Central Market. The donuts are handmade and overflowing with large, ripe strawberries.

  • Opening Hours: 8.00 am to 9.00 pm

Eggslut is another famous vendor at the market. Enjoy their signature soft Sugarbloom Bakery brioche buns with a selection of succulent fillings. Try their Gaucho with its seared Wagyu tri-tip, chimichurri, pickled red onions, shaved Manchego, and arugula, which of course, comes with an egg.

Horse Thief BBQ is a great option for meat lovers. Choose from their menu with brisket, pulled pork, rip tips, port spare ribs, chicken, and sausage. The BBQ is oak-smoked with fairly traditional sides. Wash it down with a selection of beers and wines.

Knead & Co. Pasta Bar And Market offer casual Italian food with three types of pasta - Corta (Cut), Ripieno (Stuffed), and Al Forno (Oven Baked). Try their spaghetti & meatballs dressed in their rich "Sunday gravy" enhanced with short rib shreds.

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Visiting The Grand Central Market

Next time in LA, pop on over to the Grand Central Market - it is easy enough to reach. The Grand Central Market's hours are listed below but note that specific vendor's hours may differ.

  • Opening Hours: 8.00 am to 9.00 pm
  • Days Open: Monday through Sunday
  • Closed: Saturday

For those with their own transportation, there is parking at 308 South Hill Street.

Parking Fees:

  • First 90 Minutes: $4.00
  • Each Additional 15 Minutes: $2.00
  • Daily Max: $25.00

If coming by public transportation, take the LA Metro Red or Public lines to Pershing Square Station. The station is only around a block from the Grand Central Market.

The market is more than just the many vendors; there are also many events (including their weekly Bazaar). Stay tuned to their calendar to see upcoming events and things to see and do at LA's Grand Central Market.