Going camping is one of the most exhilarating experiences, giving plenty of moments to cherish. Although it takes time to prepare for camping, choose the camping spots, and reach the place, it is worth every effort. Spending leisure time camping in the woods is one of the best ways to spend quality time with family and friends. Ontario has plenty of camping spots that are easy to access and equipped with amenities required for camping. However, it is essential to learn about camping so that even the worst weather cannot affect the plans. Once the person is with the perfect plan, camping gives a chance to reconnect with nature and overlook the day-to-day stress. With many wild and peaceful places to pitch the tent, Ontario is perfect for all types of camping enthusiasts. There are perfect camping spots for all, whether one is planning to camp with family, a gang of friends, or only with the sweetheart. Here are some great tips and complete guidelines to make the most out of a camping expedition in Ontario.


Camping Adventure In The Backcountry

Backcountry wilderness is something not to miss if a person has experience in camping. However, those with no or little experience should take a guided outfitted adventure. It will help to learn how to camp properly, keeping safety in mind. Under it, the person is provided with a guide including all the camping essentialities and meals. The outfitted guides are camping fanatics that love camping more than anything else. It ensures that a person is in safe hands and is learning all about camping- things from basic to expert level, especially everything needed to camp in wilderness backcountry.

Many renowned adventure companies in Ontario offer camping, river trips, and much more at an affordable price. Getting a guided camping experience is ultimate that one can take either alone or with a group. One can check out the rents and amenities like meals and accommodations included in the guided camps for the best experience.

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DIY Camping

Once a person is accustomed to camping and has learned everything about it through Learn to Camp program, taking a step forward to ‘do-it-yourself camping’ will be highly fulfilling. It can be started with car camping where one has to drive to campsites in their car. There are many campgrounds in Ontario with great tent sites. Generally, such campgrounds are equipped with facilities like a washroom, showers, and laundry to perform all the basic activities with no hassle. Also, some campgrounds offer ice and firewood for purchase. Camping should not be uncomfortable.

Such comfortable base camps are the best to spend quality time and explore hikes, swimming, and fishing opportunities in the proximity. Many campgrounds also offer rented RVs so that people can have an RV-style lifestyle while they camp. People looking for a lavish camping experience can switch to ‘glamping,’ the new fad known for a glamorous camping experience. For glamping, one can stay in cottages, yurts, rustic cabins, geodesic cabins, or backcountry cabins that offer a luxurious camping lifestyle without compromising comfort.

Preparing For Camping

Once a person gains a good experience of camping, getting deeper into the woods or taking some adventurous hiking trips can be included in the bucket list. However, such trips need a great working plan, special skills, and high-quality camping gear and equipment. RELATED: No Need To Visit France To See Paris: Try Paris, Ontario

Buying Camping Gear

The market is flooded with all types of camping gear available at budget-friendly prices. From tents and sleeping bags to first-aid kits and GPS devices, one needs to have them all before heading to the woods for camping. Consulting an experienced camping enthusiast and making a detailed list are all the essentialities that will ensure not missing anything. Get them from the market or online, check out the sales or borrow from a friend but accustom yourself with all the necessities before starting the expedition.

Eat Well

Do not compromise on the diet when camping. It needs the energy to live in the woods, hike the nearby trails and enjoy the adventures. A well-fed camper is always a happy camper. So, pack lots of food, and add 2-3 packets extra of everything. High-energy food should be on the priority list. There are plenty of camping cookbooks that plan meals for all types of camping. The best part is food tastes awesome when you are in the woods. Even the cheapest hotdog will seem tempting and delicious. Ready-to-cook food also makes a good choice when it comes to camping. Packing a camp stove is essential for people planning to cook on an open fire. They are ultra-light in weight, easy to carry and look cute. One can also get a double burner stove if camping with large groups. It will help to prepare food faster.

Stay Dry

One pro tip about camping is staying dry. The last thing one wants is to drench in a wet sleeping bag and clothes that can make the entire expedition miserable. Preparing in advance and packing water-resistant things will help. At the same time having some extra set of clothes will also help. Also, get a dry bag and put all the essential things inside it, including the sleeping bag. If everything goes well, and the weather is in favor too, one can prevent trip-ending scenarios and have the best time camping in Ontario. Camping gives a chance to reconnect with nature and experience its best with the wonders of nature. With amazing places to camp and mesmerizing camping spots like Sleeping Giant, Killbear, Temagami, Georgian Bay Island, and much more, camping in Ontario will give memories of a lifetime.