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When you are traveling the world, there is no better way to connect with a community than through live music. Whether it be big concerts or small local hole-in-the-wall stops, enjoying a show is sure to create a memorable experience and fun night for your traveling.

Whether visiting for a music festival or just getting to know a new city, live local music can be a fun way to get connected. When a tourist is looking for live music, it is important to find out the "who" (local bands to check out), the "where" (best local venues where there is sure to be something good), and the "when" (when to go out and catch the shows)!


This is a great way to also connect to the culture of a city. In New Orleans, you might find some big brass jazz. In Barcelona, you may want to experience Flamenco. Or, perhaps you are looking to connect with your own vibes through some SKA, metal, country, or more. There are so many ways to enjoy the live and local music scene of any city.

Facebook Events Page

One good way to get started on finding more local events in an area is to utilize the Facebook Events page. Large events, festivals, classes, etc, will post all the information on Facebook and can be easily discovered using the search tool. Simply click the "Events" button on the sidebar of Facebook. Then, click "Local." This will populate all of the upcoming events for the area being visited and can be filtered down to show more specific offerings.

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Instagram Hashtags

This one can take some work but can also be the most fruitful of ways to find live music!

One way to start is to connect with the tourist on Instagram of the location being visited. Go to the Instagram search page and type in the name of the city you are visiting. This will automatically generate specific and popular hashtags for that location. Some of these may be specifically the "scene" you are looking for, or perhaps through this search page, you will begin to explore different images and accounts that will lead you to the live music or experiences you are looking for. You may also be able to connect through tourist-specific Instagram pages such as @DiscoverPuertoRico or @BruxellesOfficiel. This can be a starting place to give you a good idea of where to go - different venues that might have the music you are looking for!

Another idea is to find Influencers or local businesses in different locations that may post about events, locations, or opportunities to check out. Fall down the rabbit hole of hashtag-clicking, and you are sure to find some hidden gems of opportunities in your destination!

If you are bold, do not hesitate to reach out to that local influencer or business you find with a Direct Message to simply ask them what local venues, bands, or festivals are coming up that you should know about! Instagrammers and locals are typically very excited at the opportunity to share their hometown favorites and recommendations with travelers!

Find A Local, Ask A Local

If you have found a local coffee shop, boutique or business you vibe with or, even if you see a local on the street that looks like they would be your best friend, take the chance and stop to ask them what the coolest events are happening. You may be surprised by what info they have to offer!

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Keep An Eye Out For Posters

Posters can be a great way to find out what is happening in the local music scene! They are typically scattered throughout cities adding colorful vibes everywhere you go, but can also be really informative. If posters are in another language, simply pull out your Google Translate app and utilize the photograph feature to have posters translated instantly.

Tip: Once you find out the name of some local bands and venues from posters, you can also check out Instagram for more leads.

Other Avenues

If you are looking to just get connected with activities in an area, Air Bnb Experiences can be a great way to do so! While live music concerts are not often found there, it is a good way to meet locals and other travelers to hear about such opportunities.

SoFar Sounds is "a global community coming together to experience live music." They put on amazing local shows in cities all across the world in secret, pop-up venues. These "intimate concerts in unique venues" provide opportunities for local bands and businesses to collaborate on special experiences. Experiences can be booked online utilizing the SoFar websites for different cities, and are a great way to get connected with locals passionate about intimate listening experiences.

The best way to visit a city is to do so like a local, and getting connected to the local music scene can be one of the best ways to do that! Wherever you go, rock on and enjoy!