Serving as the gateway to the Grand Canyon and roughly a two-hour drive from Phoenix, Flagstaff in Arizona is called Flag by its 75,000 residents and frequent visitors. The city sits at 7,000 feet in elevation and sees Phoenicians flocking to it during the summer to attend festivals, escape the Valley’s scorching heat, and hike in the nearby ponderosa pine forest. Moreover, during the winter, Flagstaff makes the perfect destination for winter sports, such as snowshoeing, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing.


Additionally, visitors to Flagstaff enjoy exploring its artists’ studios and quaint shops. The city also has unique attractions, including the Lowell Observatory and a fantastic beer scene. Here’s a guide to make the best of a trip to Flagstaff in Arizona and enjoy the most of its attractive outdoor and indoor activities.

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Here’s The Best Time To Visit Flagstaff And How To Get Around

Flagstaff is good to visit during all four seasons of the year. In the summer, the temperature reaches triple-digits in Phoenix, making the region unlivable by many. Flagstaff makes the perfect destination for people looking to escape the scorching heat to a much more relaxed place. On the other hand, winter in Flagstaff is full of lively action, with winter sports enthusiasts hitting the city for outdoor fun. Also, during the fall, people come to the town to watch the mesmerizing natural views of the leaves changing colors. Although chilly, the spring season in Flagstaff is pleasant.

  • How to Get Around: Most of Flagstaff in Arizona is walkable, with people who want to explore more of the city having the chance to take the Mountain Line bus. They can also use a rideshare app like Lyft or Uber. The cost for using the Mountain Line bus is $1.25 per ride and $2.5 for a day pass.
  • Recommended: People who want to avoid crowdedness should visit Flagstaff when Northern Arizona University is closed. That is during the summer or breaks. When there are football games during some weekends, Flagstaff tends to get busier.

Here Are The Best Things To Do To Enjoy The Most Of Flagstaff

Lovers of history can find multiple places to visit in Flagstaff, showcasing the city’s major events since its foundation in 1894. Those places include the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Elden Pueblo Heritage Site, the Riordan Mansion, the Museum Club, and others. As for lovers of nature, Flagstaff is a must-visit, thanks to its rich flora and fauna and for being surrounded by one of the world’s most extensive ponderosa pine tree forests.

  • Recommended: People can learn about Flagstaff’s local flora at The Arboretum at Flagstaff. As for the fauna, they can witness various species, including otters and bobcats, at Bearizona in nearby Williams.

Walking minutes from the city’s downtown, people can reach the Lowell Observatory, which was the site of the discovery of Pluto in 1930. The observatory has exhibits on the universe, the unique planet discovery event, and presentations of how astronauts trained for their lunar landing nearby.

During the summer, people visiting Flagstaff enjoy a handful of outdoor activities, including hiking Humphrey’s Peak and strolling the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. Additionally, more adventurous people can hit the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course to try some aerial and zip lines courses.

With more than 100 inches of snow falling in the area during the winter, Flagstaff gets crowded with ski and winter sports lovers who come to the city for a fun time. They hit places like the Arizona Snowbowl Winter Resort, the Flagstaff Snow Park, and the Arizona Nordic Village.

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Here’s Where To Eat And Drink In Flagstaff

Flagstaff is home to more than 200 outstanding restaurants, catering to everyone’s tastes and preferences. For instance, Pizzicletta offers the yummiest wood-fired pizza in the area. Proper Meats + Provisions has delicious thick deli sandwiches. The brisket from Satchmo’s Cajun and Barbecue is to die for. People can also choose to enjoy a special dinner out at various fancy restaurants in the city.

  • Recommended: Criollo Latin Kitchen, Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar, Tinderbox Kitchen, and Josephine’s Modern American Bistro are some of the restaurants where people can enjoy a special dinner out in Flagstaff.

People who want to try some international flavors in Flagstaff can visit Swaddee Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine or Karma Sushi Bar Grill.

Craft beer is an essential part of Flagstaff to the point that the city has its beer trail, with the Flagstaff Brewery Trail featuring eight breweries in the city. The first one is Beaver Street Brewery, and the second, Lumberyard Brewing co, and they are both a must-visit when hitting Flagstaff.

  • Recommended: People who enjoy experimental beers should visit Dark Sky Brewing Company in Flagstaff. The latter serves beer with flavors of peanut butter and churro. Lovers of alcoholic meads sweetened with honey or fruit juices can try those at Drinking Horn Mead Hall. They are advised to taste lemon ginger or black cherry flavors.

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