If you are looking to get out of town, and you want to be in a place that has a fun activity at every corner, then the City of Sin is going to be right up your alley. From casinos to shows to some of the best dining that the country has to offer, Las Vegas is a playground for those who genuinely love to be at the heart of the action. Even if you only have forty-eight hours in Vegas, plenty can be packed in.

While every corner of the city seems packed with fun things to do other than lose money, Fremont Street is where a lot of the action is. For anyone heading down to this strip of entertainment, here is a quick list of activities that you will not want to miss out on.

10 Order Up A Burger Tower At The Heart Attack Grill

If you are watching your waistline while on vacation, The Heart Attack Grill is going to be a place where you stop in for a picture but skip the ordering. The vast majority of the menu items shouldn't even be legal! The giant, high calories burgers and hotdogs have made this unique Vegas eatery a hot spot for tourists who have a hankering for a big, greasy meal or just want to snap a few fun pictures amidst the eclectic scenery.

9 Get Up Close And Personal With Aquatic Life At The Golden Nugget Pool

The Golden Nugget is one of the most famous spots on all of Fremont Street, and we can see why! This hotel and casino is known for plenty, but its primary draw is the pool area known as The Tank. The Tank is a 200,000-gallon aquarium where five different shark species swim about. A waterslide passes right through the aquarium, allowing guests to get up close and personal with aquatic life.

8 Take In A Light Show

Las Vegas is known for so many things, and one of the things is lights, lights, and more lights. Fremont Street is home to Viva Vision. Viva Vision is the world's largest screen, encompassing some twelve million LED lights. The ninety-foot wide, 1500 foot long screen gives a viewing experience to travelers like no other, playing musical tributes and nods of holidays and events on the hour. It is undoubtedly something to behold.

7 Snap A Picture In Front Of Vegas Vic

If you head down to Las Vegas, then you will have to take some iconic pictures while you are there, and many of these Insta-worthy landmarks are located down on Fremont Street. The neon-lit statue of Vegas Vic is one of the most recognized statues in the states, maybe even in the country! He used to sit at the entrance of The Pioneer Club, but he now calls Fremont Street home. Don't leave Vegas without getting a picture near him.

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6 Take Part In The Bangers Brewery Tour

Las Vegas, and Fremont Street, particularly, have so many great spots to drink and dine; it's hard to choose just a few to visit during your stay. If you love craft brew and an excellent All-American burger, then be sure to check out Banger Brewery. Of all the alehouses in the area, this one packs the biggest punch with it's in house pours and exciting spins on classic pints. The jalapeño-infused hefeweizen and the Kolsch, dry-hopped with coffee beans, are tow crowd-pleasers.

5 Channel Your Inner Child At Neonopolis

Neonopolis is where to be if you still have a bit of kid in you. This fun and unique toy shop, located on Fremont Street, specializes in vintage toys and collectibles, meaning once you walk in, you will be transported back to happy, childhood times. Good luck walking out of here empty-handed. You are more than likely to snag a few nostalgic items to take back home with you. If this place becomes a pit stop, you'll want to try and win some dough on those slots. You're going to need it.

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4 Stroll Around Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park is definitely one of the largest tourists draws in all of Las Vegas. Much like Navy Pier, it is a must for anyone spending time in Vegas and aiming to do some strolling and shopping. Here, stores, bars, and restaurants are built right into large shipping containers. How cool! Some hot spots in Container park include Oak and Ivy, Bin 702, and The Perch. There is also a space where outdoor movies show all summer long.

3 Zip Around Slotzilla

While some people prefer to take the sights of Fremont street in from the ground, others prefer the view from above. Slotzilla is a twelve-story replica of a classic slot machine. It houses two levels of zip lines, allowing adrenaline junkies to soar above the casinos and streets and see all that Freemont street is from a unique view. This is a must for everyone needing a bit of adventure in their Vegas getaway.

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2 Put On Those Stretch Pants And Work Your Way Through The Fremont Dining Experience

One thing that you will have no problem seeking out on Fremont Street is food and beverage. Las Vegas is well known for its varying and exciting menu options. Fremont Street is home to some of the city's best dining options, and really there is something here for just about every palate. The Heart Attack Grill is low key and won't leave your tummy growling. Hugo's Cellar is known for old-world charm, and Vic and Anthony's and Andiamos Steakhouses only serve up the very best cuts of meat.

1 Hang At The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a must for all Vegas vacationers. This outdoor museum pays homage to Las Vegas history, preserving the city's iconic neon signs. You can choose to stroll the signs the past on your own or be a part of the museum's tour program, learning everything there is to know about Sin City signs of the past. This is a legit spot for selfie and 'Gram lovers as well, having an abundance of prime spots for great shots.

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