Disney World is a dream vacation for many around the world, which is why the parks see upwards of 58 million people visiting annually. With crowds like this, it's perfectly natural to wonder how so many people can afford to visit such a park so often. The answer is this: proper budgeting, and knowing the secrets behind how to save money when visiting Disney World.

There's also some good news - budgeting for the park isn't all that difficult, and there are many things Disney lovers can do prior to even booking their trip to save money. With a few tips and tricks for planning the ultimate (affordable) Disney vacation, future travelers could be looking at saving some serious bucks.


What To Sign Up For At Disney & When To Go

The first place one can start when it comes to planning a budget-friendly Disney vacation is knowing what to sign up for. Disney World does offer a variety of perks for those who opt-in for its email and alert services, which can prove worthy for those looking to save money. And for those who check their email promotions regularly!

By visiting the Disney World website and creating a Disney account, those who add their emails can look forward to being on top of the latest Disney news. It's a good idea to keep an eye out for anything that includes:

  • Park ticket pricing discounts
  • Discounts on events
  • Food and/or beverage discounts
  • Deals on hotels or Disney resorts

Additionally, knowing when to go to Disney World can help visitors save money right off the bat. Picking a time frame when park admission and hotels are cheaper is the first step to saving money. The cheapest month to visit the park falls very much in line with the off-season for many warm-weather destinations, and it's in January. The reasoning behind this is pretty solid - it's the month following all of the Christmas and holiday celebrations, it's a time when Florida weather is not at its peak, and there are fewer crowds with fewer people traveling in the dead of winter.

The most expensive time to visit Disney World is, of course, during the summer months, as well as the spring, and during the end-of-year holidays. For those with a tight schedule, the second-best time to visit Disney World to save money is during the first two weeks of February, between May and June, and during the last two weeks of August, according to Polka Dots and Pixie Dust.

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Saving Money When Booking A Disney World Vacation

When it comes to finally booking the trip (the exciting part!), there are a few more things that can be done in order to save money. For starters, it's a general rule of thumb that visitors should never pay full-price for Disney hotels. Discount sites are more than helpful when it comes to nightly prices.

  • Tip: Consider booking Disney resorts and Disney World tickets in a package deal - these can often be cheaper than booking a single hotel stay, buying tickets to the parks, and figuring out food costs separately.

Many Disney visitors also consider the Park Hopper pass, which isn't always worth the money. For anyone who plans on spending one day in one park before visiting another one the following day, it's better to be skipped. Unless visitors are planning on legitimately hopping from one park to the next park that's open later, consider simply spending one full day in one park each, instead.

Consider Skipping Disney Food, As Enticing as It Might Be

For those looking to cut serious corners on their budgets, another place to scrape some money off the top is by skipping out on Disney's food. As with any park, the food within each Disney park is going to be more expensive than it would be to purchase food outside of the park.

Disney-specific beverages and snacks (especially holiday-themed menu additions) are all a great way to rack up the bill before leaving the park for the day. A great way to avoid this is to be sure to set a food budget within the park and eat most meals in some of the great restaurants surrounding Disney.

Follow Up With A Disney Travel Planner

Magic Guides also offers a selection of Disney Travel Planners that are - surprise! - free to use when planning the ultimate Disney vacation on a budget. These experts will know how to tailor a vacation package perfectly suited to the needs of park guests, from where to stay to the most affordable way of doing things.

When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to consult these guides when it comes to planning a budget-friendly Disney getaway, especially for those who might be planning a first-time trip.

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