Bonavista is thought to be the location wherein Italian sailor Giovanni Caboto first set foot in the Americas in 1497. Caboto is believed to have cried "O Buono vista!" after he first had seen the rough shoreline, and this lovely village bears his title. Tourists can witness ten-thousand-year-old glaciers drifting in the sea off the coastline from the summit of the city's 19th-century lighthouse.

Together with rocky coastline, sandy coves, and gorgeous fishing vessels, little huddles of new and old dwellings sit. Whales, seabirds, and icebergs inhabit the lush woodland, transforming into a magnificent coastline. The rocks of the Dungeon collapse into a massive abyss, with two coastal streams resulting from decades of sea weathering. In reality, the landscape and coastlines of the region bear witness to the deep history.


Getting There

Since there is no direct route to Bonavista, visitors must first travel to Newfoundland.

By Air

  • Nearest Airport - St. John's International Airport- 23.3 km

By Public Transport

  • Shirran's cab leaves Bonavista at 7:00 a.m. and returns to St. John's at 2:00 p.m.
  • It is responsible for the only public transportation to Bonavista.
  • Visitors have to make reservations beforehand. It costs $40 to travel one way.

By Car

  • The distance between St. John's and Bonavista is 298 kilometers.
  • The journey from St. John's to Bonavista takes about four hours by car.

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Things To Do

Explore Bonavista Lighthouse

  • The vividly painted Coast Bonavista Lighthouse, is a stunning sight on Newfoundland's beach, attracting tourists with its history as the region's fourth oldest lighthouse.
  • Built in 1843, the lighthouse at Cape Bonavista is one of the few in the world where tourists can make it to the top and see the same lighting mechanism that was used in the 1800s.
  • It is a great area to see whales, ice caps, and seabirds, and it's among the most visited locations in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Tourists are guided through the kitchenette, sitting room, and several bedrooms before ascending the tower steps to see a beautiful sight: a functioning set of lamps and mirrors that are gently rotated by a mechanical system.
  • A trip to the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse is a must-do.

Visit Bonavista Archives

  • The Bonavista Archives was formed to safeguard the town's legacy as well as to help the town meet its legislative recordkeeping obligations.
  • The archive organizes, maintains, and renders data in a range of outlets easily accessible; oversees data resources; moves passive and permanent documents to the archive; and gets rid of outmoded documents with no long-term use.
  • The written materials in the Archives range from the 18th to the 20th centuries.They contain information about the town's history as well as the residents of Bonavista and the nearby areas. Genealogical materials, company ledgers, indentures, photos, postcards, maps, building plans, audio recordings, and church documents are among the records.

Hike The Cape Shore Trail

  • Distance: 3.5 km (one way)
  • Difficulty level: Easy- Moderately difficult
  • A track that goes alongside the major road from Bonavista to the Cape, running along the shore.
  • This hike offers a wonderful sight of Bonavista Bay while taking a stroll to the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse on a well-marked route.
  • All along the path, hikers may take in the rocky coastline while keeping an eye out for seabirds and whales when they're in season.
  • Picnics spots are available all along the route or at the John Cabot Municipality Campground for tourists.

Visit The Dungeon Provincial Park

  • Just on Bonavista Bay, nearby the Bonavista Lighthouse, is Dungeon Nature Reserve.
  • The most striking characteristic is a large, heart-shaped hole with two different outlets to the water on what appears to be a typical grassy cliff overlooking the water.
  • Visitors may see ocean waves rushing in from the observation deck, the very same tides that sculpted out this beautiful sea cavern over centuries, ultimately collapsing to create a natural gateway.
  • The Dungeon is a breathtaking spectacle set just minutes from the hamlet of Bonavista and a must to visit!

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Where To Stay

Russelltown Inn

  • A flat-screen TV and Netflix are available in every cabin. Several rooms have a lounge space where you may unwind after a long day.
  • Each room has its washroom. Premium bathing items, linens, a hairdryer, and bathrobes are included in your accommodation for your convenience.
  • Free Wifi access is available all across the Russelltown Inn.
  • Bike rentals are provided, and cycling is prevalent in the neighborhood.
  • Address: 134 Coster St. W, A0C 1B0 Bonavista, Canada

Sunkissed Cottage

  • Seakissed Cottage is a home in Bonavista with free WiFi access and glimpses of the ocean.
  • It offers complimentary parking permits.
  • There is a microwave in the kitchenette. There is a Television with cable networks.
  • Address: 9 SMITH LANE, A0C 1B0 Bonavista, Canada

Robbins By The Sea

  • Robbins by the Sea is located in Bonavista and offers accommodations with a balcony.
  • Barbecue grills are available at this vacation rental.
  • A kitchenette, a lounging space, and a TV are included in this vacation rental.
  • A sun patio is available at the vacation home. Visitors can also unwind in the communal lounge.
  • Address: 38 Ryans Hill Road, A0C 1B0 Bonavista, Canada

Dorman's Manor

  • Dorman's Manor is located in Bonavista and it has a porch and ocean overlooks.
  • There is a lawn and free parking permit at this vacation rental.
  • There is a DVD player and a Television with cable networks.
  • Address: 63 Roper Street, A0C 1B0 Bonavista, Canada

Bonavista is a thriving tourism industry today. It is host to Newfoundland's nicest people and several of the region's most significant historic landmarks. It is a must-see attraction in Newfoundland.

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