Bath is without a doubt one of the most sought-after cities in England. It is only a small city in the county of Somerset but boasts some of the best Roman ruins in England. The city has been a World Heritage Site since 1987 and really must be seen by anyone visiting England.

Bath is certainly one of those attractions in England that live up to its hype. It is also not only a charming small city but it is also situated in one of the most stunning and historic regions of England. Stonehenge is close to Bath - and archeologists are still puzzling over the ancient landmark.


The Special History of Bath, England

Bath is best known for (and is named after) its Roman-built baths. It is now listed by UNESCO as one of the "Great Spa Towns of Europe" and is around 100 miles west of London - just out of the major city of Bristol.

  • World Heritage: Since 1987
  • Population: 100,000
  • Built: The Romans Built The Baths Around 60 AD
  • Visitors: Around 1.3 Million Visitors Annually

The Romans built the baths and spas here around 60 AD along with a temple. Through much of subsequent English history, the baths were used and frequented by royalty. The city boomed in popularity during the Georgian era and today Georgian architecture characterizes much of the town.

These buildings were crafted from Bath stone and some of the more notable buildings include the Royal Crescent, Circus, Pump Room, and Assembly Rooms. Later on, even Jane Austen lived in Bath in the early 19th century.

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Visiting Bath Today

"You won’t have to look far to find things to do in Bath as the city is famously full of attractions and activities. In many ways, Bath hasn’t changed much since the times of Georgian gentleman Ralph Allen and writer Jane Austen, both of whom fell under the spell of this city built for pleasure."

Visit Bath

It is a place where one can at once explore the historic times of Roman Britain while wandering through the pages of one of Austen’s classic novels.

The town is much more than just its world-famous Roman Baths and Georgian architecture. One can enjoy the best of what England has on offer including English cuisine, superb museums, shopping at its unbeatable choice of independent retailers, and much more.

  • Compact: Bath Is A Very Compact City

Perhaps the best way to get acquainted with Bath (if it's one's first time to the beloved Somerset city) is to see it on a guided tour. There are plenty of tours of Bath - both walking tours of the city and day trips from London. Day trips from London also often combine it with visits to other attractions like Stonehenge.

Stonehenge and Bath Day Trip from London

This day trip from London is listed on enables visitors to discover two of England's best gems in one day. This is a full-day coach trip to Stonehenge and Bath from London.

First the tour heads to Stonehenge and then to Bath. One will stroll through the elegant Georgian streets and have enough time to see the top attractions in Bath. One can also upgrade and visit the stunning Roman Baths or Jane Austen Visitor Centre.

  • Price: From $95.00
  • Duration: Approx. 11.5 Hours
  • Start/Finish: Victoria Coach Station, 164 Buckingham Palace Rd, London
  • Departure Time: 8.15 am
  • See: Both Stonehenge And Bath In the Same Day

While this is a great option for those with only a little amount of time while in England, it is worth it to spend at least one night in Bath. Take one's time to relax and unwind in one of England's most charming cities rather than run around taking Instagram pics.

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Walking Tours of Bath

There are also free walking tours on offer in Bath. Fortunately, Bath is a compact city and so it is easy to explore on foot. There were plenty of walking tours on offer accompanied by a friendly local guide.

One can choose between organized regular group tours or one can book a private tour guide for a more bespoke experience. These are the best for discovering the many hidden sights and corners of the city - like seeing various filming locations.

  • Free Walking Tours: Free Walking Tours Are Offered by Mayor of Bath Honorary Guides

Not all tours only focus on the city's baths and architecture. Some offer food tours, while others offer Jane Austen tours, others go with the sounds of TV sensation (as with Bath Adventures), still, others offer haunted and ghostly tours of Bath.

Mayor of Bath Honorary Guides offer free daily tours or one can book paid private walking tours of Bath at Bath Insider Tours.

Private Walking Tour:

  • Cost: Around 130 Pounds $170.00
  • Duration: Approx. 3 Hours
  • Times: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

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